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Fletching and Primary School

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nola73 Mon 05-Dec-11 12:09:53

Hi all,
We're considering a big move as a family down to Fletching and wonder if there are any other mums out there that live in the village and/or have children that attend the local primary school. I have twin boys (3) and a little girl (2) and am getting jittery about making the big leap moving out into the country. Looking for reassurance it's a nice village with lots of like minded people and other mums thoughts on the local primary school?
Thanks :-)

TamsiTam Tue 08-Jan-13 16:04:48

I realise this was a year ago but did you move to Fletching? We moved in April last year and I can give you more information, if you are still thinking about the move. If you are here, let me know!

BTUF Tue 02-Jun-15 18:33:56

Know this is an old thread but interested to hear about Fletching and Fletching Primary. Obviously did not get great results last year (2013/14) wondered if anyone could give any background to living here and the school? Thanks

SideOrderofChips Tue 02-Jun-15 23:11:15

Im intrigued.

What has this Zombie thread got to do with the festive spirit?

chanie44 Wed 10-Jun-15 21:18:31

I assumed fletching was in Lapland.

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