Shopping for a new baby: what to buy when you're expecting

Infant in the offing? See which products Mumsnetters agree are worth spending your pennies on - and the ones that really aren't...

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5 things you should buy

1) Baby sleeping bag: Grobag

To the uninitiated, this may appear a bit of an unnecessary luxury, but Mumsnetters who've been there, done that and got the sick-stained t-shirt confirm that these make a real difference to undisturbed sleep (theirs, but by association yours).

"Great for kicky babies. The temperature guide is brilliant for nervous mums like me - tells you what to put them in to sleep. I use the heavier tog for night and the lightweight for daytime naps. They wash really well and still look good."

2) Nappy cream: Metanium

Another Mumsnet Best, Metanium is a great product to have on hand in the event of a sudden nappy rash flare-up.

"Do not be without this cream. It will clear up nappy rash and redness within a very short space of time - usually 24 hours in my experience. Cheap price for no more tears."

3) Baby bouncer: BabyBjorn Babysitter Balance

"This chair has been great from the start; our DD much preferred being able to see me while I was in the bathroom and making lunch etc - in fact, the first day we had this was the first day she didn't cry while I was taking a shower!"

4) Sling: Hana Baby Wrap

Slings aren't for everyone, but if your baby likes close contact with you, they can be a really practical way of keeping him or her happy, while leaving you hands-free to go about your day. Slings and pushchairs needn't be either/or; you may want to alternate a few different modes of baby transport depending on circumstance.

"I am so glad I bought this before my little one was born so it was all ready to use straight away. This immediately calms her down and I am hands free at the same time! My husband swears by it too."

5) Baby gym: Galt Playnest

Baby gyms are great for entertaining infants when you need to potter about doing other things. As your baby develops, he or she will get more and more out of it, so you should get many months of use out of one.

"We bought the Playnest when our baby was a few weeks old and it's perfect; semi-inflates for newborns so they can be safely propped up on it. It has lots of different textures and sounds; we go around the different animals on it and do the sounds for her."

(And bonus item #6: muslins. Lots and lots of muslins. You'll thank us. Seriously.) 

5 things you DEFINITELY shouldn't buy


1) Top'n'tail bowl

For inter-bathtime washing, any container you already have in the house will do just fine, as this Mumsnetter knows all too well: 

"The most unnecessary item I bought was a top'n'tail bowl - it's huge and chunky and I've not used it once - I've been using a small take-away container instead."

2) Baby bath

Speaking of washing, a tiny bath especially for tiny people seems logical, right? Wrong again... 

"I never used a baby bath; I started them in the sink then just held them in normal bath or used a bath seat."

3) Brush and comb set

Whether your baby is born with a full head of hair, or as bald as a coot, we guarantee that tools for infant styling will be entirely superfluous to your parenting arsenal. 

"My daughter is 13 months and still has no need for this."

4) Baby food maker

If you're planning on mixing up food for your baby, you don't need an appliance specifically for the job. As with the bath - the adult-size version will do just fine. Simpler methods will also suffice. 

"Utter waste of money, for a six-month-old baby a quick mush with a fork is perfectly adequate."

And finally...

5) Baby wipe warmer

What can we say...

"Please, please don't - an appalling waste of money. If you are that concerned, chuck the wipes box in the airing cupboard or sit it on the radiator."

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