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The Curse of Costco strikes again!

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What on earth do I do with 1kg of glace cherries?

Why on earth did I buy 1kg of glace cherries? All I needed was 150g for the Xmas cake!

Hausfrau Sat 07-Jan-06 16:39:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

spacecadet Sat 07-Jan-06 16:39:29

makr a million fairy cakes, and use ther rest up in cocktails??!!!
eat them all!

bran Sat 07-Jan-06 16:40:21

Go 1970's retro with all your family's food (garnish everything with a cherry). Make cupcakes (lots of cupcakes).

Spagblog Sat 07-Jan-06 16:46:30

I add them into choccie brownies. Yum!

iota Sat 07-Jan-06 16:48:21

lots of baking for the next PTA cake sale

So far we've had fairy cakes and fruitcake. I even took a load to ds's school bazaar in the hope of offloading them onto the children decorating biscuits - but not one child took them, they all prefered the silver balls!

Choccie brownies - yay! Never tried that, but certainly will now.

spacecadet Sat 07-Jan-06 16:52:31

stock up on advocat and serve snowballs to everyone for the next 6 months??!!

Oh dear, I have a confession to make

I love Advocaat

But how do you make a Snowball?

spacecadet Sat 07-Jan-06 17:01:47

advocat and lemonade with a cherry dropped.

spacecadet Sat 07-Jan-06 17:02:39

in it, pressed post too quickly

This has reminded me of a delightfully vicious cocktail we used to have at work parties, don't know what its proper name is, but we called it the Colin's Killer - named for my then boss. You soak cherries in brandy all day, then, when the party begins you pop them in a glass of champagne.

Mmmmm, ever so!

You might be better off using cocktail cherries ie maraschino (sp?)in cocktails, as glace cherries sink like a stone, and make the bottom of the drink taste sweet! (I speak from experience)

Doesn't help with your glace cherry mountain, though.

spacecadet Sat 07-Jan-06 17:29:48

love the name-colins killer!

Drink a couple of Colins Killers and you sink like a stone! I speak from experience.

spacecadet Sun 08-Jan-06 13:13:06


Califrau Fri 04-May-07 01:43:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Califrau Fri 04-May-07 17:19:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

grouchyoscar Fri 04-May-07 17:25:30

she could have a bash at Tortoise's cherry and almond flapjacks

FioFio Fri 04-May-07 17:26:34

Message withdrawn

When we were little, glace cherries were my mum's magic cure for wasp stings etc. How old are your children?

Califrau Fri 04-May-07 17:30:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Califrau Sun 06-May-07 21:03:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

[snort]! Fancy a bite of my cherry, Califrau?

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