Pirate noises during sex????????????????????

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regularmumsnetter Mon 17-Oct-05 21:51:21

Am too embarrassed to reveal my true identity but i am a bit freaked out by my dp. Recently he has begun to put on a strange voice during sex, eg 'Arr matey' in the style of that weird sea captain from the Simpsons?!

The other one is 'Arr, the ship's a-dockin' and 'My lighthouse is tingling'

There are various others along the same lines but i won't go into them all now.

He is not a sailor btw, and has (AFAIK) no connection to seafaring folk;)

Just wondering if i can say how uncomfortable this is making me feel (it's just f*ing weird IMO, but it seems to be turning him on!).

CaptainSillyBeardyDaddyman Wed 19-Sep-12 08:58:04

I used to give wenches the pox, now I gives em splinters!

CaptainSillyBeardyDaddyman Wed 19-Sep-12 08:57:12

I wish it were me hearty, but I lost me knob to a spindly killer fish and have an extra peg leg now...

Maryz Wed 19-Sep-12 08:53:34

I knew you would like this Beardy grin. Is it about you?

CaptainSillyBeardyDaddyman Wed 19-Sep-12 08:50:03

Arrrr! This be needing a bump today!

Avast ye!

CaptainWinky Sun 09-May-10 21:29:47

I love that this is still going.

Littlefish Sun 09-May-10 21:28:36

Blimey - I can't believe this was from 2005. I remember when it started.

<winces when she realises how much time she's wasted spent on mumsnet since 2005>

KnickKnack Sun 09-May-10 21:23:54

I can't believe its been almost 3 years since this was in active convos...it deserves a bump for anyone who doesn't know the Classics section exists grin

<apologies to anyone who mistakes it for a current thread, only reads the first page and posts a serious reply!!>

singledadofthree Sun 22-Jul-07 21:32:22

oh wow!!! this is a real thread - have heard about it often but never seen it for real.

will look out for any funny looks if i come out with a line or two while waiting in the que in tesco....altho i already get them

Chipstick Sun 22-Jul-07 21:27:33

This is one of the greatest threads of all time - I still pmsl when reading it.

burek Sun 22-Jul-07 15:26:29

thanks potato
now I understand all those pirate sex comments and have had a good old laugh as well. Great therapy!

PotatoOfDoom Sun 22-Jul-07 14:59:38

I remembered it, read it and thought it worthy of being read by the newbies

mamazon Sun 22-Jul-07 14:55:15

ahh the famous pirate noises thread.

how come this has been bumped now though?

PotatoOfDoom Sun 22-Jul-07 14:50:42

This still makes me giggle even now :D

Dropsy Wed 04-Apr-07 19:34:10

this old chestnut

ComeOVeneer Wed 04-Apr-07 19:33:37

LOL I thought of this thread when I saw that other one a moment ago.

did someone mention pirates?

this is why I love mumsnet!

Don't forget the horse thread either!!!

mylittlestar Tue 30-Jan-07 14:44:04

fantastic thread! had to stop reading half way through as I was literally PMSL at my desk in work! brilliant!!

tortoiseSHELL Tue 30-Jan-07 14:33:53

Thanks thanks thanks for bumping this, I'd forgotten how funny it really was!

Good for the giggles this one!

VeniVidiVickiQV Tue 30-Jan-07 14:29:29

YAy Soupy

SoupDragon Tue 30-Jan-07 14:28:24

Well worth a sneaky bump

GiraffeGotTheLastRoomInTheInn Thu 07-Dec-06 23:02:48


How many of you were taken in? eh?

GiraffeGotTheLastRoomInTheInn Thu 07-Dec-06 23:02:48


How many of you were taken in? eh?

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