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ideas for a 15m girl and 5yr old boy

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BeaWheesht Tue 23-Aug-11 20:32:29

I have no clue what to get dd and ds for xmas or what to tell other people to get.

Budget £50 to £75 or so but especially for dd I'd like to spend less.

Fyi she already has loads of happyland stuff, rocking horse, buggy + doll, trolley, kitchen and bouncy zebra, oh and megablocks - all from when ds was wee.

Ds is into cars2, star wars, doctor who (though he's never seen it!) And all the usual things. He has cars 2 toys and his dads old star wars stuff plus my mum has got him the dr who figures + tardis.

Help!! Have a large family so any ideas for presents of less value good too.

AKMD Tue 23-Aug-11 20:52:31

I doubt that your DD is really going to know what's going on and I'm sure she would be mroe than happy to have something small to open. Maybe get her a book - have you seen the Sam Loyd books with hand puppets in the middle? Calm Down Boris! is a good one - and a small toy, perhaps a percussion instrument. Amusica has excellent musical instruments for children.

Maybe a remote control car would be a good present for your DS. The less expensive the better as it's sure to get a few bumps!

saxony Tue 23-Aug-11 21:44:15

My DS who is 6 in 2 weeks has asked for The Slime Laboratory £15 in Argos/Amazon. He always loves craft things - packs of paper, paint, pens,glue and things to stick to paper. I am also buying him one of those Travel Pillow Pets £8 from Amazon.
He has always loved Play Doh and Moon Sand playsets which are not too bad price wise but provide hours of playtime.

BeaWheesht Tue 23-Aug-11 22:45:13

Oh I might get him some more playdough stuff - its the only crafty thing he really enjoys.

I know dd won't know what's going on but her brother will so I need to get her something. Calm down boris is ds's favourite book just now smile

Any more ideas?

Slime lab sounds scary good.

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