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Toddler with trapped wind at night

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Tellytub Mon 02-Mar-09 09:16:39

Hi, I am new to mumsnet. I have a ds 18 months, who has suffered terrible tummy pain and trapped wind since birth, being unable to sleep for any length of time at night. He has seen so many docs but we are told that he will most likely grow out of it. We have had trials avoiding all sorts of foods but it seems that all food upsets him. I am constantly searching the internet on information on toddlers with abdominal pain and trapped wind and came across a message on mumsnet from Fimbles who has dd, same age as my ds, with near exact symptoms. Alas the message was posted at the end of 2003. I am desperate to find out if fimbles found a cure for her dd but unable to contact her by CAT messaging. If anyone knows or is in contact with fimbles I would be most grateful if you would let her know of my message. If anyone else has any advice to offer please help. My son has recently been started on Lactulose 10 ml twice daily and Senna 10 ml at night. Initially he passed a lot of wind and slept pain-free for 5 nights but his symptoms recurred and he has been in agony again for 2 weeks. There is also a question of silent reflux and he has been on Ranitidine syrup for quite a while but again we are not really sure if this helps. He also now seems to be in pain, holding his bottom, when passing stools which is maybe once or twice a day.

EJNR1234 Thu 14-Aug-14 21:55:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EJNR1234 Thu 14-Aug-14 21:49:43

Our eldest also has a mild lactose and egg white allergy, but we decided all he gets from these is a snuffley nose, and if we cut these out his food really would be basic!

We are eagerly awaiting his stool sample results!

EJNR1234 Thu 14-Aug-14 21:45:10

We are sure our almost 4yr old has fructose and fructan malabsorbtion.
Early on in his life we had problems with the infant formula. We had constant diarrhea which we put down to weaning, vomiting we put down to colds.
When he had all his teeth we couldn't put it down to teething! We realised he had too many "Colds"
We took him to the Dr's, tried two types of antibiotics, asthma inhalers, and as seen above, he was "fine in the day"
He would cough through the night which
would eventually lead to vomiting, he would sweat profusely, body aches, possibly nightmares. He generally had wet stools. Many other symptoms too.
We tried him (aged 2 1/2) wheat free as my second son was born.
We had vast improvements. Until the night of the onions!!! We then put him on a low fodmap diet out of sheer desperation and he was then fine!
(getting up in the night for a newborn and dealing with a vomiting 2 1/2 year old was not fun)

Im wondering if our youngest has the same problem. We weaned him on a fructan and fructose free diet giving small amounts of wheat and fruit but now im giving him bigger portions hes, waking upset in the night, having diarrhea.

When should a babies gut deal with fruit and wheat happily, how long do they have diarrhea for after eating it, or should they not have diarrhea at all?!

I need to be able to deduce whether he has it or not quickly. We as a family are not going through torture for years again, i dont think we could cope.

Other pointers we had it was fructose and fructans was that calpol made him worse when ill, infant toothpaste made him ill, abidec syrup made him ill but the drops are fine.

I can list our sons food he can tolerate on one a4 page, so as you can guess and may experience meals can be bland, repetitive and boring. We can do a simple curry and Chinese now. Anyone got good recipes to liven a limited diet up?


talic Wed 13-Aug-14 19:25:39

Hi all!
I'm pleased I've come across this post. I'm at my limit.. my 11.5 month old girl had always been windy colicy.. like many others on here. Was told it would pass at 12 weeks then 6 months etc.. but still no change. We discovered tongue tie at 4 onths, got this treated thinking all would improve but no such luck. She is always burping or farting .I was interested to see if the person nic0 had Amy luck with the speech therapist. I feel like my daughter has a dysfunctional sick and takes on loads of air. Even water from a nuby sippy cup hives her burps, you can hear the air bubbles and gurgles. All food seems to do this too. A long time ago we tried different milks with no help. Could it be due to her suck swallow or is it an intolerance or reflux? The doctors think she's findnb but we have an appointment in 3 months for a gastro paed but seems ages away especially as I'm due with baby 2 in 2 months, only a 13 month gap and was wishing it would have passed by now.
Any tips really appreciated! Hope you're all coping ok.

Jo2007 Sun 03-Aug-14 14:31:13

Hello, just to update. My DD is now 6.5years. You will be pleased to know that slowly but surely things have improved. Especially since she was very poorly in March with lots of sickness and not eating for a week - this may just be a coincidence but following this illness she has tolerated vegetable casserole and hummous which has really improved her diet overall. She also does well on organic porridge oats cooked well with water for breakfast with 4 large sultances in pieces for a sweetner. It really has been a case of finding what foods suit her best and this may vary between children. I have also continued with homeopathy treatment 2 or 3 appointments a year as I personally and friends have had a lot of success with this for hayfever etc but you do have to see a very experienced and qualified person. She has continued with hospital appointments but more for monitoring as I declined endoscapy and barium swallow as we have seen improvement which to me justifies avoiding anything just to check - it would be different if the procedures were to confirm possible issues which could then be treated, but this is not the case.
Anyway, all the best to everyone as this is such a tiring and life consuming issue. PS as I'm sure everyone would - take care with herbs etc as they are not all suitable for children and it is always difficult to check a reaction when they can't explain and can react quickly.

Justgotosleepnow Sat 02-Aug-14 09:24:03

Just googled asafoetida. Wow this is an obvious herb to try. Thanks for that recommendation.

Justgotosleepnow Sat 02-Aug-14 08:58:48

Hi I can't believe I've found all these families going through what we've been through too.
My dd is 15mo and wakes in pain every night. Usually every hour or 2 hours. 3 if I'm lucky. I'm just about surviving hmm
I'm still bf as it's the only thing that settles her back to sleep.
And when she wakes she's in pain and sometimes farts and then goes back to sleep.

Loads of ideas to try from reading this thread. I'm going diet & alternative first as western medicine is not suited to this type of problem I feel. And I don't have the energy to fight with docs like others have had to do.

Plan of attack (sequentially not all together)
Switch from cows milk to goats
Smaller chunks of food (she's only got 8teeth)
Try the probiotic mentioned up thread
Cut out banana before bed
Wheat free

Cranial osteo

And by the time we've gone through that list she might have grown out if it eh?

As I've heard so many times of babies finally sleeping when they get to 20 months ish.

Monica34 Fri 01-Aug-14 22:57:15

I know this is a very old thread, I'm so sorry for digging it up, but after googling out of desperation for answers I stumbled across this thread which is exactly what we are going through with our 12 month old since she was a few weeks old.

Are any of these members still here? I really would love to hear if the issue resolved? And they outgrew it?

We have an appointment with the paediatrician in 2 months but I'm so tired and exhausted I really need to speak to someone who has or is going through the same thing.

richaraj1 Fri 25-Jul-14 01:30:39

Try asafoetida, a pinch of it in one or two spoon in warm water and give it to drink if the child is more than 6 months old. For babies, put little more asafoetida in warm water and apply it around the navel in clockwise direction. It will surely help

Jo2007 Tue 21-Jan-14 22:17:10

Yes, my 6 year-old will scratch around joint areas. If I rub these areas I notice she often passes wind. This is where the medics have said it is impossible to get gas trapped there but if you do some searches there is plenty about gas trapped in the tissues. I don't think it is eczema for my DD but seems linked to the whole problem.

Winterchick1982 Tue 21-Jan-14 14:14:43

My Ds has just turned two and always had wind problems at night, then about 6 months ago he started to scratch himself. I soon realised that the scratching was usually when he was experiencing wind problems but he will often wake at night and scratch for 2 hours or more (arms and legs usually) unable to go back to sleep and keeping me awake too. Doctors keep saying its ecsema and have given me various creams which have helped to ease his skin dryness but not the itching. He also gets it when he is falling asleep in the evening often making for a very long bedtime. I stopped his night time bottle to prevent wind about 3 months ago and then stopped his night time drink altogether. He is gradually improving as it has gone from every night to every other or third night. Just wondered if anyone has experienced this with their child and if they have more info?

Gaff5Oz Sun 19-Jan-14 15:19:42

Hi there, I have a 12 mth old boy who has suffered from gas and my heart goes out to all parents who have to watch their kids suffer. Our maternal health nurse taught us the "Bum dance" which helped us relieve our sons gas pains. To do the bum dance hold your baby by the crotch laying them face down along your forearm with their head near your elbow and the heel of your hand resting against their lower abs. Next, take small bouncy steps while patting their bums with your opposite hand. The small up and down motion will apply pressure from your palm to the lower abs milking the gas from the large intestine while the pats on the bum will release the tension of the sphincter allowing the gas to escape. Add a comforting series of "shhhs" with the rythm and your bub will be asleep on your arm in minutes.

Hope this helps.. cheers

LowFODMAPMum Sat 11-Jan-14 22:43:48

Try Sue Shepherd book- Low FODMAP diet

LowFODMAPMum Sat 11-Jan-14 22:43:17

By the way there is a calpol that is fine- it just has sugar.

LowFODMAPMum Sat 11-Jan-14 07:49:49

No time right now to post properly- did not realise this thread was still active. Like Harlands11 mum would like to recommend the FODMAP diet. Am a bf mum to a two year old due to ongoing constant night waking and constipation issues. Will post more but since starting low FODMAPs things improved. Also Movicol reduced. Daughter been on antibiotics recently and teething so we have gone 'backwards' recently in terms of wind and bloating, but after two years of trying EVERYTHING, low FODMAPs helped. Harlands11mum are you keen to chat is still about- inbox me if so, we could share recipes!

Jo2007 Sun 22-Dec-13 17:47:28

Oh dear, sorry to hear. It always seems to be the case that perhaps we stick to what we find works and hope that things progress from there. That's what I do at th mo, not ideal I know and so bad at Xmas with all the food that they can't have. I have persisted with the tiny amount of yoghurt every day and have also managed to slightly increase some portions - and I know you are ok on portion size which is good - if I increase portions too much, the sleep just goes again. I'm not sure if I've said before but I did meet a child minder who had 4 children of her own and the youngest had had this problem until age 7 when it gradually began to improve. Le's hope we are over the worst. All the best.

twinplusbigsismum Thu 28-Nov-13 01:41:30

Hi! I'm still around and still struggling. haven't been able to fully implement GAPS diet, as just not possible when you're already struggling to survive, time wise and financially. Have tried to implement some of the ideas, but not really working too well, to be honest. I got very excited by the prospect of a diagnosis and cure, but other than having a name for our condition, sadly haven't been able to move forward. Most nights at the moment it's around midnight before settling one, two or three of mine and am also dealing with some waking in the night again. Having a tough time coping at the mo. There seems no end in sight, we have brief periods of hope and then for no apparent reason it all goes backwards again. As I write at 1.39 am both twins have woken crying and I've brought them down, so as not to wake the 3rd and Hubby who is up in just over an hour to go to work. Here we go again!

Jo2007 Sun 29-Sep-13 22:20:15

Mawbroon, thank you for this post. Do you have any UK links/specialist details. I am so pleased that for you the problems were sorted - and by something so specific as well.

mawbroon Sat 28-Sep-13 23:37:25

I know this is an ancient thread, but I wanted to say that in all these cases, something that has to be considered is tongue tie.

It can cause all sorts of problems, including taking in a lot of wind when feeding. Dr Kotlow is a leading expert in this field and one of his articles on this page is about the connection between ties and aerophagia (swallowing of air)

Ties can cause digestive problems. Digestion begins in the mouth, and if the tongue is restricted, it could be that food is not being chewed properly which can cause problems. Also, it is thought that if the muscles which are connected to the tongue are not being correctly stimulated then there can be a knock on effect on digestion.

Most HCPs really have no clue about tongue and lip ties and the far reaching consequences that can occur. You need to seek out people who have taken a specialist interest in this field.

DS1's ties went undiagnosed until age 5. He had allergies/intolerences and suffered bloating and reflux, amongst other things - including hideous sleeping problems. We had his tie revised when he was 6yo and the gastric problems stopped - immediately.

Not every child on this thread will be having problems because of ties, but I would be willing to guess that there will be quite a few.

Ties can cause all sorts of other problems, but I won't bore you with them on here smile

Jo2007 Sat 28-Sep-13 22:29:54

Hello, any updates? really pleased to have a post from someone who has come through all of this with the problem solved.
Nights and days mainly ok on a very restricted diet. DD nearly 6 now and really wish her diet was more varied and I forever worry about low calcium intake.
Is the GAPS diet making any difference Twinsplusbigsismum? I haven't made any changes re this as although it makes sense I feel that when she was weaned her diet should have been 'healing' then with organic purees etc and yet it was worse then than now.
Keep waiting for more progress.......

BazilGin Fri 23-Aug-13 12:28:05

Just in case someone is reading it in need of hope...we are through this now. No change in the diet, I am still bfing but introduced dairy products too. It got much better from 18 months and now, she just started sleeping through the night at 2!
Trumping a lot during the day, but with no pain. I suppose, she just grew out of it, whatever it was.
Fingers crossed for everyone, we have been through hell and back with this.

twinplusbigsismum Tue 16-Jul-13 23:47:17

Thanks Jo! Glad you're reading the book. Be interested to know what you make of it! Just awaiting a report from the GAPS practitioner we saw re best ways forward, but I agree the diet as per the book is very daunting, would love to do it properly including the introduction diet, but at the moment with 'real world' time, children's hunger and financial restraints we are trying to introduce elements of the diet slowly and hopefully gradually implement more and more changes. We have started making our own home made stock and vegetable soup. 2yr old Twins love both! Think the ideal is to catch them young!! 5 yr old doesn't like the first soup attempts! But will keep trying!

For those not familiar with GAPS, Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride says that chicken or fish stock-homemade and also made into soup are very healing for the gut. Check out her website!

Glad no problems identified with scan Jo, but I know it's hard. Mine have been having a bit of a rough time again settling at night lately. It's a nightmare! I know that some of you have it tougher than me though!

I don't think what many of us go through as Mum's feel recognised by the outside world of what seems to be perfect parents with their 'perfect children' (who can eat anything and sleep from 7 til 7 with no problems) STRUGGLING MUMS, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Jo2007 Sat 06-Jul-13 21:46:43

It all sounds very interesting and promising. Looks like the diet is a lot of work from what I have read so far, but of course would all be worth it. Can't wait to hear how things go.
My DD had an ultrasound detailed abdomen scan this week and no problems noted. It really does seem to be just wind but as we know 'just wind' is not easy at all.

twinplusbigsismum Sat 29-Jun-13 01:55:10

Finally we have a diagnosis! Have had it confirmed today by a Medical Herbalist and Certified GAPS Practitioner that we are GAPS! Now hopefully, we can start to move forward, knowing what is causing the problems and ways we can hopefully address them. Yippee! Anyone started the book?

twinplusbigsismum Mon 10-Jun-13 01:04:04

Hi Jo! Yes, mine still off all milks. Daren't tinker with the diet just at the moment, as enjoying the peaceful nights! x

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