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Does anyone want a brand new and sealed copy of LA Noire for the PS3?

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nappyaddict Sat 24-Sep-11 11:53:28

I got it from HMV for 40 pound but have lost the receipt and they won't exchange it because I have peeled the HMV sticker off it and they said it could be from any shop that sells it. We got a duplicate as a gift and don't need 2.

Anyway I will do it for 20 pound plus post.

inchoccyheaven Sat 24-Sep-11 15:01:58

sell it on Amazon or ebay?

nappyaddict Sat 24-Sep-11 17:31:16

I don't really like them, always seems like too much faff and you often get people saying it hasn't turned up when it has or it's damaged when it isn't etc. Would rather sell on here cos people are generally that bit more genuine and honest.

ToothlesstheDragon Sun 25-Sep-11 17:57:36

if its sealed, try it on gumtree?

JohnniesBitch Sun 25-Sep-11 20:42:00

Ooh me if you still have it please assuming you can take paypal?

nappyaddict Mon 26-Sep-11 15:08:37

Anyone else?

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