Recommended mixed private North Devon Schools for ages 3-18

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Gatita1980 Sun 04-Aug-13 15:44:40

Afternoon, we are thinking of moving down to North Devon and need a mixed school for our son who will be in Reception in September 2014 and our daughter who goes into Year 1 this September. Ideally we would like to be as close to the coast as possible, we have stayed in Woolacombe, but are not sure how practical that would be.
Thanks in advance.

HatherleighFolk Tue 20-Aug-13 22:01:00

I'd broaden your search. Bude and the surrounding areas are fantastic, as are Hartland and Westward Ho. Bude seems far better in winter than some North Devon areas. Shebbear College is the best independent school in the area, though not mentioned much here. Our daughter went there and was extremely happy. I'd definately give them a ring and visit there too. I think you'd see there is no better choice. Good luck..

Gatita1980 Wed 21-Aug-13 19:58:57

I might try that next time, we have some things and places to see already, I will bear it in mind though, many thanks

Gatita1980 Fri 23-Aug-13 21:09:19

Have I over-looked anywhere?

Lilliana Fri 23-Aug-13 21:31:57

Edgehill went co ed in 1991. I was in the first class with boys- all 3 of them!! I'm guessing I might know you can Jo as it sounds like you were there around the same time.

It's obviously changed a bit since then. I guess it depends what you're looking for but there are some great state schools that offer a wide range of extra curricular activities that would be worth looking at.

kalidasa Fri 23-Aug-13 21:54:02

Some of my family are at West Buckland at the moment and seem really happy with it, has served several quite different siblings well.

Gatita1980 Sat 24-Aug-13 14:01:53

We are seeing West Buckland on Monday and Kingsley on Tuesday

Gatita1980 Mon 26-Aug-13 21:17:51

Visited West Buckland today and I have to say we were all quite impressed with it's facilities, let's see how Kingsley fares tomorrow :-)

burnsie Tue 27-Aug-13 20:37:33

Hope the visits went well!

Gatita1980 Fri 30-Aug-13 15:43:39

Yes, thanks, I think we have made a choice, now we need to work out where to live! How far away from a school would you live?

jazzyjd1 Mon 16-Sep-13 17:48:52

Hi Guys
I have been reading your threads very interesting.
I too am looking to move out of the city to relocate in North Devon. I see there seems to be a lot of emphasis on state schools and was wondering if you have some ideas of the good state schools in North Devon. I have two girls a three year old and a five year old. I am aware that there is a Forest School in Clovelly (is it private). Any info would be much appreciated.
Many thanks

nomadwith2plus1 Sun 22-Sep-13 17:55:52

Gatita- Which school did you opt for? We too are looking at Kingsley/ Shebbear for September 2014 entry. Would really appreciate your opinions on both.
Hope your move is going smoothly!

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