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Has anyone used Hermes couriers? Are they Ok or dodgy?

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Frrrightattendant Fri 30-Oct-09 08:14:36

I had to send something back tracked, so decided to use these people as they were cheap.
In hindsight I ought to have used parcelforce but anyway...

parcel picked up on Weds. Courier is our usual home shopping guy, so far so good.

The delivery is meant to take 3-5 days. I've checked the tracking, nothing on Weds, Thurs it says 'collected at 13.08 weds'

There is nothing else yet. I rang the company. I get Janice who has only been there a week but tries to log into the screen which shows them 'more detail'. It says 'collected' too. hmm

I ask Janice whether there is anyone else I can speak to as I am not feeling reassured. (I have seen some awful reviews on the net by now)

She looks around,
'Can't see anyone, no...'

I tell Janice I will call back later. She is very nice. My parcel is probably in Outer Mongolia by now.


grammye Thu 05-Sep-13 18:28:51

Hi i realise this is an old thread,but i wondered if anyone had recently had any problems with Hermes.I have had dreadful problems and would tell anyone who orders anything online to check who the courier is.I waited in for 3 days and today i get an email saying.They will attempt to re-deliver.As they came at 13.59 they must have been invisable as myself and the painter who was doing the front of my house was outside all day.
Funny that!!after ringing the company who i got my product from i got a phone number from him...You cannot get a phone number for Hermes to be told it will be here tonight MMMmm still not here.Hermes is as we know is greek and means Quick and cunning..Quick they are not but cunning they are.If anyone has a problem i will give you the phone number..

AlanaB Fri 01-Nov-13 14:59:46

OMG - has anyone actually read the tweets on the account?? Seriously that cannot be serious, the tweets beggar belief!

I have gone outside to find a soggy empty box on my doorstep. There was a FURBY inside it at some point but the tracking says it was delivered 2 days ago but TODAY I get an empty box.


raciroo Sat 02-Nov-13 22:13:27

I buy and sell a lot on eBay; I use MyHermes for all my boxed parcels (ie anything bigger than packet by Royal Mails definition) as they are significantly cheaper. Not had anything go missing or had any problems, however, they do tend to consistently hit the 5 of the 3-5 day estimate, so not great for anything too speedy at the standard rate/service.

rockybalBOOOOa Sat 02-Nov-13 22:24:54

Our local Hermes guy is brilliant at bringing me Boden parcels Have used for delivery too and they were v good.

ena19 Wed 20-Nov-13 13:02:06

I bought something from Ebay and the seller used them. The item was left outside my house and a drop card saying left outside over gate. The parcel was lost. I discovered that ebay doesn't protect you at all as they put in the tracking number "delivery left in secure place" so I am not going to received the refund from ebay (nor paypal protection etc...) i have to wait from Hermes to refund the seller. Ridiculous. So don;t use them, really doggy company. Really disappointed with ebay as I have the drop card that sayd it was left outside the property....

ena19 Wed 20-Nov-13 13:05:45

Don't use them. I bought from ebay and the seller used them. They left the parcel outside and the drop card saying that. The parcel was lost so now I am waiting for the seller tog et her refund. But even ebay was useless and they did not offer any protection for them the fact that HERMES wrote on the tracking number tha t was delivered it was enough not to give refund. Really disapponted ith Hermes and with ebay at the end.

Lancelottie Wed 20-Nov-13 13:08:51

DH was following a Hermes courier today and was appalled enough to ring me to make sure that we didn't use them for any Christmas stuff.

Apparently the courier was simply opening the car door and throwing parcels out in the vague direction of the houses.

Now, I'll admit it's sleeting out there, but still!

scoobydoo222 Sat 30-Nov-13 16:16:37

Delivery driver rang the door bell three times in a row. I thought there was an emergency. I got to the front door to find the Hermes Delivery Driver had sped off down the road. This was at approx. 10 am this morning. The delivery man had not even tried to deliver the parcel to my next door neighbour (who was in), as per additional instructions, or even leave a card stating that he had been. I consequently contacted HERMES Delivery Company who informed me that all the drivers live locally to their parcel drops and that he worked up until 18:00 hours that day. She stated that she would contact him to get him to call back. Surprise, surprise they stated they couldn't get though to him!!! Possibly he was watching the football!!!!!!!!!!, but I can only surmise.

finbarhoratio Tue 02-Sep-14 18:14:45

DO NOT USE MYHERMES!!! They 'lost' a 2m long 10kg package. No one in customer services cares, they are rude and un cooperative. One employee even threatened me with a "if you want to see your parcel again" comment!! Still trying to talk to someone in charge...broken promises and incompetence!

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