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babytrasher Sun 09-Dec-12 21:46:22

Not really anything unreasonable, but the quickest / surest way to tap the collective genius of MN...

I am Head of Maths in a school with a tradition of teachers giving each other CDs of favourite music at Xmas. I am really keen to put together a "Maths Music" CD; and also to some of the students who would appreciate the concept. So far I have come up with about 25 mins towards a full 80 min CD:

Don MacLean: American Pi,

Katie Melua: 9.0 x 10 (to the power of) 6 Bicycles.

Nena: 10 Squared - 1 Squared Red Balloons (Does anyone have a copy of, or a link to, the original & much darker German version, 99 LuftBallon )

Lou Bega: Mambo No 5.

The Band: The Shape I'm In.

The Carter Family: The Circle Shall Be Unbroken.

There are quite a lot of songs with numbers in the title, but I am particularly looking for mathematical concepts or significant numbers.

If I can fill a CD, I will post the final playlist along with acknowledgements of the suggesters.

Many biscuit s

EndoplasmicReticulum Sun 09-Dec-12 21:56:27

Oh and The Proclaimers - "I could walk 500 miles and I could walk 500 more"

nickelbabylyinginamanger Sun 09-Dec-12 21:57:38

1 by u2

anything by 5star.

perfect by fairgro und attraction

PartridgeInARustyBearTree Sun 09-Dec-12 21:57:54

Half Man Half Biscuit - 99% of Gargoyles Look Like Bob Todd

Fakebook Sun 09-Dec-12 22:02:22

Europe - The Final Countdown
Blur - Song 2
Jackson 5 - ABC
Three times a lady ( don't know who sings that)
Cornershop - Brimful of asha

BettySuarez Sun 09-Dec-12 22:05:09

99 Red Balloons smile

Fakebook Sun 09-Dec-12 22:05:53

There's a really cool number song on Dd's Mickey Mouse clubhouse cd in the car.
here it is, ignore the cheesy soft play pics

BettySuarez Sun 09-Dec-12 22:06:43

Oooooh ooooooh oooooooh I have a Music Bugs CD with a song on it about Five Bouncing Bunnies grin grin

Little Arithmetic by Deus.

Welovecouscous Sun 09-Dec-12 22:09:46

The InchWorm song is lovely -Paul McCartney did a version though I've just heard the one on DS' nursery rhyme tape.

JeezyOrangePips Sun 09-Dec-12 22:12:43

multiply by xzibit

Fakebook Sun 09-Dec-12 22:13:46

My dd used to LOVE this about 3 years ago. It's brilliant :

choo choo soul

OhYouMerryLittleKitten Sun 09-Dec-12 22:13:58

I wish I could think of something as dd would love this so I'd like to help you get a cd worth. What a brilliant idea.

JeezyOrangePips Sun 09-Dec-12 22:20:22

one direction - math song

iamapushymum Sun 09-Dec-12 22:21:22

YABU to post it on this forum instead of chat, which also gets a lot of traffic

MadameCreeper Sun 09-Dec-12 22:25:13

Tim Minchin - If I didn't Have You

Some of the best mathematical lyrics

Sign of the Times - Brian Ferry I think (links to multiplying with negative numbers!?!?)

How many times? - brother beyond

tulipgrower Sun 09-Dec-12 22:29:07

Mel Torme - "Geometric Blues (Pythagoras, How you stagger us)"

ImagineJL Sun 09-Dec-12 22:29:39

2-4-6-8 motorway

Square one - coldplay

rumbelina Colombia Sun 09-Dec-12 22:35:52

3 is the magic number - bob dorough. Does 3 x table up to 30 and is a lovely song. De la soul adapted it, also good but bd is more maths-y.

Take my breadth away - berlin

RubyGates Sun 09-Dec-12 22:36:34

Reflection - Christina agulara(sp)

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