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4yoniD Sun 09-Feb-14 18:40:31

Hello, I have a single ring gas stove but need more options so was thinking of the Weber Go Anywhere (coal) BBQ.

Am I right in thinking almost all campsites would allow one?

After you have done your cooking can you add wood and have a small fire in one? Or would this melt the handles, or be frowned on by campsites?

Can you cook fish fingers and chicken nuggets on a bbq (yes, one of my children is that fussy!) - and if so, how? Straight on to the grill plate, or on tin foil? Direct or indirect heat?

Thank you in advance!

Blu Sun 09-Feb-14 19:34:23

The Go Anywhere has quite tall legs so I would imagine that most sites would allow it. You could put bricks on the grass underneath.

I think you could manage a small fire in a Go Anywhere - it would be very small though. We used to have one of the zinc bucket BBQs, a 'Whitstable Bucket' - not one of the chi chi small buckets, a proper Whitstable Bucket sturdy tin bucket, and that was excellent for a fire. But it did have to be put on bricks because it doesn't have legs.

Yes, you can cook fish fingers and nuggets on a BBQ, I would put them in a foil tray with holes poked in the bottom, to stop them disintegrating and falling or roll into the fire. I have a fab thing which is always on the sale in Sainsbury's, BBQ wok which would be very handy for things like nuggest but mine has a long handle and was about £3 in Sainsbury's. It does lovely sliced mushrooms marinaded in oil and whatever (often HP sauce, on our rather non-Gastro trips!) and cooked over the fire or BBBQ.

Have you thought about a Cobb oven? Or a campfire grill for cooking directly over your fire? But that can be a pain if you haven't time to let the fire get down to a good cooking level.

Blu Sun 09-Feb-14 19:36:50

We go to sites that allow camp fires - I think the more regimented CC Sites for example, would have the eeby jeebies at a fire in a bucket.

andadietcoke Sun 09-Feb-14 19:45:16

We have a Cadac Carri Chef. The only thing it wouldn't do is be a fire. Gas powered, and it can be a 'normal' BBQ, or you can put a griddle in or skottle and even a pizza stone - there are loads of accessories. We tend to do breakfast on it all the time now so the caravan doesn't stink all day.

4yoniD Tue 11-Feb-14 22:35:11

Thanks, will check into all the others mentioned before I rush out and buy anything!

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