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Will strawberry blonde/'ginger' hair stay?- upset!

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Bluberry Tue 12-Mar-13 02:43:15

My beautiful baby girl was born with red/'ginger' or strawberry blonde hair. In some lights it looks really fair and in others light brown but today it started looking quite red.
My husband and I are quite dark but I understand the red gene must be in our genes somewhere. My step daughter has bright red hair so it wasnt a complete shock but I didn't realise my family had the gene either so wasn't expecting it really. My step daughter was born with fiery red hair but my daughters is lighter.

I just feel so worried and upset that she may be open to bullies. People are already commenting on it and using the word 'ginger' which I think is hurtful.

Does anyone else have a red head and how does it make you feel?
Did anyone's baby's hair colour change from red to blonde or brown?

I don't want to cause offence.

CarpeDiemCras Wed 13-Mar-13 22:20:42

Sad to hear that about your DSD Bluberry. I hope as she gets older that improves & she comes to feel better about it.

I do know some people who were teased horribly about their hair, but your DSD's experiece sounds like it must've been particularly bad if she's still feeling that way at 16.

I suspect most red heads do put up with a bit of stick & maybe even a bit more than a non-red headed child, but it won't necessarily be a repeat of your DSD's experience.

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