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Auction has ended

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Footle Wed 17-Jul-13 07:24:21

Thanks, Having. It's good to have some guidance !

But = buy

Buy it now!

If the auction has ended can't the seller relist the item with a but it now price?

If she lets you know as soon as she's done it you can then buy it smile

Footle Wed 17-Jul-13 06:58:39

Inexperienced user. I missed bidding on an item because I forgot it was ending. When I did look, I saw it had ended with no bids. I had asked a question about it so already had contact with the seller. I've now asked her if I can buy it for the reserve price plus p&p, and she's happy with that, but neither of us knows how to arrange this without breaking eBay rules. Help please ?

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