Family Christmas


Already beginning the countdown? Here's how to ensure you have a fabulous and stress-free time this year.

Get ahead of the game by making your own Christmas gifts (such as the perennially popular dishwasher vodka) - and to make sure January and February aren't spent paying for December, make good use of our Christmas budget planner.

Talking of budgets, don't forget to check out the latest Christmas discount thread in Talk.

Mumsnet Secret Santa

secret santa

Mumsnet's Secret Santa is an annual tradition of life-affirming generosity, guaranteeing Christmas cheer all round. Find out how it all came about and how to take part.

Top children's presents

kiddizoom watch

Lego? Skylanders? ANYTHING to do with the movie Frozen?  See which toys and gifts are topping the most-wanted lists this year, according to the UK's top toy retailers.

Christmas budget planner

Christmas baubles

Use this budget planning tool and countdown-to-Christmas clock from the Money Advice Service to ensure your festive spending doesn't break the bank.

Dishwasher vodka

Christmas vodka

Yes, you can make flavoured vodka in your dishwasher. See Mumsnetters' inventive recipes for homemade liqueurs. Nice to quaff at Christmas or to give as quality homemade presents.

Christmas food and recipes

Christmas cake

'Tis the season for Christmas cooking, so make the best of it with these most festive of recipes. 

Nativity play disasters

Child in Nativity play giggling

The annual nativity play is the stuff parenting memories are made of. Read on to enjoy Mumsnetters' accounts of the on-stage triumphs and tragedies, and the backstage drama...

Poncetastic tips

Christmas wreath on grey front door

Want to make the run-up to Christmas even more stressful by hand-crafting cards, making your own wreath and agonising over the theme for your Whimsical Homemade Tree? Step this way...

Christmas crafts for kids

Felt Christmas decoration

Bust out the glue, glitter and assorted craft accessories and get the children stuck in to some of these easy Christmas craft suggestions.

Mumsnet's Christmas playlist

Wham cover

Bust out the mince pies, pour the bubbly and slip on your dancing shoes. We've compiled our ultimate Christmas playlist, and it's a cracker.

Christmas relationship advice

Broken Christmas bauble

Festive family gathering giving you gritted teeth? Browse some of our relationship advice for easing Christmas stresses and keep your household from going a bit crackers. 





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