Of Mice and Maltesers - chat thread for round three.

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First posting date - 1 August.

Please email the initials of your book and author by 20 July to ali41w at googlemail dot com.

I've still to hear from Johnworf and one other. Has anyone seen her around lately?

artifarti Mon 30-Apr-12 19:20:47

I think aristocat and her are on a thread together...coo-ee, aristo...!

And another call out for itsjustafleshwound too!

aristocat Tue 01-May-12 11:21:56

Hi girls, yes I know JohnWorf through MN. I didn't think she was taking part in the next round but I will message her now smile

Haven't seen itsjusta

Hi there all,

I think I am going to have to pass on this round - I have so many books lined up that I want to read, that perhaps by the time it comes to the next round I will have the decks cleared to be able to give the books a better chance.

Enjoy and sorry for taking so long getting back ....

Right, that just leaves five of us. Will we go ahead anyway, and then open it out to the wider MN audience in about 4 months time - as well as the three that are taking a break for this round - and see if we can get back up to 12?

I'll email addresses to those taking part now.

artifarti Tue 01-May-12 16:27:50

Yes, let's go for it. I still have all the emails of people from previous rounds who were interested in future ones, so we could start with them when the time comes.

Hurrah! Feeding DS2 every 3 hours at night means I am getting lots of reading done grin. and I need the chocolate for the extra BF-ing calories wink.

artifarti Tue 01-May-12 16:33:35

Are we voting for our favourite book this round too?

JohnWorf is in, too, so that's six of us. I've reversed the posting order and you should all have an email from me now with details of the person you're posting to. I will start a new chat thread for Round 4, but in the meantime do you want to vote on the Round 3 Books?

They were:

The Diving Bell & the Butterfly
Dry White Season
Gift of Rain
Cutting For Stone
Secret Life of Bees
A Week in December
Long Lost
My Brilliant Career

For me, I think it was Cutting For Stone, closely followed byDry White Season (although I've still to read My Brilliant Career). I loved reading about Ethiopia, which is somewhere I know nothing about and I found the book a real page-turner.

aristocat Tue 01-May-12 21:28:35

Brilliant ...... thanks AP I have replied to your email and will post tomorrow.

My favourite book was ::drum roll:: Secret life of Bees from dysgu.

Dysgu Tue 01-May-12 23:03:31

Thanks AP I have your email but checked my messages too late to buy the right chocolate so sorry JW I will have to buy and post on Saturday (adds a 'What happened to my 'doing better' this time?' emoticon blush )

and my favourite book in the last round was..... Long Lost! But not sure of the owner.

aristocat Tue 01-May-12 23:35:00

Twas mine Dysgu grin I am sending to you again ....

Hi, just sent off the book this morning - sorry for the delay! Really hard to choose this time, I liked so many of them for different reasons. Probably Cutting for Stone, but I really liked Secret Life of Bees a lot, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly was a fascinating read - Long Lost was just a great page turner (and I associate it with that nice hot spell we had in October so I was reading in the garden).... I would not be a good person to have on the Booker panel clearly!

artifarti Fri 04-May-12 19:07:29

Glad some of you liked my choice smile. For me, I think it would have to be Gift of Rain, although I also really enjoyed a Dry White Season and My Brilliant Career. I really love that this swap introduces me to some classics I have never heard of.

I realised when I was packaging up this round's book that I have picked another whopper - sorry about that, I will try to be more concise next time!

Are we starting threads for the books we have chosen?

aristocat Sat 05-May-12 00:11:10

Hi all, just wanted to say that my book (and choccy!) has arrived smile Thank You AP

Really loved Cutting For Stone - it was on my 'to be read' pile and so pleased that I did read a truly lyrical and well written book ..

Has everyone got their first book of the next round now? I've started a new thread for Round 4 chat. smile

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