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mummyk2012 Tue 28-May-13 04:00:12

I am originally from London but relocated to Canada a few years ago with my husband. We now have a son and considering a move back to be closer to family etc. He is 1yr old.

I am really not too keen on moving back to London and my husband is Canadian and does not particularly want to move there. We are looking at options. At the moment i am thinking either Hertfordshire or maybe Surrey? But need to narrow down..

Ideally somewhere within an hour of London and easy access to Central London if we decide to work there. Also a family friendly area and place where we will not feel out of place. An area with good schools would be good too. I a conscious my hubby is also not from there so dont want to move to an area where we might experience alot of racism etc.

We live in quite a multicultural area at the moment. I dont mind if it is not totally mixed but not somewhere we will feel odd as a family.

All suggestions welcome! We plan to visit a few potential places when we come to visit family in London end of the year.

somanymiles Tue 28-May-13 04:53:18

We are also living in Canada and moving back to London this year. My husband is Pakistani origin and my kids are half Jamaican. The places we are thinking of: Streatham - 20 mins to London on the train, v multicultual but a bit pricey, and a biy inner London for me. Purley or Cousldon - both in Surrey. Coulsdon is not particlularly multicultural though but I love the rural feel with the Downs nearby. The area that I think is great for kids is Sutton - we were looking at Hackbridge/Carshalton area. There are great schools and good rail links into London. Don't know about the multicultural aspect. Not sure if there are many places in Lodnon where you would feel odd as a mixed race couple? (Or maybe I am living in cloud cuckoo land?)

Middlesexmummy Wed 29-May-13 20:43:49

Hi , I'm Asian and my husband is white and we live on the Hillingdon Ickenham border , half hour on train to London , tube 5 min walk , good access to the A40
Lots of green space parks and school s . Definitely no racism
We love it !

raisah Sat 08-Jun-13 02:17:30

Bromley & Blackheath are good but avoid the borough of Bexley and Woolwich now as there are loads od EDL members there now.

raisah Sat 08-Jun-13 02:23:44

Bromley & Blackheath are good but avoid the borough of Bexley and Woolwich now as there are loads od EDL members there now.

Tooting, Balham & Croydon have a good ethnic mix and are good for families. The further out of London you go, there will be less of an ethnic mix but the schools are good.

mummyk2012 Mon 10-Jun-13 04:08:55

Thanks for all the suggestions! Middlesex mummy i totally did not think about the west. I will look into Ickenham/Hillingdon as well.

Middlesexmummy Tue 11-Jun-13 20:41:26

We love it here , it's got a villagy feel as its quite green with lots of space but only 40 minutes by tube to London . We have some lovely parks and schools nearby . U say in your other post about Herts , I have family in Hitchen and letchworth and they are both nice
If you consider where I live try Austin Residential who are really good estate agents and would look for a good home for you x

sillyoldfool Tue 11-Jun-13 20:45:01

Around harrow is nice- pinner/northwood/ruislip. Great schools and nice communities.

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