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Cereal boxes for school crafts - cross contamination risk?

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This, really. DD has slow-acting allergies to wheat and oats (non IgE), and reacts to very low levels.

It's just occurred to me that school are using boxes brought in by parents for use in modelling. Due to multiple allergies, we don't even use that much food that comes in boxes, so I'm not sure I can provide enough to keep the whole class going, and I'm conscious that they desperately need the materials.

So - just wondering how anyone whose DC have allergies to similar foods, or indeed nuts, deal with this. Has anyone asked school to stop taking certain food boxes in? Or asked for a certain cleaning regime? I want to get the right balance between making sure DD's as safe as poss from contamination, and being a total annoyance to her lovely teacher!

Experiences would be much appreciated. It never stops does it?! grin

eragon Fri 22-Feb-13 11:34:11

when my son was at pre-school/nursery, I saved boxes at home and gave them to the nursery for him to use.

I also had to ask that he didnt touch the sand with chick peas in, or do any craft with the nut shells. This was of course some years ago, so in some ways nurseries are more on the ball with food allergies in some ways.

lentils/beans are often used in craft activites, and that was a problem that cropped up frequently.

Thanks, Eragon...think I might have to get fussier re boxes, then.

School have already checked through ingredients in other craft materials, and playdough's made from gluten-free flour.

Luckily lentils and beans are alright with us.

I hope your allergic DC is doing well.

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