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Cerazette and bleeding again. I am beginning to hate this stupid pill!

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Pinkchampagne Sat 02-Feb-08 10:17:55

I just don't know where I am with it.
First couple of months I had very long periods, then the following couple of months I had period free months. I went for my pill check & was told that my periods would probably stop altogether, which they did for around 3 months, but then I get a full on period out of the blue last Saturday.
My period calmed down a few days back & had pretty much come to a stop, but today, one week later, I have lots of bleeding again.
Is this normal with this pill? Have others experienced the same kind of thing?
I am very fed up!

mallyn223 Tue 07-Apr-15 05:08:06

I know this is an old thread but I had to just say something. I'm on Lyza, which is a generic for a minipill and has the same ingredients as Cerazette. I was on Nuvaring for six months and stopped because of bad headaches and my insurance no longer covered it. Was given Lyza at my planned parenthood clinic and I started taking it on day 2 of my period. My period is raging so hard right now, and normally it lasts five days. This is the sixth day and I am still bleeding heavily and hating life. The blood is disgusting and quite mucus like and stringy (sorry for TMI) but I am throwing this pill in the garbage tonight. If it's going to do this, then f* it, I'm not taking it. I'll find a way to get back on Nuvaring. I can't stand this god-awful heavy bleeding. It feels like it's just never going to stop! I'll think it's stopping because the blood is brown but then the minute I stand up or switch from a sitting to a standing position the bleeding starts right back up again. So done with this stupid pill!

All I want is to be with my boyfriend and I can't even do that because I've been bleeding so heavily. It's awful, and I hope this stops in a couple of days. I'm done.

shazzaford Sun 12-Oct-14 15:08:40

How soon after you’ve stopped taking it does bleeding stop? I was only on it for about 15 days – prescribed it in order to stop periods completely because I have unmanageable menorrhagia (which I can never spell) – and instead my periods started as usual & won't stop. I’ve had them 6 days and they’re as heavy as when I started and I’m about to go on the holiday of a lifetime with really heavy bleeding. This is going to totally ruin my holiday. Why would they prescribe me something that’s going to make my problem even worse? Can anybody help or suggest something???! I’m not using them for contraception.

CP92 Mon 08-Sep-14 21:05:16

Okay so I've been on this pill for over a year now. The first few months were great! I had the occasional spot but that lasted a day if I was lucky!

But after a few months I started to have periods which was weird as the nurse said I probably wouldn't get them with this pill. They usually lasted a week and there would be no pain.

But on occasion I find if I'm stressed or anxious or nervous I come on for a few weeks which I have no idea why?

I came on the 25th July (my friend was getting married the next day and I was bridesmaid so I was nervous) and I've been on ever since. I have light days and then heavy days and its also been red/brown/red/brown.

Although it sounds mean I'm so glad other people get this trouble with this pill. I phoned family planning and now I'm getting an appointment (which makes me more anxious). Argh will this end?

crazykat Sun 24-Aug-14 20:15:12

I had four periods in six weeks with cerazette. It can take 6 months to settle down and irregular bleeding to stop but I was starting to get really run down. It can help to take it at the same time each day but this never made a difference for me.

I kept with it for the 6 months but it was still no better so I went back the GP and was given micronor which is much better. It has to be taken at the same time each day or within 3 hours of the same time IYSWIM in order to be effective. I've set my alarm for lunch time and always have a spare pack in my bag if I'm out at that time.

Sometimes you need to try three or four different mini pills to find one that works for you.

amyraee6 Sun 24-Aug-14 20:08:57

I've just started the mini pill and had 2 periods In 2 weeks I'm really scared is this normal?

immortalwife Wed 13-Aug-14 21:57:25

Same problems pretty much as everyone else so I use the ultra new nuvaring. Its a plastic ring full of hormones that you put up yourself, it stays there and you take it out after 21 days. I love it. Its brill.

dmlj Wed 13-Aug-14 21:54:27

Ive been on Cerazette for about 9 months now and I have no idea what is going on. My periods have always been regular but since starting this I have no periods then a two week period and now none at all. Then a bit of spotting in between???

Before I was on the combined pill and had no problems but due to finding out after losing my first son that I had Factor V Leiden I have been told I should have never been on the combined pill.

Would love to go back on it as I knew exactly where I was.

Surely having no periods cannot be good for you??? Have spoken to doctor and nurse but they don't seem to be bothered.

But recently have found myself very emotional and my poor husband can not do anything right ever. He sort of got used to one week a month to keep away but this is something else. Also sex drive is non exisitant and I just feel irritable all the time.

Any suggestions??????

Jinxette Thu 10-Jul-14 17:31:55

I'm on my second pack of CERAZETTE and so far have still been having regular periods. I'm hoping they're 'phantom periods' with no eggs to back them up...
Anyone got any answers..?

monikagabi Mon 07-Jul-14 21:36:49

Hiy.m glad m not alone in this.i tought my downs r bcs m getting thru divorce.l8ly m really depressed.shouting on kids for little stuff...crying when i see something really romantic(n m not that type of petson) n my period stoped...first i tought i am pregnant.thnk good false alarm.but i wont change it n defo not for sister had it n first she bled for about year n half n then she stoped bleeding but she had loads of clothes inside her womb n doctor had to suck them out with big thick needle without any anestetic which was painful nearly as giving birth...m glad i dont need to go thru this...

abi3009 Wed 14-May-14 12:58:53

Just spoken to GP and made an appointment to have mirena fitted. She said it releases the equivalent dose of 2 micronor pills a week (I was on micronor before getting pregnant, as apart from getting pregnant on it (my fault as I took 1 pill too late), it was awesome for me, regular, normal length periods, no pmt) so that's what sold it for me!

I think Cerazette was just too high a dose for me, so have high hopes. Not looking forward to having it inserted, but if a little paid means it works and I don't have to think about contraception again for 5 years, then I'm happy!!

abi3009 Wed 14-May-14 11:43:19

Thought I'd add my issues with Cerazette too...

I've been on it about 4 months and in that time have had 5 periods, each lasting a minimum of 10 days, then this last one was 14 days, one day off then back on again yesterday. Same red/brown/red/brown everyone else seems to get, some black clots, period pains (which I've never had before) extreme moodiness and very emotional...

Local family planning specialist GP is calling me today to discuss as I can't stay on this much longer. I'm considering trying Mirena, the hormonal coil as it's said that that can help minimise/regulate periods or stop them all together. To be honest I wouldn't mind having my regular periods back, as long as I know roughly when to expect them and that they'll only last 5 days.

Just started a new relationship and only see eachother every other weekend, at the moment every other time I've seen him I've been on. Bless him he's not bothered and we still have sex, but it does get me down and I don't enjoy it as much..

Will see what the doctor says later today and report back!

kazzawazzawoo Wed 12-Mar-14 19:12:14

Thanks WillYou, I think that's what I'm going to ask my gp next week. I can put up with on and off bleeding, but not as heavy as it's been today hmm

Kazzawazza I found that switching to another mini pill for 3 months helped to regulate my periods. I then had to switch back to cerazette as they discontinued the other one but I've been fine ever since.

kazzawazzawoo Wed 12-Mar-14 18:46:54

And today I am bleeding really heavily, changing a super plus tampon every 2 hours! I haven't had such heavy bleeding in all my life apart from following childbirth hmm

kazzawazzawoo Tue 11-Mar-14 16:54:23

Glad I found this thread. I started taking cerazette 6 weeks ago. I didn't wait for the first day of my period, but started straight away, as I couldn't bear the thought of another painful period. Anyway the next period came on time and was just as painful, lasted 7 days as usual. Then a week after it stopped I started bleeding again, just spotting, until my next period, that also lasted 7 days but wasn't as heavy and wasn't painful. Hurrah. Well, that should have stopped last Friday, but I'm still getting spotting, then today I have a full blown period again, only four days after the last one should have finished. It's not painful though.

I'm hoping this won't continue all the time. I'm happy to wait a few more months to see if it settles.

If it doesn't settle and I try another minipill, is it likely to have the same effect?

deebbee Thu 06-Mar-14 11:54:00

Been to the GP today for blood test result as my period was so heavy til I wet my bed at night. And constipation with bloated feeling too. I was scared because of cancer and all that, fortunately it was cleared. GP thinks this nasty pill cerazette caused all this. Since I take cerazette a few months ago, every month become a waiting game for me, will or won't I get period this month? I hate it...GP asked me to stop using this pill straight away and suggested coil to me. It's been roller coaster time with this pill and am relieve I'm out of this!

Alicia1208 Mon 17-Feb-14 08:36:08

So glad I found this thread. I've been taking Cerazette for a few years now I've had some spotting but apart from that I've been period free for most of the time while taking it up until now I've had periods browny/red with cramps and back pain normal period symptoms. Really annoying as I can't predict when they will be.
May consider changing to the coil although I hear that can make bleeding worse.. Perhaps I'll hold out for a few more months and see how it goes.
So strange how we've all got the same issues with this pill, but I'm glad I'm not alone! Good luck everyone.

Tealfinch Sun 16-Feb-14 13:34:40

Can't believe how many of the replies on this thread match my situation! Started taking Cerazette 18 months ago. Had infrequent, light periods until this month. Have been bleeding for 2 weeks non stop and it's the same red-brown-red-brown mentioned by several of you. I've got bad cramps too and, similarly to what some of you have said, it's seems to be heavier when I'm up and active.

I hadn't connected the following to the pill, but I have been more irritable/stressed/low/tired over the last few months. I am going to stop taking this pill immediately! Thanks for sharing everyone. I'm not a mum but I found this thread when I googled my problems. Joined before posting. What a fantastic website!

joey1985 Tue 28-Jan-14 16:34:12

Hi guys really glad to have found this thread. IM 28 and i started taking cerazette a little over two years ago. I had no bleeding until three weeks ago i have recently moved house i thought it might have been the stress but not too sure now. The weird thing is i have spotting for a day or so then it goes away the a week later its back again for a day then gone. Has anyone else had this? I will admit that during the time i was on the pill and had no bleeding i still had cramping. Really feed up feeling headachy and crampy all the time. Should i go to docs for check up?

tiredandiwanttogotobed Tue 29-Oct-13 00:02:59

Phew! I'm normal and it's cerazette that's not.

I was put on it in April, 6wks after my daughter was born as I was bf. I had bleeding every 5-20 days until July; my GP even sent me for an ultrasound to check everything was normal and no placenta had been left (I'd had an emergency C-section). Then the bleeding stopped until I started to wean from bf in September, at first it was a period every 3 days, now it's constant and has been for 3wks. I've been getting boils on my back, greasy hair, low libido and a terribly short temper blush It's a very effective contraceptive hmm. Me and DH don't want anymore DC so I'm booked to be sterilised in two weeks and having read this post, I think last night's pill is the last one I'll be taking.

donnalou42 Sun 29-Sep-13 10:15:18

42 years old mum. 17 year old son. Husband has vasectomy so not on anything for contraception since my 20's. Periods always regular and no problems. Suddenly very heavy painful periods for the last year. And in last couple month only 2 weeks apart. Finally went to doctor as interfering with work and life in general with tiredness, mood swings, and body itch all due to lack of iron when on period. Prescribed daily iron tablets and tranexamic acid tablets to take 3 times daily on days 1-4 of period only. Supposed to reduce what is produced. Took for 3months but heaviness and pain still bad. So back to doctor who this time prescribed cerazette to try stop me having periods as they are so bad. And referred me for an ultrasound scan which I'm waiting for. Been on cerazette a month now. Bleeding constantly all the time since. No sex. No life. Anxiety. Crying. Panic. Moods. Anger. My poor husband. Hair started falling out this week. I'm not taking it any longer to see if it might work out or not as I've gone through enough this past year already without all this too. Will continue to take iron and get the scan to see if any endometriosis or fibroids. and this week will go see doctor and probably show her this thread and tell her what she can do with her cerazette. Its only been a month but i aint even going there after reading this and already seeing what its doing to me. I would end up in th mental institution. Gonna look into more natural ways to balance periods and moods etc like diet and vitamins and herbal natural stuff. Hope you all get sorted. I really identify with you all. Take care and best of luck to everyone xxx

Sarahlouiseis33 Sun 22-Sep-13 17:53:09

Erghhh... I remember my 3 months on cerazette, I bled heavily the entire time, my back was covered in spots and my hair fell out loads. Not a good experience. Put me off hormonal birth control for life.

Wonderwoman0151 Tue 17-Sep-13 22:59:28

Oh i am sooooo glad i googled " cerazette " & read the posts on here. Iv been to the doctors todsy & she has managed to frighten the life out of me.
I'll start from the beginning.... Been on cerazette since February, didnt have a period for the 1st month but after that iv been on & off constantly. More ON than OFF!
Im now into my 4 th week of bleeding.... Which ranges from bright red which just comes from nowhere & seems to pour out of me,, then its watery brown & then its dark nearly black clots. This will stop for a few hours & then start again. I have headaches every morning when i wake, have spots appear on my neck,, feel really low most days & have no interest in doing anything. I have no energy & just feel like i could sleep all the time.
I went the doctors today & she told me she wants to do a smear & look at my cervix as its not normsl to bleed this long. She also wants me to do a urine sample for chlamidya!!!!!!!!!!! As bleeding is sometimes a symptom! I nearly fell off the doctors chair as i certainly know i havnt got an STD, its definitely this horrible Cerazette thats causing all my symptoms. I came out the surgery frightened to death..... Came home & found this website. Im so glad i did,, all these women having the same symptoms as me has totally calmed me down. Thank god us women share these things with each other.
As of tonight i am stopping taking this nightmare pill.... I am also not worrying too much about the doctor & what she said. I will get myself checked out as she suggested.. But im 99% sure she is barking up the wrong tree. I might get her to read this thread!!
Thanks everyone. :-)

loopylafunmum Thu 12-Sep-13 08:16:23

Hi There.., I was prescribed Cerazette when my son was 6 weeks old as I was told it is the only pill that can be taken when breastfeeding. All was fine for the first 9 months and no bleeds. I am now suffering the same symptoms described by others. I seem to have a period every other week, have been getting boils (not spots) and have no libedo. I am still breast feeding my 11 month old son which I want to continue until he is fully weaned. Should I be concerned that these symptoms have just started? I assumed it was the hormone changes that occur when baby feeds less (he doesn't need the boob that much these days). Are there alternative pills? If there are other pills suitable for breast feeding then then what are they called as I'd like to do a little research before going back to the GP. I'm not prepared to stop breast feeding for the sake of a different contraception, I hate this pill and at the same time I'm not ready to come off it and risk conceiving baby number 2 just yet! Aaaargh!! Rock and hard place springs to mind!!

Roxana79 Mon 19-Aug-13 12:25:27

Hi all. I know people do not join forums and sites unless they have things to complaing about and I have read that a few of you up here have been on Cerazette for the past 2 years or more and never joined to say how happy you were about it before the bleeding started a month ago, but I wanted to share what I think it's a similar pattern to a few of you i.e. I've been put on Cerazette this month and started taking the pill on the 4th Aug. Bled till the 9th (which is more than normal for me), spotted on the 10th, nothing on the 11th, then spotted again on the 12th then nothing for 5 days and then spotted again yesterday and today downright bleeding with clots and really bad cramps.

I feel so tired and I just want to be in bed and not at work. And what others were saying up here, I do not mind the bleeding, I do not even mind the pain let's say but I hate having to always have pads and tapons with me all the time and wear boxers at all times just in case I get a period when I'm out! The thought itself is so tiring and stressing and it really isn't about me being a control freak, it's just me being constantly worried that I might end up in a very embarrassing situation one of these days which I have never been in before - not in this department anyway!

I have my servical screening check-up this Friday and I won't even be able to have it if the bleeding does not stop. But they are the people who prescibed Cerazette as well so I might have a word with them about it. Although I bet they'll say:' you need to wait up a few months and see how you get on'. It's so frustrating and I feel so down... My bf says I should come off it if it makes me so miserable but I don't know if I should wait the 3-4 months or just ask them to put me on another one? I'm 34 and non smoker.

What I'm trying to find out here is if the 6-8 day bleeding, 5 days break and then another bleeding is a sign that you will be a 'bleeder' or if any of you experienced this and then had period-free months after that? Saying that, I know everybody is different, just trying to figure out if there is still hope that I'll have period-free or at least regular periods with the symptoms I have so far?

Thanks all

P.S. Apologies for the long post....

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