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Posh Creams please!

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Bucharest Mon 08-Nov-10 14:43:04

I always buy my Mum some "posh" skincare stuff...

Last year I got her a Liz Earle box of goodies and while she said they were "very nice" she didn't seem particularly enthused...

I was toying with maybe Decleor? Anyone tried it? (only I remember the woman who gave me reflexology saying it was a con as it was just cold cream with a few drops of essential oil dropped in)

Maybe even a (very small) pot of Creme de la mer as a one off?

What posh/nice/ creams would you recommend?

We prefer flowery/planty things rather than high tec "DNA replacement scientific claptrap gobbledegook" things grin

squeaver Mon 08-Nov-10 14:44:14

Eve Lom. It's the bollocks

c0rns1lk Mon 08-Nov-10 14:47:00

decleor is the best I've tried
have tried elemis, clarins, clinique, lancome, eve lom, neal's yard...
decleor is great
you missed a tsv on qvc yesterday but they still have some great bargains on the site
if you get decleor get one of the oils as well to go underneath

Bucharest Mon 08-Nov-10 16:19:38

I did see the QVC actually-and ummed and ahhhed a bit....which nes have you tried?

Will go and google Eve Lom as well.

Bucharest Mon 08-Nov-10 16:26:08


c0rns1lk Mon 08-Nov-10 18:53:00

I have tried hydra floral over neroli oil - both fab, also aromanight balm. Have ordered a load of excellence de l'age stuff yesterday after using the eye cream which is amazing stuff. Am just coming to the end of my pro-collagen marine cream but think it's too light fprmy skin now.I do use the eve lom cleanser and can't see myself ever switching from it.

JetLi Mon 08-Nov-10 20:17:29

Gatineau is good & on QVC. They'll be doing a TSV Sunday 14th November - plus your Mum can send it back up until the end of January if she thinks it's not so good - even if she has used it all up. Same with all the QVC stuff.

tulpe Mon 08-Nov-10 20:35:20

Aromatherapy Associates stuff is gorgeous. And it works.

Pinner35 Mon 08-Nov-10 22:51:38

How about Origins......

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