C section with Dr. Ian Treharne at st T, anyone knows him?

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helenafr Sun 25-Mar-12 22:47:06

Due to medical reasons I’ll have a C section. The operation will probably be under Dr Ian Treharne at St Thomas hospital. He seems to be nice and experienced, however, a google search has put us in a state of panic! We found on BBC news:
it says ‘he has been suspended following concerns over the standard of his work, conduct and attitude to his patients’… it was 10 years ago but we are still worried as no further information on him since then! Also I’ve never had any operation in my life!
Anyone has any info on him? or any advice please? Thank you!

laluna Mon 26-Mar-12 00:09:42

Need to pm you but don't seem able to. Will reply if you get in touch.

helenafr Mon 26-Mar-12 15:53:28

Hi laluna, i sent you a PM via 'Message poster' on the top right of the post, may you please check? thanks

helenafr Mon 26-Mar-12 21:00:25

The info i ve got so far is that the doctor is one of the top consultants at st Thomas; also nothing wrong has been proved regarding his case at 2000. Hope this will be helpful for those who might be interested

Jules125 Tue 27-Mar-12 20:42:50

He performed a potentially tricky c section on me (tricky due to the awkward transverse lie of the baby) in 2010 with no problems or complications. All was fine (and yes, he is very nice). I was unaware of this bad publicity he'd had in the past (which was probably just as well as I was very anxious at the time).

Of course that is just my one experience, so I can't tell you much more. Overall, I thought the ST team were very good though (its just the postnatal ward which was horrible).

If you have concerns I think you could always ask to talk with him or one of the team there though (they must have to deal with these issues sometimes -see how you feel after that as I'm sure you can always request someone else).

Esell Thu 22-Nov-12 14:52:28

Hi, I have just had a last minute change in consultants to Dr Treharne as my previous consultant will now be away. Do you mind me asking how you found him and how it went? Also if anyone else has any advice. It's just a bit scary changing at the last minute for a big operation! Thanks

anorta Tue 27-Nov-12 12:01:04

Hi All,

I will aslo have my c section performed by this consultant...I would be great if you could give me some information as well (also as private message if you do not want to talk on the forum). I would really appreciate it as I am so scared of this whole procedure!

Thanks a lot

lyokie Sat 21-Sep-13 00:14:22

Dr. Treharne was my consultant during the pregnancy and performed emergency c-section under general anaesthetics. I had to spend about a month in hospital antenatally and he always was polite, caferul and professional.

When I first ended up in hospital, one of the registrars whom I was seeing read in my notes that Dr. Treharne is my consultant and told me that "I souldn't worry because I'm under the care of one of the best doctors at the hospital".

anorta Wed 18-Jun-14 13:47:05

I actually wanted to post a positive note about dr Treharne on this post. It was a while ago now (around 1.5 years ago) and I had a planned C section performed by him (I had to deliver thruogh CS) and I found him extremely professional, polite and very caring doctor! I had to spend 10 days in antenatal ward (as he was concerned I might bleed with my condition). He visited me amost every day, after performing his daily c section procedures, even though he wasn't on ward duty! The c section went very well and he also visited me after delivery although I was then transferred into private wing at st. thomas and was under the care of different doctor!

If I get pregnant second time, I will request for him to be my consultant again....

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