to want my dad to stop calling me sausage?

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Swedington Thu 26-Nov-09 00:20:49

I'm 45 ffs?

HollyGoHeavily Thu 26-Nov-09 20:49:51

Do it!

You could get a matching babygro for your DC with "Tootles, the imposter" or "Tootles Junior"

poshsinglemum Thu 26-Nov-09 20:50:14

I call my dd sausage! It's cute.

I dare say she'll hate it if I still call her sausage at 45 though!

ImSoNotTelling Thu 26-Nov-09 20:59:13

"Tootles 2 - this time it's personal!"

AmericanHag Thu 26-Nov-09 21:04:25

Here in the U.S., calling someone "sausage" would get you punched in the face. It's the same as calling someone a fat cow. Well, here in California it is.

Swedington, I'm SO glad I read the other responses before I advised you to tell your dad to go piss up a rope! grin He's saying it with love!

Nooo, get brother "I'm Tootles" T shirt, then expose child wearing "I'm Tootles" T shirt, then you and DP take off jumpers to expose "I'm Tootles" T shirts in an "I'm Spartacus" moment ! grin

Sn0wflake Thu 26-Nov-09 21:37:37

I call my son Flumpet... smile

MmeLindt Thu 26-Nov-09 21:39:17

Tootles - The Original

Tootles - Lite

theslightlypeckishcaterpillar Thu 26-Nov-09 21:40:48

I was 'lovely' , still am, is very funny when dh answers my phone when dad rings and calls him lovely.

My dd is pork chop.

ImSoNotTelling Thu 26-Nov-09 21:44:01

grin @ further tootles suggestions...

spartacus moment would be brilliant!

Am seriously thinking about getting tshirts etc done...

fishflange Thu 26-Nov-09 22:02:05

Ds is Mr Chumbles and dd Officer Dibbles.
Will we scar them for life?grin

PommePoire Thu 26-Nov-09 23:44:36

This thread is lovely. Sorry, OP YABU, 'Sausage' is a lovely name, whatever age you are. My dad called me 'Miss Mouse' or 'Mouslet'and since my marriage I've been 'Mrs Mouse.' Irony is intended; I was a very noisy child! I'm still quite loud at 37.

MrsChemist Thu 26-Nov-09 23:57:39

YABU, I call DS sausage. I haven't got a clue why though. I just started calling him sausage and couldn't stop. Sometimes he is Sausage Monkey.
He also goes by the names Mr Toots (he farts a lot) and Mr Fussypants. I think I may have also called him Commodore Cuddles once or twice.

I was Tina Ticklebum when I was younger. My brother was Tom Ticklebum.
Neither of us are called Tom or Tina.

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