Easiest-ever lemonade

Rachel Allen's quick green soup

Willing for it to be summer already? This super-easy recipe for old-fashioned lemonade will take you there. Using just three ingredients, it's simple enough for the children to help prepare too – simply combine fresh lemon juice and sugar with hot water, then leave to cool. Quirky jam jar glasses optional…


Microwave cookies

Homemade peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies – in 2.5 minutes flat?! Yes please!

House rules you forgot to make

“Don't lick the bus.” Mumsnetters' round up the funniest house rules they forgot to make

Boozy ice lollies

Strictly for grown ups lollies. Super-easy, a little bit boozy and oh so refreshing.

At-home exercise - Upper body

Work your arms and shoulder with these straightforward at-home exercise moves.

Fast lime and chicken salad

Fast day recipes don't come much tastier than this Szechuan-style lime chicken salad

GIANT cookie

<COOKIE KLAXON> Remain calm. There is enough for everyone with this GIANT cookie.

60-second mayo!

Homemade mayonnaise in 60 seconds flat using just six store cupboard ingredients.

Gorgeous girls' up-do

How to create a plaited bun, perfect for special occasions.

Easy-peasy arancini

Claire Thomson on the 5 o'clock apron shows us just how easy it is to make at home.

Mumsnet meets Hugh Jackman

Celebrating the release of Eddie the Eagle, we caught up with the stars of the film.