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Should I just request antibiotics?

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likeaboss Wed 10-Feb-16 11:04:53

DD is 14.5 months, at the beginning of January she developed the nastiest virus I've ever seen, the worst of it lasted for 2 weeks (very high temp, sleeping all the time, horrible conjunctivitis, runny nose, cough, extremely distressed etc). I'm not PFB at all, she's had colds before but they never bother her. This was really, really unpleasant.

Anyway, thankfully she's now pretty much over it, but has a lingering rattle in her chest and a bad cough. This is now the 6th week and it's still there, not getting any worse but not getting any better either. The childminder and grandparents always comment on it "she's still got that rattle hasn't she?".

I'm aware that viral coughs etc. can take a while to go, but this is just going on and on! When she was about 9 months she had a course of antibiotics for the same problem, which cleared it up really quickly (within 72 hours).

This time around, the doctor has given us a reliever inhaler which doesn't seem to make any difference. I'm aware that GPs are reluctant to prescribe ABs, but surely this is a bacterial thing now? I don't know whether to make another appointment and ask for them!

Nospringflower Thu 11-Feb-16 22:07:55

I think you have to trust the doctors about whether antibiotics are needed or not. If it is viral they won't make any difference and contribute to immunity so it is better that they are not prescribed if not needed. But, I don't think theres any reason not to go back to the doctor if your child is still unwell and doesn't seem to be getting better. See what they say.

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