My first grey hairs!!! - What now?

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Catrin Tue 22-Jan-13 21:20:13

So this morning I discovered not one, but 3! And despite secretly hoping for beautiful white hair, it appears I shall be mostly cultivating the steel grey pubic type.
So now, do I
a)brave it out for a bit in the hope no more appear for a while?
b)pull them out and regret it bitterly when i have 6 there tomorrow?
c)start colouring my hair? (sob)

controlaltdelete Thu 24-Jan-13 07:48:48

Same here, 43 and have a few, but not enough to dye. I have tweezers in my bag, at the mirror and in my car. When I get a spare moment in the car or am in a changing room with good light, I do a quick check and pull wink
I like my hair colour, it is mid brown chestnutty colour and I do not want to dye it.

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