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Lupus? Psoriatic arthritis?

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PigOnStilts Sat 06-Jul-13 22:00:30

Ive been suffering from aches and pains for four months, random bits flare up like my left knee, right big toe, knee caps etc.

I went to GP after days couldn't get off sofa with sheer exhaustion....I've had glandular fever which knocked me sideways for a couple of years, so knew it was more than dealing with newborn.

I also have psoriasis so was really worried this was psoriatic arthritis. They did blood tests and no RF (which supports psa hypothesis) but also, my antibodies were high 1:640 homogeneous which could indicate connective diseases or false positives....I keep hearing conflicting advice and don't trust my GP fully as he's overly reassured me before and he's coming across as quite dismissive....

My test has been resubmitted for anti-dsdna which is used to confirm lupus..afaik.

I think I just need some reassurance or for somebody else to be straight with me. Should i be worried about these results or could they ave been caused by a virus? I'm concerned, not overly so, but I've had a rash on my chest for four years, it came up when we moved to Spain, it's like sunburn that won't go away and I react badly to the sun, feel really ill. Angry and under siege, can't stand the heat or the light and feel sapped of energy. I was in Spain last week and only felt normal on days where I'd been out of direct sunlight all the preceding day...

MagicBaguette Thu 25-Jul-13 18:29:57

Rheumatoid arthritis?

Wandastartup Thu 25-Jul-13 18:50:39

You need to see a rheumatologist, psoriatic is a possibility but you could still have lupus/ other CTD with negative dsDNA. Keep on with the NSAIDs if they help but stop for a week or so prior to any clinic appt so they can see you at your worst.

PigOnStilts Thu 25-Jul-13 22:50:31

Doctor just thinks I'm a neurotic mess. However I told him I wanted referral, and vit d test.

Rh factor was neg, so it's not that, could be psoriatic..
...or could it be side effects from childbirth 4 months ago? He keep asking about my mood....which is fabulous....only problem is all this. He thinks its all in my head v dismissive. Hot looking doctor, but dismissive.

Hi there pig

I have psoriatic arthritis and the symptoms you describe are exactly the same as my own

Please do push for a referral to a rheumatologist as they will be far more helpful than a GP

PigOnStilts Fri 26-Jul-13 02:51:27

Thank you, that's really helpful....I've been panicking about lupus because of the sun, how are you in the sun ( and how have you coped recently?! I'm in Scotland so could have been worse!)

Also, did you do an ANA test, and do you remember the results? AFAIK, PSa doesn't generate a positive result, which is where the panic started, I'd assumed it was psa initially as I already have psoriasis and have had it for a few years quite severely.

Wandastartup Fri 26-Jul-13 22:54:02

Your Ana is fairly high so may be significant. Post childbirth pain is always a possibility particularly if still breast feeding as the hormones take longer to settle. Take the NSAIDs and push for a rheum referral.

Sorry I've only just come back to this

I am awful in the sun, literally cannot stand it and it makes me feel very unwell. I burn easily and just feel sick, dizzy and vile

I also cannot tolerate loud noise or even moderate noise, I am driving dh mad because I keep telling him off for shouting when he isn't and. Can't stand the tv

I'm sorry i can't remember the tests or the results, I know my rheumatoid factor was negative and my inflammatory markers were very high. The consultant diagnosed me instantly just based on my symptoms,I am textbook apparently. X rays confirmed joint damage/involvement

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