Plexr eye treatment

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Movingout Sun 10-Jan-16 17:10:07

My bags are really bad and I've been reading about 'plexr' a new, non invasive, soft surgery. Does anybody know anything it or had it done?

tfif Thu 04-Feb-16 19:47:16

I've got the same problem. I've been doing a bit of research and it looks like it could be the answer. Everything I've read states that under eye bags can be treated but I can only see photos and videos of upper eye bags that have been treated.

Jmangel Thu 04-Feb-16 20:22:04

Never heard of this but definitely interested - looks like only available on Harley St, Southea and Scotland. I live in Cheshire - off to google some more!

tfif Mon 29-Feb-16 20:37:27

Just been in contact with company in Burnley, they are charging £1700 for two sessions, upper and lower eyelids. Pricey, just wish I had some independent pics I could look at

tfif Mon 29-Feb-16 20:39:18

I've also been in touch with BAAPS to see if they can give me any information. If they get back to me I'll let you know what they say.

Movingout Fri 25-Mar-16 00:32:54

I had a consultation at a clinic in Richmond, Surrey The doctor was quite confident that most people only need one session and the cost was in the region of £650. Perhaps they'd do us a job lot!

MsBojangles Fri 25-Mar-16 00:37:06

Meh, expensive quick 'fixes' tend not to fix much in reality.

ScandiCinnamon Fri 25-Mar-16 06:54:42

Have a little Google at tear through injections. Whilst it does involve a needle it's nothing 'major'. I looked into this quite a bit to treat my under eye bags which take a larger cup size than my boobs I just haven't done it yet due to money issues. On top of my head this procedure is ca£600

Bingybongybashy Thu 06-Oct-16 20:30:49

Hey Moving, did you go ahead with the Plexr treatment? I going to get it done before Xmas but wondered if you went ahead and got it and if so, what it was like?

Jorja2013 Wed 12-Oct-16 09:52:04

Please do not waste your money on this treatment. I had this done last year, four treatments in total for my hooded eyelids and was told i would need another 2-3 to obtain surgery result, i stopped after the four treatments because it was obvious it was doing more damage than what i was told it would do. Initially when you finish the treatment which is when most photo's are taken it does show the lift (probably a reaction to being burnt!) however after a weeks worth of swollen, scabby eyes the result quickly confirm the results are very minimal if anything. Four treatments later and comparing my before and after photo's i can not see any difference. The hoodedness is the same however i do believe the amount of treatments has left me with crepey eyelids. It also left scarring which has improved with using bio oil but this has taken months to repair its self. After treatments the eyes are very red and you have to be extremely careful when washing your face as the redness can take hours to diminish and this took months to eventually go. Sauna are a big no go for at least six months after treatments!! Again something they don't tell you! I would urge anybody to not waste any money on the treatment and save your money and have the surgery instead. This will do more damage that not! I have been for a consultation now for eye surgery and the surgeon is worried about how the healing process will be due to my eye lids now being very thin skinned due to this procedure.

Bingybongybashy Wed 12-Oct-16 10:14:27

Hey Jordan, thank you very much for your post. After reading it I think I'll give it a miss! Really appreciate your honest account. 👍🏻🙂

Jorja2013 Wed 12-Oct-16 10:30:56

Your welcome Bingynongybashy, i see many posts now inquiring about this procedure and you don't see many reviews about it. I met a lady who'm was having the treatment at the same time as me, i bumped into her last week and both our symptoms after sitting down to a cup of coffee was exactly the same. We both used very reputable companies and paid alot of money for what was achieved and that was worse off eyes sad my friend eyes are worse than mine as she had five treatments in the end to try an obtain that surgery result the drs promised. Her scarring is quite bad and she has to use block on her eyes due to being very sensitive to sun rays. She has written three letters of complaints and no one has got back to her

Bingybongybashy Thu 13-Oct-16 09:17:25

Jorja that is really so bad and it's not cheap either. So sorry your experience turned out like this. So is there no chance of you having the surgical blepharoplasty know? I think I'll go for that option in a few years time, I'll wait until they are really bad. I just hate putting lovely eyeshadow on and then hardly being able to see it!!

Jorja2013 Thu 13-Oct-16 09:57:29

Bingybongybashy - it wasn't cheap no sad never mind, i should have done more research and waited for more reviews to come out before going ahead. I was just impatient and should have waited and had the surgery but was excited about this new "wonder" eye treatment that doesn't do what they say it does. When i went for my consultation the surgeon advised to wait longer in hope my something layer will become thicker (sorry can't remember the name) to help with the healing process. I can have the blepharoplasty but he advised to wait another 6 months to see if he see's improvement in the layer of my skin as at the moment they are still healing from having the plexr (even though my treatment was just over 12months ago). The skin is very fragile now, i can no longer have eye brows waxed as my eyes are very red and sore for around a week after. If i can find photo's i will upload the before, during and after. The only difference you will see is the during which is swollen scabby eyes lol

Andrea1999 Sun 23-Oct-16 20:21:36

I had Plexr done a few months ago for my very saggy eyelids and I wished I hadn't. I had one session done and never again. For all the expense and the pain of my eyelids being burnt it hasn't helped at all. The amount of swelling was shocking and I looked like I had gone ten rounds in a boxing ring, my eyelids got infected and needed antibiotics. When ringing the place I had treatment at they said this was normal! The redness still hasn't entirely gone. The place I chose to have it done seemed very professional. I'm going to stick to much safer and cheaper eyebrow lifter exercises from now on.

Bingybongybashy Sat 29-Oct-16 09:04:23

Andrea thanks very much for sharing your experience with me. So glad I posted now instead of just going ahead with it. I'll deffo save up for the surgical option I think. Hope your eyes recover completely and soon X

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