Can this be explained? *graphic*

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Leah679 Sat 25-Jun-16 19:06:09

am on the pill however due to being busy was unable to pick up my prescription for two weeks. This was around 4-5 weeks ago. I was sexually active throughout the two weeks.

I felt a bit strange for the 4-5 weeks however put it down to 're starting my birth control. However on Wednesday I started cramping very badly and bleeding profusely. No matter whether it took feminax or not, the pains were still very strong. I was also bleeding a lot to the point where I avoided moving because I felt myself passing more blood.

During this time I noticed when going to the toilet id pass thick lumps, about the size of a 20/10p coin. These didn't concern me until two days ago.

I looked in my pad to find two lumps, upon investigation I noticed they were exactly the same as skin, more so flesh. They were hard and solid unlike clots I usually get.

I have been bleeding a lot and I'm in a lot of pain. Does this look concerning or normal, is it worth gp visit?

purplefizz26 Sat 25-Jun-16 19:19:18

I have no experience of this myself but i would be concerned enough to see a doctor if it were me.

If you are miscarrying you need to ensure everything has left your body.

Hope you're ok flowers

Leah679 Sun 26-Jun-16 00:35:34

Thank you for your reply. Am going to make an appointment Monday. Have passed larger clots now so definately concerned.

Thank you x

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