what is the oddest thing someone has done when you have visited their house?

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2shoeskickedtheeasterbunny Fri 06-Apr-12 23:25:31

mine was my DB, he did warn me but tbh I was so...... shock
I was kind of 'oh ok"
he put old sheets on the floor to protect his carpet from...

dd's wheelchair wheels

guess where we won't be going again(this was after he insisted she was shoved in the corner of the table at a pub...just in case she got in the staff's way....WTF)

??? YOUR please

soloula Tue 25-Aug-15 18:51:57

This might be my favourite thread ever! grin

Mine would have to be a few years ago when I signed up as a volunteer tutor. I was assigned to a wee primary age boy and went with the volunteer coordinator to meet him.

We turned up at his flat as arranged but there was no answer. He was from a large family and one of his cousins was on the front step and said he was at another cousin's just down the road. Coordinator knew the flat as he'd arranged a tutor for said cousin so off we went to the other flat.

Arrived and the flat was full (think easily 40+ people). We got shown to the living room and met the wee boy and his mum. We were discussing what mum wanted from tutoring and their availability and the mum said that her dad was very ill and she would have to accompany his body back to Pakistan when he died. We asked as delicately as we could when this might be and she said basically any minute as he was very ill. Then she was called out the room and I was going through the wee boys school books with him when we heard this almighty wailing from just about every female in the flat.

Turns out the grandad was in the very next room and had just died. We made a hasty exit after that!

itsbetterthanabox Mon 17-Aug-15 23:36:25

Celiafate is it cool if slim people answer the door half dressed?
Is decency only based on how sexually attractive you deem the person?

willyouwontyou Mon 17-Aug-15 22:00:24

Aged about 23ish, new boyfriend. Takes me to meet his parents. We sit down to dinner, his mum has made spaghetti bolognaise. Go to start eating, his mum gives him a look and says 'Come on David, you know the rules'. He's like all 'mum not in front of my new girlfriend please'. I'm wondering what on earth is going on. Bit more arguing, eventually mother wins out.....and he takes his t shirt off and eats his dinner bare chested. Apparently he wasn't a very tidy spag bol eater and it was to save his mum having to get the stains out of his t shirt. I was shock

ProfessorPickles Mon 17-Aug-15 20:49:04

I want more grin

RainbowRoses Mon 17-Aug-15 02:14:16

Finally reached the end, I can go to sleep now!

Will be checking back soon for more grin

MarilynMongoose Tue 21-Jul-15 10:27:07

Xbf mum was a bit nutty. Instead of a shower curtain she had actual curtains in the shower complete with big tassle tie backs that smelt like damp dead skunks. When I stayed over she would take my dirty washing knickers and all out of my bag when I was out with Xbf and wash it all. Okay this is sort of kind but i was only there visiting for a night. Also she would wash out plastic shopping bags and hang them on the washing line to dry haha! A very odd family.

MarilynMongoose Tue 21-Jul-15 10:19:05

When I was about 13 a random girl in my class passed me a note asking if I would go round her house for dinner. A bit odd I thought as I never spoke to her and she was really quiet in class and didn't have any friends so I went as I felt a bit sorry for her to be honest. I remeber just sitting in her room not talking while she played with dolls confused we were 13 and my other friends certainly didn't play with toys etc we were more into talking about boys and getting drunk. Then hre mum said dinner was ready so we went into the dinning room and her mum had brought freind a furby. Her mum then went on for about 20 minutes explaining how the furby grin was for said friend only and not me and how I didn't know the girl well enough to be brought a furby of my own!? Did she honestly think I would be like where's my furby? We were 13 I didn't want a bloody furby anyway! All so odd!? She made the biggest fuss over this furby still makes me hmm to this day.

stayanotherday Sat 18-Jul-15 15:56:13

I had an aquaintance who seemed lonely and yet every time she invited me to hers,she'd always be going out after I'd arrived. I stopped as it was a 28 mile round trip.

dlwelly Fri 10-Jul-15 23:43:32

This is a great thread - hope I'm not too late to join in!

I can't think of any where I've been a guest but when I was younger (14) I was doing quite a bit of babysitting which I enjoyed and like to think I was quite good at!

I was recommended to a lady from my usual weekly lady. She wanted a night out with her husband and didn't know anyone (new to the area) so asked me as my usual lady recommended me.

I Went round in the week so that the kids would be used to me and so that I knew where everything was - she said she'd get them ready for bed etc. so just needed me to be there in case they woke up (they were 2 & 4).

The midweek visit went fine, kids were sweet and seemed very chilled.

Get there on the Saturday about 7.30 and she's no where near ready to go out. Asks me to entertain the kids which wasn't a problem as I enjoyed looking after them, I'm waiting for her to come down and put them to bed. About 8.30 she comes down all glammed up with husband, we're going now see you later, don't stay up too late with them!

A bit odd I thought as she said she would put them to bed and I thought it was getting late. Tell the kids one more game and then it's bed time (bear in mind I'm 14, no kids of my own and she didn't tell me anything about routines etc. )

8.45 she calls me as she's remembered (yes - she had forgotten but then remembered at 8.45!) that they haven't had their tea yet - would I mind doing tea?! Not a huge problem but I was very young and no bloody idea what to give them, she just said to get something out the cupboard! Think they had spaghetti on toast!

Kids probably didn't go down until 11ish. Maybe she wanted a lie in in the morning!

All very weird, didn't go back!

evelynj Tue 28-Apr-15 21:45:34

Haha, Boobykiss-that's great!!

FixItUpChappie Sun 26-Apr-15 17:05:03

we were at a child's birthday and at one point most of the living room had cleared out for a few minutes. my DH and I were sitting with my friends FIL, BIL, his wife. Sitting quietly when the wife (sitting on her husbands lap) asks her husband for a "booby-kiss". I thought perhaps I misheard her until she repeated it "booby-kiss?". Her father in law just sat there awkwardly while we stared at our shoes.

my husband and I still snigger about it. What a weird fucking thing to say in front of others especially your FIL

evelynj Sun 26-Apr-15 15:34:24

A lady near me is OCD to the point that she has NO bins in the house & doesn't like her wheelie bing getting dirty. Db was doing some work for it fitting a door that was faulty but on asking her for the receipt, (shed bought door previous day), was told 'I haven't got it anymore-went with yesterday's rubbish.

Turns out she drives to the tip every day before it closes with that day's rubbish!

Also, once myself & some uni friends had gone to stay at my xbf house while his parents were away. I'd mentioned to a friend that they lived in a lovely little village with river in back garden & v old pub across road. She turned up around midnight having decided she'd like to visit, only she didn't know the address & forgot the name of the village. She'd got the train to the large town & then got in a taxi & told the driver what she knew of where she wanted to get to. After a whistle stop tour decided yes this was the village & knocked on some neighbours doors to see if they knew xbf. Just slightly shocked to open the door to her, esp as she had shaved her head & wasn't wearing any shoes. Then had to scrape together money to pay the taxi driver for her!

Happiestinwellybobs Fri 24-Apr-15 18:54:08

I was asked to be a bridesmaid for a work colleague who I'd become very friendly with. The wedding was a couple of hours drive away in the afternoon - I was told that arriving in the morning wouldn't be good enough and I should pay for two nights hotel stay. And as it was on a Friday (being cheaper for them) I had to take the day off work. In the run up, the groom who I also worked with told me they didn't want gifts and wanted money instead - suggesting £50 would be appropriate, even to the point of tallying up how much they would get!

I had bought a beautiful bowl - very much their taste. Obviously this didn't go down well and my thank you card - very short and to the point - arrived weeks after the rest of my colleagues!

So we arrive at the hotel. The bride falls out with me as I've had a fake tan which is darker than hers and I don't attend a pre-wedding dinner which I hadn't been invited to, I am not told about any of the days plans.

The wedding took place. The guests went in to the meal - tables laid with several wine glasses but no wine appeared. Cue 50 odd people all getting up at once to the go to the bar!

Throw in a drug dealer at the evening reception and the husband of a work colleague stalking me all evening as he'd gone on his own and left his pregnant wife at home.

I didn't have much to do with the couple after that smile

wrongbongpacketofrinso Fri 24-Apr-15 13:01:48

We went to DH's Aunt's house for DH's grandmother's 80th birthday party. I was in the kitchen helping put food on platters to go out to the buffet table. I mentioned there was no platter for the bread so the Aunt moved the cat out of its basket, took the tea towel off its hook and popped it in the basket, then handed the basket to me to put the bread in. I was too gobsmacked to say anything, my SIL (who had seen the whole thing) raced outside to tell my DH, her DH and our other BILs and SILs not to eat the bread! Meow!!!

gabsdot45 Tue 21-Apr-15 11:51:52

I thought of another one. My dad's aunt was a sort of Catholic groupy. She used to go on pilgrimages to all the sites, Lourdes, Knock etc. And she had a group of friends that she used to go with. One was a priest and she was very fond of him and was very keen for my parents to meet him so one day they went to his house for tea.
He was an avid collector of all things to do with nun's habits, (ie the clothing nuns wear). His house was full of dolls dresses as nuns including a life size nun doll wearing a nun's burial outfit in a coffin.
My mum said it was the weirdest place she'd ever been in.

gabsdot45 Tue 21-Apr-15 10:55:40

Years ago a family from our church invited me and a friend over for dinner. The wife was a lovely woman, she was Asian and was an amazing cook. the husband was Irish and very odd, (I'm Irish too so I can say that). We assumed that she had been a mail order bride.
Anyway when we arrived he came into the room to say hello naked to the waste, nice, not. She told him to get dressed, which he did and he proceeded to spend ages setting up the TV and video player so that he could show us a film. It took ages and was involved a lot of faffing but eventually the film started. It was "the song of Bernadette". That film with Audrey Hepburn about the vision of our Lady at Lourdes.
He insisted that we watch the film and when we tried to chat to his wife or each other he told us to be quiet and watch the film.
Very strange guy

Messygirl Thu 05-Mar-15 19:01:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Dionysuss Thu 05-Mar-15 18:01:42

When I was younger, I was for a short time friends with a boy who would invite everyone round to his house. There would be a group of us stood on his doorstep while his mum stood at the threshold and pointed out who could come in and who couldn't. She would reject at random. Some days you would be allowed in, others turned away.

RegTheMonkey1 Thu 05-Mar-15 15:56:48

Went to visit then boyfriend's mother for the first time to stay for a weekend. That night we were squeezed into his single bed in his boyhood bedroom, and luckily we were just talking, when his mother walked in without knocking and handed me a small hand towel, or it might have been a face flannel, anyway she said 'this is your honey towel, just in case you two get up to anything'. And then walked out. I suppose she meant it was for wiping my bits on. Anyway, next morning, really early, the door BURST open and very large man dressed in camouflage gear, carrying a shot gun, ran into room yelling 'AHA!' I nearly wet myself, but boyfriend explained it was his cousin who was 'always up to daft things'. Final image from that weekend was going into the dining room to find six cats on the table, all busily eating our dinner. She just shooed them off and kind of flapped a tea towel at the plates.

followmeunclecracker Thu 05-Mar-15 15:37:16

and DP were invited to friends house for tea one evening.
The bloke answered the door with just a towel covering his knob but not wrapped around his waist, actually held in over the top.
When I introduced him to my DP, he dropped the towel to shake DP's hand revealing a huge, I mean HUGE, really weirdly purple-coloured knob with really dangly balls weirdest gential area I've ever seen

He made no apologies for this and just walked off upstairs to 'get changed' and came back down a few minutes later in jeans and a T-shirt and we had food.

No-one spoke of it all night or since. We're still kind of friends but everytime I see him

followmeunclecracker Thu 05-Mar-15 15:36:35

Me and DP were invited to friends house for tea one evening.
The bloke answered the door with just a towel covering his knob but not wrapped around his waist, actually held in over the top.
When I introduced him to my DP, he dropped the towel to shake DP's hand revealing a huge, I mean HUGE, really weirdly purple-coloured knob with really dangly balls weirdest gential area I've ever seen

He made no apologies for this and just walked off upstairs to 'get changed' and came back down a few minutes later in jeans and a T-shirt and we had food.

No-one spoke of it all night or since. We're still kind of friends but everytime I see him I can't get the image of his bits out of my head

RegTheMonkey1 Thu 05-Mar-15 14:57:20

This happened a very, very long time ago. My mum and I didn't have a phone (and this was long before mobiles), but she had a long-standing arrangement with her older brother that she and I (she was a widow) went to visit him and his wife every second Friday. We would have dinner and then go home. We would just go round to the back of their house and let ourselves in the back door, walk through the kitchen and into the living room.
One Friday we made the trip across town, it was a dark winter's night, and as usual we walking round their path to the back of the house. We opened the back door and the kitchen was in darkness for some reason. The switch was on the other side of the room. No bother, we had walked through this kitchen so many times, we could have done it blindfolded anyway.
First thing that made me think something was wrong was when I heard a crash and a 'Christ!' from my mum. I was walking behind her in this dark - and now unfamiliar room - as she bumped into a table, knocked over a chair and so on. For some reason she turned round and whispered 'just get out now'. We crashed and banged our way through the kitchen furniture again, and out the back door. I looked up at the upstairs bedroom window and saw the face of a strange young boy looking down at me (aunt and uncle were late middle aged and had no children at home). He pointed at me and then opened his mouth and was obviously yelling something. Mum and I legged it round the path and ran until we were on the main road again. Aunt and uncle had moved out and a new family had moved in, and they'd not told us! So we were clattering about in a stranger's kitchen. My mother was mildly annoyed but I found the whole thing quite scary.

MrsGiraffe12 Tue 03-Mar-15 21:46:23

Weirdest thing ever that happened to me was when me and DB (now DH) went to stay at a uni friends house. We're ttc at the time so thought we could get away with a quiet shag (maybe we were in the wrong shagging in someone else's house but I digress)

Anyway, the next morning I was straightening my hair in the living room when my friend came in and congratulated me on finding a bloke who "lasted ages before he came" and then proceeded to tell me she would be having lots of sex with her DP as a result of hearing us boak

MagelanicClouds Tue 03-Mar-15 09:56:11

Lavender, that's just shocking

lavenderhoney Mon 02-Mar-15 22:55:27

A family member asked me to leave for bf. No matter it was 6.00am and no one about and the baby was 6 weeks old plus a toddler. I was covered up too, not lounging naked on the sofa! I had to pack and load the car myself within hour (!) as I was staying and find somewhere else, seeing as I was supposed to be at theirs for a week, and normally lived abroad. No internet available so just sat in car calling random people trying to find someone with Internet access to book me a hotel/ holiday cottage.

Drove alone with baby and toddler from Paris, caught ferry, drove 2 hours to parents. Told they were tired and couldnt manage people ( me and dc ) staying. They told me this through a window. I actually thought they were being held hostage or something, then realised they were just weird. Had to beg to use loo for toddlers . Sat in car and booked rental cottage, in a more child friendly area, online and drove there instead.

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