I Don't love my Daughter!

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LouLou80 Fri 07-Aug-09 05:07:23

hi, my names Louise, i am 29 and i have a husband who i have been with for over 10 years. i have a 9 year old Son and 3 years ago i had twins, a boy and a girl. I have a situation that i often feel guilty about and i wonder if its normal for this to happen. Basically i love my boys to bits but i do not love my daughter, i never have done. I do care about her and i don't wish any harm towards her but its always been about my boys. When the twins were born I immediately bonded with my second Son but had trouble bonding with my daughter. I totally focused on my newborn son and resented having her around. It got so bad that after 6 months i took her to my mums and left her there. I would see her quite often either when i visited my mum or my mum came to me and i made sure that the boys got to see their sister. i would give my mum money towards her food and clothes and i would make sure everything was ok. I even enjoyed seeing her at times but was always glad to leave her behind afterwards. Earlier this year my mum sat down with me and said that as much as she loved having her live with her she felt that it was time for me to try and bond with her more and suggested that it was time to have her live with me again, i agreed to this so she came to live with me in April. Three months later she went back to live with her nan because it wasn't working at all. Perhaps we didn't give it much time but she missed her nan, her nan missed her, the boys were not used to having a girl around 24/7 and as for me? well i really tried but i just don't love her like i love the boys. So now things are back as they were. She is part of the family and always has been treated as such and i make sure that she sees plenty of her twin brother as its important for them to have a relationship, he sometimes goes and stays over at his nans and they get to spend plenty of time together. So i don't have any concerns there. But its the fact that i don't love my daughter that does sometimes bother me and i do feel bad that i rejected her the way i did and that i took her and left her with my mum. As it happens my mum loves having her and she is a fit and active woman so its not a problem. But why don't i love my daughter like i love my boys? any thoughts/advice? i'm not a bad person am i?

mummy2benji Sat 23-Feb-13 09:24:26

You've had so many replies I wonder if you are still reading them all?! I think you need some counselling to try to work out why you haven't bonded with your daughter. Maybe it is to do with the birth, your own relationship with your mum or other females - who knows, but it needs addressing. I appreciate your honesty and courage in admitting this, and realise it must be hard for you - but at the end of the day no child deserves to grow up feeling like the unwanted child. Your daughter may adore your mum and love spending time with her but believe me, when she grows up and becomes a teen she will look at her relationship with you and judge herself and her own self-worth on it. Don't risk a lifetime of eating disorders / depression / delinquent behaviour because she feels unloved by her mother. I can't stress enough how important this is. I hate to say it, but as women we are all defined a little by our relationship with our mothers. I felt criticised by mine and spent my teen years trying to please and obtain praise from her - I became such a perfectionist and I suffered with anorexia for years. However hard it is, I think you need to 'man up' (or the female equivalent) and do your best to take your daughter into your heart. However your feelings for her may differ from that of your sons, never let her see that. Relationships in life need working at, and sometimes mother - child relationships fall into that category. Spend some one on one time with her, find out her interests, do an activity together that you don't do with your sons. Over time you may find your feelings changing and learn to love her as much as your boys.

emsibub Sat 23-Feb-13 00:35:22

Wow I'm amazed by your story. Truly gobsmacked.

Whatever your issues I hope this innocent little girl manages (against all odds) to grow into a confident and balanced human being.

IrisGirl Fri 22-Feb-13 22:48:24

what a very sad post, and how very brave of you to put it here.

i think the first thing you should do is go seek professional help regarding this and do it fast, before damage is done that cannot be undone. your darling daughter did not ask to be born, she did not ask to be a girl and she certainly did not ask (nor deserve) to be treated like this. i feel so sad for you as you are missing out and potentially damaging what can be a wonderful relationship/friendship in the future.

what also worries me is the harm this is doing to your sons, with this behaviour are they being shown that a girl/woman is to be disregarded and not thought of, do you think that they may grow up, realise what you have done to their sister and hate you for it, therefore losing 3 children??

please go and seek help before this situation becomes worse.

i wish you, and perhaps more so your daughter, all the luck in the world xx

Jestrin Thu 21-Feb-13 21:41:26

Your dd is really going to have issues growing up knowing you rejected her but not her brothers. You really need to resolve this.

KateSMumsnet (MNHQ) Sat 26-Jan-13 14:58:49

Hi everyone,

We feel should alert you to the fact that this is very old thread, and the OP was banned shortly after starting it.

EduCated Sat 26-Jan-13 14:56:39

Oh, FFS. Just read through all this and even reported a post (sorry, MN blush)


Shinyshoes1 Sat 26-Jan-13 14:43:24

Oh and please don't have anymore children FFs you might end up with another little girl .

Shinyshoes1 Sat 26-Jan-13 14:33:26

Christ how awful for your little girl

All I'm getting from your posts is me me me me me me white noise me me me me me

Disgusting and my heart is breaking for YOUR daughter whom will have psychological and emotional issues through something that is not her fault

stargirl1701 Sat 26-Jan-13 14:23:59

Zombie thread.

I hope she got help.

FancyPuffin Sat 26-Jan-13 14:23:34



ilovebooks1470 Sat 26-Jan-13 14:07:14

Your daughter never wanted to be born in a situation like this! How about thinking about her! I'm sorry if I'm out of line, but you're treating her like she's a step daughter, not living in your home, not having being around her brothers all the time, don't you wonder if they'll grow up seeing her as a 'half' sister? You CANNOT just pick and choose your children! If the girl is at her grans, why not just move the boys there too? At the very least the kids should be all together, or they'll grow up either feeling superior (boys) or inferior (girl) depending on where they lived as a child. The amount of self esteem issues you are opening your daughter and boys up to- depression, suicide, self harm. PLEASE, for the sake of your children, get things sorted.

BooBooGlass Wed 04-May-11 16:57:12

Old post people. Nesta bumped it from the archives

QuackQuackBoing Wed 04-May-11 16:54:57

I haven't read all this but I don't think you should have sent her to her nans in the first place, that wasn't going to solve anything. You need professional help.

AnMum Wed 04-May-11 16:25:46

I'm stunned! How on earth could you do that to a child?? What is she going to think when she grows up? You chose to have children and were lucky enough to be blessed with happy healthy ones...get over yourself and take responsibility for all of them! Sorry if that sounds harsh but I just can't believe someone would do that!

sadmostly12 Mon 02-May-11 05:29:22

It has to be that something in your childhood made you think boys deserved more love than girls. I was one of 6 children, 5 boys and me the only girl. My mom favored them over me and now I am treating my daughter with less love and attention, she is 8 yrs old right now and I have been doing this since her brother who will be 7 in a few months was born. I hate myself for loving him more but I'm acting out how I was treated..I know mine is psychological because of the rejection I felt as I was the only daughter. So many people would say if you were the only daughter you must have been spoiled rotten. Quite the opposite..at 16, while still in High School my mom made me get a job in order to support myself while I lived at home still. My brothers were treated like royalty..yes I was resentful. Is that the reason I am rejecting my daughter? Has to be because I know I love her but I have to remind myself to give her as much love and attention as I give to her younger brother.

NestaFiesta Mon 05-Oct-09 11:54:47

A very brave post, OP. Takes some guts admitting all that. However, your poor daughter will grow up knowing she is being treated differently and it will cause all sorts of self esteem problems later in life, if it hasn't started already. The least you can do for her is get some professional help and sort yourself out before you ruin her life. You should have done it a lot sooner too, seeing as she is 5 already!

I am saying this as someone whose mother has treated me very differently to my siblings, who she openly adores. I am 40 soon and it still affects me if I let it.

Vivia Sat 26-Sep-09 19:53:10

You're right, tiktok - my speculation was perhaps my way of hoping this isn't real. Too sad.

tiktok Sat 26-Sep-09 19:20:16

I too think it is possible evita and the OP are the same person but it is also possible they are not. Speculating is no good.

Either way, evita, the thread has some good contacts in it, and telephone numbers to call.

You deserve to share love with your daughter as much as anyone else. But you will need help to find it.

Don't leave things any longer, will you?

Good luck.

Vivia Sat 26-Sep-09 18:59:32

I'm new, hi all!

OP and evita122 have very similar writing styles. I think they are the same person and this story is false. Otherwise, how utterly horrific and shameful.

claireyfairey1975 Fri 25-Sep-09 21:20:42

I have only read some of the posts but think some of the people who have posted should be bloody well grateful that they have a healthy child who should to all intents and purpose live a normal life, that is unless they are so screwed because of attachment/abandonment issues. Very sad.

Dawnybabe Fri 25-Sep-09 20:53:03

Just come to this a bit late, but deeply shocked and bewildered by the whole idea.

What would the OP have done if she'd had all girls? Got rid of all of them? All of her children? How would she feel if her dd died? Why can't this woman appreciate how blessed she is? I think she's mental, frankly.

I've got two girls. I don't know what else to say. I am genuinely at a loss for words.

paddyclamp Sun 20-Sep-09 22:29:43

i can't believe some ppl are for real..how sad

evita122 Tue 15-Sep-09 22:30:57

hi Louise, thanks for telling your story. Now I know I'm not on my own. I'm also 29 and have 2 daughters. Eldest just turned 6 and my baby is 3 months old. When I was younger I always said I wasn't going to have children. Just never liked them. Never had a good relationship with my mum and it happened that I emigrated as my husband is a different nationality to mine. After a year of being married I fell pregnant. All the way through the pregnancy there was something on the back of my mind that I didn't want this child. I had a quick but very traumatic labour. I never liked that baby, didn't think that someone could not love their own child so I've just settled for 'not liking' her. Suffered PND. It started when I was still pregnant but didnt realised I was depressed untill she was 1 year old.Could never cope with her even though she was a very good little girl never had a tantrum but for past few months she's been awful. The atitude, back chats you name it.Then the baby came along and its her I cant cope with. She annoys me and I'm glad when she's at school. One night when she was being naughty I ended up telling my husband I'm not coping with her he asked 'you love her though, don't you?'. Thats what made me realised I didnt. It wasnt that I didnt like her - I dont love her. It is very upseting and I dont know what to do. I'm scared about talking about it. Every day I feel like I need to take my baby and run away but got nowhere to run

zoena Sun 06-Sep-09 19:03:12

fab what a horrible thing to have happen to you but i am so happy you broke the chain and went the opposite way to your mom, i never wanted kids full stop because of my mom, wouldnt have mattered what sex i just thought i would be a terrible mother like she was!
no she didnt come back so maybe she has been getting the help she needed, sad sad situation for everyone involved and yes real or not i have no doubt there are women out there that this has happened to, having a mental illness does affect your judgement and common sense etc... i used to leave my dd with her dad and go off driving for hours on end, i always came home (even tho i didnt want to, because of my other daughter)

TheDMshouldbeRivened Sun 06-Sep-09 17:40:40

she never came back though, did she.

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