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National Children's Orchestras - questions

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Wafflenose Thu 15-May-14 09:30:19

We have been wondering whether DD1 might like to try out for NCO in the future. I've been on their website and had a good read - at the moment, she is right at the bottom end of their recommended grades on her instrument, so I don't know whether we will apply this year or next. I was wondering, though, about your children's experiences of NCO. If your child has had a place, please would you let me know:
-how old they were
-which instrument
-approximate standard
and also how they found the audition?

Replies also welcome from parents whose children didn't get in - did they find the audition a positive experience? And were they given helpful feedback?

DD1 is young yet, so I'd like to find out as much as possible about what to expect if she decides to have a go.

Thank you!

JulieMichelleRobinson Thu 15-May-14 14:33:31

I didn't end up doing it, but auditioned when I was... don't know, maybe ten or eleven and grade 5/6 on violin. As far as I recall, there wasn't even an in-person audition back than. I didn't get in on violin, but was offered a place on viola (clearly they have more violin applicants, like everyone else!). We turned that down as I'd never ever ever read the alto clef before - I play viola all the time now, which is ironic.

JulieMichelleRobinson Thu 15-May-14 14:34:07

Don't they have a training orchestra now, anyway, or something?

Wafflenose Thu 15-May-14 14:43:03


The training orchestra is for strings only. DD1 would audition on her second instrument (flute - first study is recorder!!) which I imagine is very, very competitive! Hence wondering whether to go for it this year, or wait until next year, when she would still be the right age for U11s but hopefully quite a bit better.

Theas18 Thu 15-May-14 15:13:10

Have you considered NYRO wafflenose?

Wafflenose Thu 15-May-14 17:14:39

Yes, Theas... she's not good enough for that either! Yet.

Theas18 Thu 15-May-14 18:36:54

Aww I bet she is nearly. Try a playing day ( there were all standards ar out local one) and the Easter course is non auditioned and tends to be younger kids.

Wafflenose Thu 15-May-14 19:19:47

We did a playing day last year when she was 7, but couldn't fit it in this Easter holiday. Yes, she's Grade 5 on the descant, but her treble reading is far from fluent, and she doesn't know all the high notes or sharps and flats. So I would say barely Grade 2.

Oh well, it's nice to know all this is at least available! We will keep working at it.

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