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Yarnbombing in Cambridge!!

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Tweetinat Tue 23-Apr-13 18:59:10

I hadn't realised they'd been there a while - they're gorgeous and really made my day! DH though I was crazy to be excited over something so 'hippy' but I loved it smile

Might have to make a special journey just to take a pic... Not tweeted Mme as I'm not really on Twitter nowadays.. would love to know who's responsible though and join their gang so I can join in

OrlaKiely Mon 22-Apr-13 13:09:53


OrlaKiely Mon 22-Apr-13 13:09:45

Oh huge apologies. I assumed it meant someone had thrown a load of wool all over the threes. Having googled I can see it's something very different and rather beautiful. blush

OrlaKiely Mon 22-Apr-13 13:08:28

You what? Doesn't someone have to clear this up?

Why is it seen as a good thing?

YooHooYoniMe Mon 22-Apr-13 13:06:10

Oh, and it wasn't me!

YooHooYoniMe Mon 22-Apr-13 13:05:44

I drive past them every day and they make me grin every time. I'd love to get a photo.

The trees on Jesus Green were done about New Year and still have their 'winter woolies' on too. Not guilty, but thank you, it's very cheering.

YAY may have to do a drive by tomorrow to see..

MmeLindor Sun 21-Apr-13 22:23:52

ooh, I hope so. Have you asked on Twitter?

Tweetinat Sun 21-Apr-13 15:34:42

Just driving past Mitchum's corner and seen that 4 or 5 trees have been yarn bombed and some of the signs too!! DH driving too fast for me to take pictures but I hope it was someone on here - fess up!

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