Please can teachers help me help dd i am desperate now.

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Age 10 and sen.

Managed fine in infants purely because TA in class full time who helped a lot.
achieved 2c/2b in year 2 says.

Fast forward to year 5. No ta in class at all, has not been since infants.

Dd now a 1a Maths/2c literacy, 3b reading.
Verbally bright but processing issues from head to paper.

Maths is awful, knows number bonds but can't apply them, only knows 2,5,10 times table, still counting on fingers.

Sentence structure in literacy pretty poor, spelling awful, struggles to find info in text and write it down.

Reading fine.

Very poor confidence and self esteem.

Please help me, have tried online games, songs, flash cards.

Sats not says.

GrimAndHumourlessAndEven Sat 08-Dec-12 22:48:49


have you had eyes tested by a behavioural optometrist, they can look at things like eye tracking

hearing test recently?

Waiting for hearing test appointment.
Behavioural optometrist quoted me £300 for initial test and just haven't got it at moment.

Hearing seems fine but she is being tested as she is sensitive to loud noises.

wonderstuff Sat 08-Dec-12 22:57:06

Why don't they have a TA to support her? Has she been seen by Ed Psych?

She's meant to have regular one to one, it rarely happens.

She saw a Ed Psych age four but because she was so well supported in infants she was took off iep.

when she changed to juniors it was a disaster because of a school situation that developed.

We moved Unavoidable and she's been in new school since year four.

She is currently going through updated Assessments and back on IEP. Waiting for an education psychologist to come out.

She might get Ta for an hour three times in a week then it won't happen At all again for weeks. They seem to be having staffing issues.

Consultant wants her to use a laptop. Teacher against it completely.

wonderstuff Sat 08-Dec-12 23:16:15

School sounds poor tbh, I work in secondary and it amazes me the differences in support that children get at different primaries.

What's the deal with the laptop, what consultant wants her to use one and why? What issue does the teacher have? I would be pushing for regular review meetings with the school, put the pressure on them, they need to be doing something different because she isn't making progress. She definitely needs an IEP and it sounds like the school is out of ideas so they do need to get Ed Psych in asap. Have you met with the school SENCO?

She is on iep, she isn't on school action it seems..
I am yet to pin senco down to a meeting! Teacher does IEP reviews. I am actually going in about this.

They said they don't want to give her to much ta at primary as she won't get that at secondary, even though secondary said different.

laptop was because she has hand writing issues due to dypraxia and consultant wants her to type.

Also dd finds it much easier to process things on computer than paper.

We were assigned school. Its best score wise in county and very pushy.

wonderstuff Sat 08-Dec-12 23:36:27

Secondary schools still have TAs - sounds like a bit of a cop out excuse, more progress she makes before she gets to secondary the better. One of the feeder primaries I work with have good results and the more able are clearly really pushed - they seem to offer no support for the less able - very frustrating. Often the best schools SEN wise are those with the lower scores - when they have a high proportion of children with needs they have to get good at dealing with them.
Anyway I would find out if she is on the SEN register, it will make a difference on how she is dealt with at secondary - we have some very weak children who came to us with no reported SEN and I am only now getting to do assessments - because priority is Statements then SA+ then SA.. If they don't want to give her TA and they don't want to give her a laptop then what exactly are they doing for her? If she finds it easier to process using a computer then it seems to make sense to let her use one at least some of the time, important that she is able to succeed as much as possible.


I will ask about the register.

When they remember she sees a TA who does timestables with her.

When the others do mental maths tests she's meant to see a ta for maths help.

Literacy seems not to be happening. In meeting other day teacher was not overly concerned with her literacy. I said I was!!

I asked about SA and was told "well she has an iep"

I'm very worried for secondary tbh as things stand.

Hence wanting to help her myself.

And the thing is the fact she achieved ok in infants because she had support makes it more frustrating.

Witchesbrewandbiscuits Sun 09-Dec-12 09:05:50

What is she statemented for? The school gets paid for pupils with statements to pay for support so I would ask what the money is being used for.

Ask if they have ability groups, usually extra support takes place in groups outside the classroom in areas such as maths.

Maths is a tricky subject, and IMO needs lots of sensory input such as blocks, socks to count in pairs, sweets for multiplication and division. Look on the Internet for worksheets that involve cutting and sticking etc. they love these, and it helps the info to go in. You can do all this at home. Also, baking, let dc get involved in the weighing etc. talk about shapes too. Maths isn't just 1+1, it covers shape, measurement etc too so talk about it wherever you can as it will make other things easier to understand.

Get a meeting booked with headteacher ASAP thou and find out what they are doing and what they plan to do.

Hth. Good luck!

She has not got a statement, I am trying to address this currently.

They do have ability groups, in literacy she is in second from bottom, in maths she is in the bottom group, this consists of her and one other child working together on easier problems.

They are trying to leave her to work independently as previously she has always had a TA so is used to having someone there.

I believe that she is meant to do work with a ta when the others are doing mental maths but it just does not seem to be happening, I am aware they have staff issues at moment.

She seems ok with fractions and with practical maths with blocks and such) it is when it comes to pen and paper that the problems are worse, like I said she knows her number bonds that 17 add 3 equals 20 but when she needs to apply these to actual work she struggles.

Chandon Sun 09-Dec-12 10:12:19

Throw all your energy into getting her a statement.

My DS is 10 and does not have a statement ( not severe enough) and this means that, where we live, once he goes to secondary he will get NO help, 121 or anything!

Also, from bitter experince, do not expect the school to be helpful about getting a statement, ours wanted as few kids as possible on statements.

Get in touch with the LEA. If you can show your child is not being educated properly, they will have to put measures in place.

A few sessions here and there if they remember really does not cut it!

Chandon Sun 09-Dec-12 10:15:14

Only those who shout loud and kick up big stinks get the help they deserve, ime, having lots of friends with SEN children.

You really have to fight for it. You sound too nice, if that makes sense, and too understanding of their staff shortage etc. That is not your problem. Your child deserves a good education.

mrz Sun 09-Dec-12 10:33:32

I'm sorry to say your child has been failed by the infant school.

I agree to an extent MrZ that they have not weaned her off the TA full support and she cannot work independantly, however that is not dds fault and I do not feel it is acceptable for the school to dump dd as a result and not deal with the situation.

She is not going to learn to work independantly just by being dumped when she has never been given the skills to do so.

JuliaFlyte Sun 09-Dec-12 10:57:00

Your description of your dd could be of my ds. He was diagnosed with dyslexia a few years ago. No point in my talking to you about the practicalities as we are in Ireland and the system is different, but here if you have an Ed Pysch assessment ( we had to do ours privately) your child will get the support they need at school.

mrz Sun 09-Dec-12 11:03:37

The infant school has created inflated NC levels which suggested your child was doing well rather than struggling so hiding her SEN and allowed her to become dependent on an adult. However in 2 years the junior school should have recognised the problem and acted on it. I don't think throwing more TA support at the problem would be useful for your daughter but she does need interventions to teach the skills she obviously lacks.

DD has an IQ of 130, she is capable of doing the work, her main issue is she often does not know what the teacher wanted of her in the first place because of the processing issues.

So the TA was not doing the work for her, nor heavily assisting but simpy explaining what was wanted in a way dd understood in the first place much in the same way universities teach towards different learning methods.

However I accept she saw the TA as a security blanket.

She does need intervention now because over the last couple of years with not understanding she has missed vital steps of working out she now needs.

My child has now been in a sense "dumped" and if things carry on as they are she has little life chance to be honest.

Witchesbrewandbiscuits Sun 09-Dec-12 13:37:18

Sounds a lot like dyscalculia to me. Like dyslexia with numbers. These children cope much better with sensory help such as the blocks etc, and there is absolutely no reason why she shouldn't be allowed these. I would ask the teacher how she thinks she could help, maybe give physical examples of what she is teaching. Push for help thou. They have a duty to enable her to reach her full potential. Hope you get somewhere. I can't stand it when children get left like this. Teaching should accommodate all abilities. Get the head involved too and ask them their plan.

wonderstuff Sun 09-Dec-12 20:14:30

Speech and language therapist might also be an avenue worth pursuing - if she is not understanding the teacher. She must be so frustrated. I would start looking at secondary options - good SEN teaching does exist in mainstream secondary, but just like in primaries it varies. See what is out there, some schools can offer more than others and the schools headline figures - the number of children getting 5 A*-C, don't really do a good job at identifying if SEN provision is up to scratch. Good luck - hope things improve.

Thankyou both.

Witches I agree with you about dyscalcula.

Wonderstuff thankyou, she is very frustrated, I found an old sats paper on a primary page today and give it to dd. It was a year 3 one fair enough but she got one question wrong, that was it, yet at school she got a 1a. I don't know what to do anymore. sad looking at secondaries already.

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