Friend has suggested IQ test for my 2 year old

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morefalafel Tue 09-Jul-13 13:09:49

My friend is a nursery manager, she has worked with kids for about 15 years and today she said to me that she thinks my little boy should have an IQ test. She said it will be better for me to know if he is gifted before we get to school so that I am able to give him the right help and so the teachers will be able to set work according to his level.

TBH I feel a bit silly asking but as I only have my son (and my nephew, who is on a similar level) to compare to, I really have no idea whether what is is doing is average or not. Both boys have always been ahead of the milestone charts, but aren't most kids! wink

Anyway, he is 2 years and 7 months and can write his name. He can also type out any word you like on a keyboard if you tell him the letters but he can type Daddy and Mummy and his own name without me spelling them out. He can also point to the letters if you have a poster of the alphabet. If he sees a shop sign/road sign/writing on his, he will spell out the letters in it and ask me what it says. If you show him a word with one letter missing and read the word, he can identify the missing letter (most of the time). He can identify any number up to about 30 on his own but will have a go at higher ones (saying thirty ten for forty etc). He knows how many of something I am holding. He asks me questions like 'What does sand do?' when we were at the beach or 'Where does the moon go?' at night. I asked him to spell cat in the magnetic letters at my mums house - he did (but hasn't repeated that one since without me spelling it out!). Hes bilingual, loves singing, shapes and colours (knows all of them) and can tell the time but only if its on the dot of 2pm/3pm etc he cant tell half past or quarter past etc. He does not stop running around and hates loud noises, but is a really sociable little fellow.

Is an IQ test necessary? What will it prove? Could I just continue helping him at home? Are there any online resources? Sorry for all the questions smile

ItsOkayItsJustMyBreath Tue 30-Jul-13 16:58:17

I'm not sure about an IQ test as I have no experience of them but it might be worth contacting your local HV team and asking them to do something called a Schedule of Growing Skills. DS has just had one and because the results showed he was advanced I have been told to call our Early Years team as they will give me advice regarding nursery and possible funding for when he starts school.

He certainly sounds very bright! DS is 2.6 and quite a handful grin

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