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This Morning - men don't judge each other

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kim147 Mon 08-Apr-13 20:31:13

Watching This Morning - discussing MN. Phillip Schofield was on there and another man. Talking about "women judging other women for their decisions" whilst "us men would never do that and would not judge other men".

Interesting - seeing as how when it comes to work for example, most men make the decision to work full time. I'm sure if a husband decided to be a SAHD and give up full time work, some men would have something to say about the decision and be judgemental.

Yes, men compete. But they judge each other's cars/jobs/houses/holidays etc. Maybe they are less interested in how fashion-conscious another man is or how trendy their haircut is.
I suppose it is more to do with power and status rather than appearances?

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