Gcses should I move her or not?

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CouthyMow Mon 10-Feb-14 02:21:33

Why would you only start giving Classics to read in Y10? My DS1 started reading Classics at the end of Y5, in preparation for the 11+.

littledrummergirl Mon 10-Feb-14 00:10:12

I was moved at the end of yr10 due to needing to move for parents job. I went from straight As to B/Cs. This was before A*. I wouldnt do that to my dcs.

mindgone Sun 09-Feb-14 23:23:00

Please don't think that moving her to a private school will be an answer to all your prayers. This is no guarantee of academic success, and certainly not of getting into Oxford or Cambridge. My DS's friend got rejected from Cambridge last year, despite having 10A* and 2A at GCSE, and 3A* at A level, and being a potential future Olympic rower! I would hate to think of your whole family suffering to send your DD to a private school, and then be disappointed.

Leeds2 Sun 09-Feb-14 22:56:41

I have to say that I would not move my DD to start at a new school in Year 11. To start in Year 10, or sixth form, maybe. Year 11, absolutely not.

Dreamgirls234 Sun 09-Feb-14 19:09:32

Thank you I think I should have. I definelty want her to be happy and I think the school doesn't support her and doesn't help her with her panic attacks or anything jane from buttle uk has Been excellent hopefully she can move to a private school

Clonakiltylil Sun 09-Feb-14 19:00:51

Moving her at the end of Year 10 would put her in Year 11 - that is what I meant. I think the bullying, panic attacks etc are far better reasons to move her than your academic worries - perhaps you should have mentioned this in your first post so everyone had enough information.

I hope she will be happy no matter what your final decision is.

Dreamgirls234 Sun 09-Feb-14 18:56:14

Thank you

She would love to go oxford or Cambridge that is her desire however she agrees that not everybody can get into oxford and she would go to bath or Durham or york. She's in year 10 not year 11 she hasn't just started to read classics she's started to read a lot more of them rather than the few she chose to read. She is broadening her reading list and has done independent research into reading lists etc. I have checked and there is places at the preferred school. We have funding to go to private school and hopefully she will go to private school by April due to bullying and other issues within school and she suffers from panic attacks and has had an acute eating disorder. I just want the best for her and if she wants to pursue her dreams I am willing to follow her

titchy Sun 09-Feb-14 18:47:00

They'll be fine then. A lot of private and grammar schools don't let kids do more than 9 anyway. As long as she gets predominantly A*s her GCSE subjects are fine. It's really at A level you need to be more careful.

Clonakiltylil Sun 09-Feb-14 18:45:51

Your tone is somewhat concerning, Dreamgirls234. She may not get to Oxford or Cambridge - but you have not considered this. The range of subjects, although not particularly academic, looks decent enough for most universities. You say you want to move her but you assume she will be accepted elsewhere. There might not be a place at your preferred school. It is really not advisable to move in Year 11 for a whole host of reasons - the exam boards might be the same but the courses will not necessarily be covered in the same order so there may be all sorts of issues. In my opinion, this is likely to reduce her chances of obtaining top marks rather than increasing it.

And sorry to nit-pick, but if she has just started reading the classics, she is a bit behind, rather than being ahead.

I am sure many parents want their children to go to Oxbridge but you have no indication that she will actually get there. Let her learn and university choices can be decided in Year 12 - which is when they should be!

Dreamgirls234 Sun 09-Feb-14 18:35:18

She's also doing history

Dreamgirls234 Sun 09-Feb-14 18:34:41

The schools follow same exam boards checked it out and it's fine.thanks though

titchy Sun 09-Feb-14 18:29:07

You said she was also doing history? If so she has 9 academic subjects which is fine for Oxbridge. The remaining three are surplus to requirement but won't have an adverse effect.

Given that she'll have already done some controlled assessments I'd say moving would be a very bad idea.

Dreamgirls234 Sun 09-Feb-14 18:10:16

My daughter is G&T currently in year10 stretches her mind by reading and looking at the news and resourcing material about law and politics from the internet and library. Just started reading classics with advice from other MN's may I add she's totally independent and will study whatever by herself

Currently she studies
Triple science
English lit&lang
Maths higher tier
Spanish (after school still leads to gcse)
Textiles (had to take it-it's a tech school)
Business studies

A few other MN said the last 3 are bad and Could affect her chances of going to oxford or Cambridge.she had a choice of business/music/health and social in block b and school reccomended business as she wants a career in law/politics
we already have funding to send her to private school but if we can't get enough she won't be able to go which will be a shame. If this happens I'm now considering moving her to tad caster grammar or another school. Or would it be worth her taking geography and another language gcse outside of school and self teach and do exams in school-school have agreed to this

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