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Did anyone get pregnant after taking Clomid for short LP?

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Mrsbadger77 Sun 19-Apr-15 07:31:26

I hope you don't mind me posting here but I could really be doing with some positive stories. I just feel like giving up and that it's never going to happen. I've been trying for #2 for nearly 2 years. I have only a 9 day LP with spotting at 6 dpo onwards. I've tried everything going. This month I have been so happy and positive taking Clomid. Thinking I might it get a bfp but at least a longer LP or Ino spotting but it has made absolutely no difference. I am just so sad for my dd who is just utterly adorable and who I desperately want to have a sibling and just feel so utterly useless
Does anyone have any stories to cheer me up? I just feel so low and like giving up. I don't have anyone I can talk to about this and dh is lovely but he always says the wrong thing!

ginnyrose1 Sun 19-Apr-15 07:46:23

Don't give up! I took Clomid for both my dds. Both times it worked during the second month that I was on Clomid. My doctor also got me to use an ovulation test, so you know which days you are fertile. I also have a friend who was on Clomid. It took her a little longer, but she was pregnant within 6 months. Good luck!

Christelle2207 Sun 19-Apr-15 07:51:29

Yup. My LP was averaging about 8/9 days. Got pg on first cycle of clomid, on cycle day 12, no idea what it did to my lp because period never came, DS now nearly 2! I found it very frustrating that neither not fertility consultant seemed to believe that short LP could be an issue.

Christelle2207 Sun 19-Apr-15 07:57:08

Btw if you haven't already I recommend getting your thyroid checked out. I turned out to be a bit underactive and am adamant that that played a part too in not getting pregnant as it did, I believe, affect my cycles. I got pg about 6 weeks after starting taking thyroxin just as my hormones were stabilising. Thyroid has been very stable since and when periods came back after DS I think my LP was more sensible- got pg with DS2 very quickly!

doobeedee Sun 19-Apr-15 08:01:34

I did. At its shortest my LP was 7 days. Luckily, I saw an excellent consultant (now sadly retired) who had studied it in depth and took on board what I had to say straight away. 1st cycle of 50mg worked after 4 chemical pregnancies over a year where my LP was too short for them to implant properly. My little boy is 18 months old now but my LP is back up its old tricks so I reckon I'll need Clomid again when I want another. Hoping I find as good a consultant as last time.

Mrsbadger77 Sun 19-Apr-15 08:12:12

So kind of you all to post your stories. I could cope with not getting pregnant on first cycle of Clomid but I would love to have seen some sort of difference but I always start this spotting and I'm just so fed up with it. I've never even had to take a pregnancy test because I've never been late. I've never had a mc either not that I'd want one but in some ways it would be reassuring That's good advice about the thyroid. I'll get on to that.

Bue Sun 19-Apr-15 13:43:17

I was on Clomid for this reason (LP 8 days) and got pregnant on the third cycle. Oddly the Clomid didn't ever seem to lengthen my LP but it got me pregnant, so who knows! Definitely don't give up hope.

NanaKFK Sun 19-Apr-15 16:37:27

Have you tried Vitamin B6 to lengthen the luteal phase? Mine was 10 days and I got it up to 14 days using Vitamin B6, it takes a few months to kick in and I'd advise checking with your doctor/researching it etc. before trying it ( as it's not recommended that you take it for months on end continuously for example ) but it worked for me.

Mrsbadger77 Sun 19-Apr-15 16:46:50

Bue- that's interesting that your LP didn't lengthen but you still got pregnant. I suppose I just presumed if it was going to do anything it would have to fix my stupid cycle first. I was expecting no spotting and for my period to be late. I'll try to keep positive.
NanaKFK I have tried all manner of potions, pills, creams, vitamins, reflexology, acupuncture, fertility gel! And nothing has ever made any difference.
I just don't see that if I'm spotting on 6dpo which is the earliest anything could implant that I'll ever get pregnant confused

Gingerbreadlady1 Sun 19-Apr-15 20:14:02

Progesterone cream helped lengthen my lp when on clomid. Good luck!

Bue Mon 20-Apr-15 00:14:30

Yes I was surprised as I was SURE Clomid would lengthen the LP, and I was pretty devastated when nothing seemed to be changing. On my third cycle I had what seemed to be a normal period on my usual day. It was about 10 days later that I started to feel really strange and decided to do a test even though I knew I couldn't possibly be pregnant. I still don't understand it myself. I know some doctors think a short LP isn't necessarily a barrier to conception, which I always thought was complete bollocks, but now I'm not so sure.

The only thing that ever did lengthen my cycle was natural progesterone cream (I also have low progesterone, which the Clomid ALSO didn't alter). However I wasn't using it the month I conceived.

Mrsbadger77 Tue 21-Apr-15 07:28:50

Wow Bue that's amazing. I wouldn't have been able to believe it! But it's give me hope. My brown watery stuff has stopped so now I wondering what's going on. I'm sure it'll come back later.

Mrsunsure123 Sat 26-Mar-16 17:06:58

Is there's anyone still here? I'm having exactly the same issue, first cycle on Clomid and spotting has arrived right on time! I'm devastated and would really love to hear some positive outcome after 2 years of trying sad

Mrsbadger77 Sat 26-Mar-16 17:10:52

Coincidentally I've just posted on the pregnancy thread and I am the OP!
The clomid did nothing for me in the end but two cycles later I conceived natural cycle but with progesterone 400mg twice a day. Unfortunately I lost the pregnancy in October but am pregnant again with the progesterone supplements. How are you getting on?

Mrsunsure123 Sat 26-Mar-16 17:52:56

Thank you so much for your reply! I'm on my first month of Clomid and today I've started with the 'brown stuff' I'm so devastated as I thought it would help my LP. I have no children but I did have a miscarriage at 9 weeks in October! I have low progesterone levels every month at 7dpo and so I've been given Clomid, I won't get my 7dpo results u til Tuesday but as I've already started spotting I'm sure they won't be much better than the normal low ones.
Can I ask how you got progesterone? My Gynae told me that it was not a fix and the problem starts with ovulation? I tried to push for it but he wasn't having any of it. I'm just so devastated and feeling so low as I was praying Clomid would work for me.
What doses did you try? My Gynae was going to up mine this month if bloods came back shit but because of bloody bank holiday and AF starting early think I'm going to miss out on the higher dose this month.
Sorry for the long post I'm just so fed up I just want to cry sad why is this all so hard sad

Mrsbadger77 Sat 26-Mar-16 18:35:26

I'm sorry to hear your problems. I know just how frustrating this all is. I rang up the specialist fertility nurse for my 21 day blood results and she suggested I come in for follicle tracking. I went in and she said my follicles looked fine and I did ovulate but my progesterone was still only about 8 I think. She listened to me and got the consultant to prescribe the progesterone. I really don't see what the fuss is all about. There really aren't any side effects to taking progesterone and in a lot of cases it does help. If I were you and could afford it if you think you aren't getting anywhere on Nhs go private and get a prescription that way.

Mrsunsure123 Sat 26-Mar-16 20:19:47

Unfortunately I'm not really in a position to go private however it's something I've been seriously considering for a long time now. But to be fair my first Gynae appointment did go very well and I was prescribed Clomid literally on the first appointment so I think I am very lucky there. He did recognise my short LP as the problem straight away however the only thing that worries me is that he said he doesn't consider giving progesterone as the issue is with ovulation. Im just worried that as Clomid has so far made no difference in 6 months time what will they suggest next.
I just feel like giving up. And sorry I should have said I'm so happy you've had a positive outcome it does give me some hope that we will get there eventually! Can I ask what your Gynae on the NHS suggested after Clomid?
Thanks for your help I just feel so alone sad

Mrsbadger77 Sat 26-Mar-16 20:28:23

I was only on clomid for two cycles when the fertility nurse realised it was doing nothing for me and so the cycle I conceived I was just taking progesterone. It worked pretty quickly! My issue was never ovulation. I was ovulating but just not producing much progesterone hence the short LP. In fact this time on the cycle I conceived my progesterone level was only 21 which isn't that high even with all the supplements. Have look at the cost of private as it might not be as expensive as you think. And some places have flexible payment plans. Also feel free to pm me anytime. I feel like a bit of an expert!!

Mrsunsure123 Sat 26-Mar-16 20:49:42

Thanks that's really kind! I'm also sure my problem isn't ovulation as my last 7dpo bloods that were done were 15.7, I definitely ovulated right? I just have a short LP. I was so hoping for progesterone supplements but was willing to try Clomid. I actually think it's made my LP shorter though. I can't get through to my Gynae until Tuesday now and then I will get blood results too. I'm going to say it's the worst LP I've ever had. But in the mean time I will take Clomid again days 2-5 as I've been given 6 months worth and I'm hoping they may prescribe progesterone afterwards.
I just feel like we're never going to get there.
The annoying this is my private hospital here has the same doctors as the NHS one. Therefore even if I pay in going to see the same Gynae, he completely dismissed progesterone supplements so I'm thinking I'm going to pay for the same answer. I'm hoping they will suggest something on Tuesday as I know from spotting so early 7dpo bloods are going to come back low. This journey is so much harder than I ever imagined and I really hope we're going to get a break from it all soon. I just keep hoping my Gynae will offer progesterone on Tuesday.
Cani ask how long it took you to get where you are now?

OhIfIMust Sat 26-Mar-16 21:02:17

I had progesterone for short LP instead of Clomid. First pregnancy worked first cycle, second it took 5 months and was actually being offered Clomid by consultant as I thought progesterone had thrown out my cycle completely thanks to loads of sporting that cycle - turned out I was preg despite spotting from 3DPO - weird but true X

Mrsunsure123 Sat 26-Mar-16 22:35:59

Thanks for replying just to clarify So you concieved with progesterone too?

I'm honestly at such a low tonight, the Clomid hasn't worked and I was so positive this month that it would be the boost we needed. I'm absolutely devastated and I just can't understand why us? We have so much love to give to a baby, why can't we have the only thing we've ever wanted?
I feel like we're being punished and I feel awful on DH! It will soon be 2.5 years and I don't know how many more cycles I can take and how many more pregnant women I can see sad

I'm sorry about all of that I just feel alone and like I don't really have anyone to talk to. I feel I have to resign myself to the fact it's never going to happen for us angrysad

OhIfIMust Sun 27-Mar-16 09:36:08

I'm so sorry you feel like that... It can be bleak sometimes. Def m try to get docs to give you progesterone as an alternative to the Clomid and see if it helps xx

Mrsunsure123 Sun 27-Mar-16 11:00:34

Thanks, I'm going to ask at my next appointment again for progesterone. I'm going on the higher dose of Clomid this cycle so I'm hoping that may make a difference. smile

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