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To be deeply insulted by what dt2 (5) said to me this morning?

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whoingodsnameami Wed 25-Mar-09 15:53:49

I was talking to her and noticed she was looking at me oddly, then she said, mum, you have teeth like spongebob!!!!!!!!

I am still traumatised.

woodstock3 Sun 29-Mar-09 23:34:41

my niece aged 2.5: "you've got a big tummy like mummy's" (my sister was six months pregnant. i very much wasnt.)

ds, looking at family photos aged about 18 months. correctly identified ds, himself and his cousin in a photo but when i pointed at the one of me, and said "who's that then?" he said "granny"....
dh did not help matters by phsl for most of the day

luckylady74 Sun 29-Mar-09 23:45:45

woodstock - I feel your pain. Ds1 pointed to a photo of Bill Baily and said 'Mummy' when he was 2. I was positively happy when he pointed to a painting of Jesus and said the same grin

Claire2009 Mon 30-Mar-09 00:05:29

DD age 3 : Mummy your just like jelly, wibbly wobbly...(I'm a size 12)

"I am 3, DS* is 2 & Mummy is 7" hmm LOL!!

Clement Mon 30-Mar-09 00:14:21

My DD (5) and i were both undressed, standing next to each other looking through the laundry basket for her pants. Mh DH walked in and exclaimed "88!" i laugh every time i think about it....

ShyTalk Mon 30-Mar-09 00:17:06

Hmm? - Mummy , are you putting on makeup? Yes.
Is that like R (teen sister) puts on? Yes. (heavens, I sound like Mr Tumble, yes?) R looks nice when she puts on makeup. Glutton for punishment asks - does that mean that I don't look nice with makeup? Answer - No, you don't). Oh dear. If I was susceptible, maybe I would need to visit Switzerland. Am stoic - as my makeup is so bad, maybe I should have a few more goes!

CaurnieBred Mon 30-Mar-09 12:23:21

I bought a nice, new hat - blue and white stripes - for the winter. I put it on once and DD (4) said "mummy, you look like Mr Bump". Haven't worn it since!

kidowner Mon 30-Mar-09 21:53:19

Went to the Ashmoleon Museum,Oxford, quietly walked around.
We saw a sculpture of 'The Thinking Man' and whispered quietly to the children,'What do you think he's doing?'
DD said in a big voice echoing around the hall
"He's going to the toilet"

son#3 recently...."mum, your mum look like a bum"

ooops...that was meant to say, mum your boobs look like a bum....not my mum grin

mummytopebs Mon 30-Mar-09 22:07:09

My dd 4 said to my mam when she had fell over and had a scab on her face 'ohhh yack a seagull has pooed on nanas face' - v funny

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