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How long will a real tree last for?

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Littlepurpleprincess Wed 01-Dec-10 09:31:43

We would like a real tree this year but usually put the decs up about the 12th Dec. I'm worried it will be dead by christmas.

Do you have any tips on keeping it alive?

What sort of stand am I supposed to put it in?

jerryg Wed 01-Dec-10 10:42:17

I'll be getting a real tree tonight. It's always a bit worse for wear by Christmas but doesn't bother me. Just takes a bit of hoovering and frequent watering helps. You need to saw the bottom of the trunk off and buy a stand that holds water and keep it topped up. Will watch for more tips though......

girlywhirly Wed 01-Dec-10 11:28:56

I used to have a Norway spruce cut tree from mid December and it was always fine until 6th Jan. If you choose one of the non-drop varieties it will last even better

You need to get a fresh one, that is not one that has been cut for ages and drops loads of needles when shaken. Do not buy one with its' trunk wedged into a wooden block, or one that is pre-netted, you need to see for yourself how fresh it is; good springy foliage not brittle and dropping at the least touch.

When you get it home, cut at least 3 ins off the bottom to open up the water channels, and immediately stand in water. This can be in a bucket until you're ready to sort it out. Either use a stand that has a water reservoir, or stand in a tub or similar wth gravel or pea shingle as ballast. Add water and keep checking all through the holiday period. Don't position next to a radiator or other direct heat source. Tip: when using gravel, half fill the tub, carry to where you want the tree, get someone to hold tree upright in the tub while you add the rest of the gravel. Then add water, otherwise it is very heavy to move! You can save the gravel for the next Christmas!

If you care for your tree as you would a house plant, it should last well.

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