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DS always destroys our xmas tree - what can we get?

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nikki1978 Wed 10-Nov-10 18:37:57

DS is a little bugger and for the last 3 years we decorate our tree and he always throws the baubles everywhere and they end up broken, he also pulls at the lights and drags the tinsel off. Yes I tell him off all the time about it but it is there for 3 weeks so he gets tempted too often! Anyway he may be a year older (nearly 4) but he is still the type to chuck stuff around and I can't be dealing with it this year. Can anyone think of a tree that has no decorations but looks nice?

thisisyesterday Wed 10-Nov-10 18:42:33

i saw a great idea in a magazine where they basically had a huge tree stuck on the wall (well, an outline of a tree) with baubles and things stuck on. it looked really effective

girlywhirly Thu 11-Nov-10 09:42:51

Get DS to make all the decs for the tree, the theory being he is less likely to destroy the things he has put all that effort into! Don't bother with lights, put them somewhere else out of reach.

If that isn't likely to work, thisisyesterday's idea is good. We have a small half tree that can be hung on a wall, unfortunately I don't think they are made any more. Would have been ideal for you. Don't know if you could rig something similar with a small artificial tree, and only put on half its' branches so that it could be hung flush to the wall. But would DS then climb on something to reach it?

Saltire Thu 11-Nov-10 09:46:39

How old is he? I have a mindee who is 13 months old and is a chronic toucher, and I am dreading what he will do to our tree!

tummytickler Thu 11-Nov-10 12:14:19

One year we just ties lots of ribbons to the tree - looked great, and they can't be broken! I guess you will have to go with no lights.
Last year dd was 4 and was climbing on the windowsill (after i told her to get down) and fell straight into the tree. Child and tree fell over. Hilarious now but was angry at the time!

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