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cordobasarah Wed 04-Dec-13 23:00:44

Has anyone out there had their results yet? My daughter auditioned for the first time this year and is very tense about the results. I know they will be here soon but has anyone heard already? Thanks!

Grayt1234 Mon 15-Sep-14 08:25:07

Just found out yesterday at regional rehearsal that girl Associate members won't be provided with a red skirt for the regional concert but have to wear black trousers instead?? Dd is really upset (she's 10): says it's 'rubbing in that they aren't good enough' sad I feel bad for her and upset that NCO thinks it's ok to distinguish between the players at the concert. What has happened at past regional concerts in terms of clothing requirements? Is this normal?

maggiethecat Fri 29-Aug-14 17:46:45

How did your dd find it Nanny?

maggiethecat Thu 21-Aug-14 08:36:24

Good that dd is settled. They're working hard but having fun too - I need to take a page from that book!!

NannyPeach Tue 19-Aug-14 14:52:46

Maggie - the 3 hr drive down was great - driving home on my own took longer hmm. Dd very happy and settled - enjoying using her new phone to call us in the afternoon! From what I gathered, the children would be swapped around the desks quite a bit and strong players equally front and back and 1st/2nd violins. I saw some of the Facebook page pictures yesterday when dd was further back, but close front today, so who knows where they'll be on the day!

maggiethecat Mon 18-Aug-14 20:52:31

Nanny how did it go? Dd went down with her dad and am told she was disappointed with her desk arrangement. I had told her to be happy with wherever she was placed because everyone has a part to play and most of all to enjoy making beautiful music.
Finally heard from her this evening - in good spirit because she was with lots of chums.

maggiethecat Sun 17-Aug-14 10:03:47

Dd has left already with Dh- forgot the watch! Anyhow, she'll see what others are doing.
They are working at least 5 hours a day so I've told her to enjoy the breaks and have fun.

Wafflenose Sat 16-Aug-14 15:28:36

Ooh, have fun everyone!

Jealousbody Sat 16-Aug-14 12:43:13

Mine would not have bothered with the test books.
Forget frisbee .... Wrong course and child...

At NCO it is hide and seek that is the big thing.

Maybe a watch or tiny travel alarm as their electronic gadgets are confiscated and only given to them for short intervals so they don't necessarily know the time. To be honest they are pretty much consumed by rehearsals and timetables so don't think of home that much so expect very few texts

NannyPeach Sat 16-Aug-14 11:07:28

Great ideas - thank you! She has already said "NO!" When I asked if she wanted to do the talent show!! Suitcase is packed, just need to sort the extra bits now. She will love to take her loom bands. She is taking the 11+ in September, so I have been a bit mean and will send a couple of the 10 minute test books - I hope she can manage to spare 10 minutes to get the done each day!

Jealousbody Sat 16-Aug-14 09:29:20

Try pouches of sharing sweets like Skittles or Maltesers; a torch; a book; a frisbee (?) as quite often the boys disappear off to play football; definitely loom bands... Depends where it is as the food and outdoor facilities vary. Lightweight rain jacket. Fingers of fudge, muesli bars and if she wants to take part in the talent show something for her 'act', some of them detest the talent show especially as they repeat it every year so don't force her in that direction. We always did things like savlon and insect bite cream and a box of plasters. Some bring joke insects and things to play tricks on social staff... Sometimes they like to bring their tutor a minding but a blank thank you card the whole section can sign would be enough. Haven't been for few years but wouldn't imagine it has changed much.

NannyPeach Sat 16-Aug-14 07:59:56

Big day tomorrow for under 11s!!! My dd is very excited!

Any recommendations for things to pack (in addition to concert clothes, clothes etc)? Dd wondered if she could take her loom bands?

maggiethecat Mon 11-Aug-14 21:12:01

Nanny, she's violin. She's first violin this year and says she has to play in high positions a lot, prefers second violin.

Wafflenose Mon 11-Aug-14 20:31:50

LOL NannyPeach - was trying to work out how else one could word it. 'Arse-showing shorts'? Perhaps not!!

NannyPeach Mon 11-Aug-14 20:12:24

Yes Waffle - they really did!!!

Maggie - what section is your dd in? Mine is violin and has been working on the purple patches a bit - some of them have tricky rhythms!

Anyone have a child in under 12s - what level pieces did they audition with?

janet41 Mon 11-Aug-14 17:50:51

Waffle - sounds like two very musical children. Dd also did the NSSO this year - she did the Young Course for age 8-13, roughly grade 5 to 8 playing standard. Absolutely brilliant and she highly recommends it.

Wafflenose Mon 11-Aug-14 17:43:22

I think mine will be OK with a no, and respond well to the feedback too. She auditioned for South West Music School a couple of months ago, so it won't be her first ever audition.

DD2 plays the cello as well. She started in March when she was 5, and is doing Initial Grade (and Grade 1 Recorder) at Christmas.

janet41 Mon 11-Aug-14 17:36:07

Hi waffle I would have thought your dd would be more than qualified for a good shot at the under 10s; few 8 year olds will be grade 4 - most don't start wind instruments until 7/8/9 earliest. As min under 11s grade for flute was grade 4 than I would suspect it will be more like 2-5 for under 10s. My dd has done the regionals for cello this year, and was y grade 2 when she auditioned. She has decided to audion for cello and clarinet this year and is also 8. Definitely a very long shot as she has had very little time on the clarient yet - but she loved the regionals so much think she has decided to put herself out there! She will take the feedback in a healthy fashion thankfully.

Wafflenose Mon 11-Aug-14 17:04:28

DD1 is auditioning this year, hopefully for a place in the new Under 10s. She will still be 8 when she auditions, but only just, so this will be her first and last shot at U10s. We know what the chances are of getting in on flute (minimal - 6 places for the whole country) but I spoke to somebody at HQ the other day, and he told me that at Grade 4 it's worth her while having a go.

Did they actually use the words 'builders' bums'?! grin

maggiethecat Mon 11-Aug-14 16:51:58

Honestly think those shoes are fine
Dd has been stressing about the pieces. Unfortunately she had finished lessons when we got the purple patches so has had to figure things out herself. Not really paid attention to other stuff like talent show.
I've told her to go and enjoy herself and.have a god time with friends old and new.

NannyPeach Mon 11-Aug-14 15:21:23

Probably the best way to be! Well, dd will take her new una Ivy's and last years school shoes, that have a smaller bow. They should be fine in my opinion!

maggiethecat Mon 11-Aug-14 15:08:27

Nanny, realise that info was sent out in January by email and I do have it. You can tell how much attention we have paid to the requirements contained therein!!

maggiethecat Mon 11-Aug-14 14:59:40

Nanny, I definitely don't have that. Can you give me the approximate correspondence date and I will ask them to email me copy.

It would be easy to assume that everything is as last year but there may be course specific info.


NannyPeach Mon 11-Aug-14 14:40:53

I'm looking at the pages of info about the whole course - includes information on accommodation, personal kit & clothing etc.

For concert wear it says: plain, white 3/4 length blouse, shoes must be plain, lightweight, black slip-ins without any metallic embellishments, large bows or ribbons.

Also has info advising that bare midriffs and clothes that expose 'builders bums' not being acceptable for day to day wear! grin

maggiethecat Mon 11-Aug-14 14:23:13

beginning to wonder if I've misplaced info - did you get specific info on concert wear or was this contained in an email/newsletter

maggiethecat Mon 11-Aug-14 14:16:38

had a look and they look ok. if they wanted flat pumps free of all embellishment they would have to specify that.

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