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Solidarity Tue 28-Jun-11 13:21:28

I know there are threads flying about all over the place re; the strike, but this is purely to register support - it would be great if we could keep it going until midnight on Thursday ( 30th June )

you don't have to say anything - just smile, like this smile

tinkgirl Tue 28-Jun-11 19:22:19

smile full support given to all teachers, I just wish that all of the teaching unions were out. Cameron / Gove need to get the message loud and clear. It's about time that they start to listen.

jetmonkey Tue 28-Jun-11 19:24:59


Solidarity Tue 28-Jun-11 19:25:11

Yep - and they need to know that parents are supporting the teachers -

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

iMemoo Tue 28-Jun-11 19:28:18

They have my support all the way

TheGashlycrumbTinies Tue 28-Jun-11 19:30:59


Solidarity Tue 28-Jun-11 19:34:43

Verity - it's over pensions - I will try and dig out a thread for you -



metimenow Tue 28-Jun-11 19:39:17

I am in.

2old2beamum Tue 28-Jun-11 19:43:00


crazynanna Tue 28-Jun-11 19:45:00

Full support here.
Good job my dd's school is closed,because she wouldn't be crossing the picket line either.
The geography project gathering dust on her window ledge can get an airing...after we have marched,of course.

johnnyd1 Tue 28-Jun-11 19:49:18


usualsuspect Tue 28-Jun-11 19:50:05


Solidarity Tue 28-Jun-11 19:51:14

- my dc wouldn't be crossing a picket line either -

tethersend Tue 28-Jun-11 19:52:32

smile from me.

And as a teacher about to strike, thank you for this thread. I needed to see this today!

CJMommy Tue 28-Jun-11 19:53:23


cakeandcustard Tue 28-Jun-11 19:55:30

smile smile

sis Tue 28-Jun-11 19:56:17


That netmums comment really annoys me - one day strike after the exams is hardly militant!

Solidarity Tue 28-Jun-11 19:57:10

My pleasure Tethersend - I'll be here 'til Thursday night - hopefully I'll get the thread to 1000 posts and send a message to DC that parents are behind you.


Message withdrawn


Message withdrawn

lovelybertha Tue 28-Jun-11 20:01:55


StainlessSteelCat Tue 28-Jun-11 20:02:41


maclover135 Tue 28-Jun-11 20:06:22


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