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Perimenopause advice needed

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CHOCOLATEPEANUT Sun 30-Aug-09 23:23:05

I have been feeling like I am loosing my mind but after a bit of reading up realise I am in perimenopause cycle

i am 42 and had my last child 22 months ago.I have always had periods every 28 days that last 4 days bit last month and this they lasted 2 days

my mood has been awful,very stressed,anxious depressed (severe this month) and this month i have felt palpitations and dizzyness.I am over heating too

i am a bit worried as I have felt quite ill and i hate the mood swings as do my family

anyone in same position that can offer any advice?

pinkfrocks Thu 29-Jan-15 20:49:06

You need to go back to whoever fitted it and ask for it to be removed. But bear in mind it may be a coincidence that the PMT has got worse because the Mirena is supposed to only affect the uterus not your entire system.

Have a read about HRT and what you need- Menopause Matters is a good website. You cannot use oestrogen only unless you have no womb.
You can take progestogens as tablets if the coil doesn't suit you.
I doubt Prof Studd meant you could only use oestrogen.

louloulala1 Thu 29-Jan-15 19:11:06

PERI MENOPAUSE ADVICE NEEDED...desperate please help me.
Aged 49 i am experiencing far more periods. This isn't a problem as no pain but what is a problem is dreadful permanent PMS. Did some research on Prof John Studd who recommends a blob of estrogen gel. However, my GP said no unless i had progrestrone too. Have ended up with Mirena coil and it is aweful. Within 48 hrs developed the worst headache and blurred vision, feel low and anxious and ache everywhere, Need it out fast but why can't i have what Prof Joh Studd recommended.Am desperate as affecting my marriage now..please can anyone help me?

pinkfrocks Sat 20-Sep-14 20:01:33

sorry- when I said available via the NHS what I meant was you can get it on the NHS through your dr though I see a dr privately.

pinkfrocks Sat 20-Sep-14 19:58:31

bibi is your last post for me?

The progesterone I use is prescribed by a consultant gynae. It's called Utrogestan and is available only on prescription, via the NHS, and is the progesterone part of HRT.

I'm in complete agreement with you about the stuff you posted on- been saying the same for years smile

bibijay Sat 20-Sep-14 19:25:09

Have a look at this online article:
It's a proper medical article, not a sales site telling you how great their product is.
I used Progest cream for 5 years and have now stopped. I don't think it made any difference, except to my bank balance.
Save your money. Spend it on a walking group (great for health, mood, looks) or a meditation class! Or buy a little something to make yourself happy with the saved cash every month.
I think the natural progest cream is a scam.

pinkfrocks Sat 20-Sep-14 18:44:32

The stuff you buy in jars cannot be converted by the body into the progesterone that is needed. It is a scam.
I use natural progesterone as part of HRT and it's in capsules.

Why won't you consider conventional treatment like HRT for your symptoms?

bibijay Sat 20-Sep-14 18:37:21

Ps I put this here as wanted to help inform anyone looking into menopause alternative therapies. Hope it's the right place.

bibijay Sat 20-Sep-14 18:34:46

Hi, I have been on Life-flo Progest natural progesterone cream for about 5 years. I have been ordering it from Amazon and EBay.
I have now decided to stop using it because I am not sure it does anything more than a placebo, and it is very expensive.
I started taking it to relieve menopause symptoms including hot flushes, mood swings, anxiety and insomnia, and in the hope that it would also keep me young and beautiful (!!!) as that's what all the blurb online suggests! More fool me, I think I have been suckered. Still have hot flushes, and all the other stuff, and well, let's just say age has not passed me by without a mark!
I trawled the net before reaching my decision and there is a lot of hard sell stuff for progest creams, including here in the mumsnet forum, so I thought I'd add my tuppence worth for anyone looking for advice like I was.
In the end I found this article and it made my mind up for me, so I'm off.
If I grow a beard and put on 3 stone I'll let you know.

Last year I had a period which started in mid March, and bar a couple of days here and there didn't stop until early July, and then only with the help of tranxemic acid. That managed to at least stop the permanent bleeding, but now I'm down to a period every 3 weeks at most, occasionally every 2. The hot flushes/night sweats have started, though fortunately mostly in the evenings & at night so far, but I've had the itchy chesty described up thread, the raging temper, the utter lack of libido for most of the time, and terrible nightmares. This is it isn't it? I'm 48 so it's not unexpected but I'm not looking forward to it - I'm not a great vitamin/pill taker but is there one tablet rather than a whole host which can help with the general symptons - is Menopace worth it?

I've got to have a smear shortly so will raise it all then, but in the meantime would dearly love to lessen some of the symptoms both for my sake and everyone in this household's as well!

FiveExclamations Fri 01-Aug-14 15:20:12

I have just had an appointment with our Practice Nurse for something that may be related to my peri-ness and we got talking about my peri-ness in general and the couple of issues that are getting to be a bit shit in particular. Lord luv a duck she listened to what I was saying and has recommended which Doctor to approach for a consultation to consider what can be done. I cannot describe the Flippin' joy.

The other Doctor I saw about this a while back (who has been great on other issues, so not bashing) was very much "Well, that's life isn't it?" Well yes, that is life, but if there is something that might make the week and a half of anything from distracting discomfort to out and out misery more bearable then I'd really like to explore it without being made to feel a bit silly.

Just WHOOOOPEEEEEE! <does a little dance/has a bit of a cry>.

Lesnewth Sun 27-Jul-14 16:30:25

I'm 50 and have been having extremely heavy periods every 3 wks for the last 5 yrs. Had anaemia and was on iron tablets on and off for 2yrs.

My last period started 20th April and didn't finish until well into May. Nothing since, except night sweats for the last 3 weeks but they've eased off the past week.

My mood has been awful though. Depressed, weepy angry, you name it, I've felt it. Relationship practically non existent as I just Can't. Be. Bothered.

Wonder if my periods have stopped????

Lesnewth Sun 27-Jul-14 16:29:36

I'm 50 and have been having extremely heavy periods every 3 wks for the last 5 yrs. Had anaemia and was on iron tablets on and off for 2yrs.

My last period started 20th April and didn't finish until well into May. Nothing since, except night sweats for the last 3 weeks but they've eased off the past week.

My mood has been awful though. Depressed, weepy angry, you name it, I've felt it. Relationship practically non existent as I just Can't. Be. Bothered.

Wonder if my periods have stopped????

QueenCardigan Sun 27-Jul-14 09:12:35

Me again. Anyone else around? After last posting I didn't get my period so after having periods every 2 weeks for the last 3-4 months, this month I've had just very slight bloody discharge on day 28 and that's it. Anyone else experienced this?

QueenCardigan Fri 11-Jul-14 13:09:21

I'm back. In between times I can feel very happy and normal but right now I just feel down and detached and extremely tired. I had a period 2 weeks ago which was unexpected as it was two weeks after the last one and now I feel like I'm due again. I've been having headaches and period pains and awful low mood. Dh is worried about me but i can't snap out of it.

kalkan I think it was you who asked about AD premenstrually. That had been working fine but now my periods are all over the place I've started taking it every day to see if it makes a difference. It was my gynae who suggested it and it's in the nice guidelines for pmt.

Elenashephard Wed 09-Jul-14 11:24:51

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

esther39 Tue 08-Jul-14 17:36:59

Yes i'm the poor lady who was told she was perimenopausal at just 37!
I don't think when you start menopause is related in any way as to when you started your periods. I didn't start until i was 16. Reckon i started meno around age 34 as that is when i noticed the first signs.
I think my mum was early, although she was over 40. Iv'e heard you go through meno roughly the same time as your mum so i'm worried for my 3 daughter's. Apparently it could happen to them even younger, so i will be urging them to have babies before they reach 30.

MissScatterbrain Tue 08-Jul-14 07:23:41

I agree the horny phase is related to ovulating but it gets really bad, its like being a teenager again - DH isn't complaining though!

The periods I'm having are like yours - takes a while to get going and to wind down.

Kalkan28 Tue 08-Jul-14 00:13:23

Yes I can relate to all of that. I too have to wear bra in bed have got some m and s vests with the support in and they are fab but when I take it off its agony! The boob thing is for around two weeks and the sex drive thing yes me too! I thought it was related to ovulating? Periods are no how now. Still bang on time but take a few days to get going then are horrendous heavy and take days to wind down. I always feel great for around ten days after period and rest of month feel like a monster! I too keep going dead hot but not sweats. Also the heart palpitations - really horrible. Not very often but still awful. Have never had zits until recently and they are proper teenage zits! Horrible. Aching joints as well recently. Glad to know what it is but it's not pleasant. I get dizzineSs too sometimes. All these things are mild but very real. The poor lady who was tols she was peri menopausal at 37 that must of been so hard. Blimey it comes as a shock. Is it true that the earlier you start periods the earlier you will start this? Interestingly I am following exact same pattern as my mum she was all finished at 45.

MissScatterbrain Mon 07-Jul-14 21:42:53

Think I am in the same club - extra sore boobs (so bad that I have to wear a bra in bed), waking up hot at nights (but no sweats), BO, spots, turning into a fishwife the week before my period and having a very high sex drive the week after my period finishes (WTF is that all about!?). Periods are either horribly heavy or average but are taking an extra couple of days to finish.

esther39 Mon 07-Jul-14 20:02:14

I was told i was perimenopausal when i was just 37. 39 now and menopause is in full swing i think. Started HRT 4 months ago.

NK346f2849X127d8bca260 Sun 06-Jul-14 22:51:54

So I suppose longest gap so far has been about 17 weeks.

NK346f2849X127d8bca260 Sun 06-Jul-14 22:50:16

I am 51 so a bit older than you! I had a period beginning of September than none until third week of January. One after that was late April.
Like you I am not going to do any light coloured trousers!!

iarose Sun 06-Jul-14 21:34:01

Age 45 not had a period for now 16 weeks... so annoying as have no idea if or when next period will come. Like eatyourveg am leaving my white trousers in the cupboard this summer...

Had blood tests which showed FSH slightly high but not remarkable. Feel I am a bit young to have stopped completely... what's the longest anyone else has gone without a period for it to then come back?

Doctor said after all this time my next period could come back with a vengeance and then some... how very reassuring...

Kalkan28 Wed 18-Jun-14 23:45:12

Hi CrystalDeCanter. Oh dear well I cant tell you how much better I feel since I restarted this thread. I have been feeling so down for about three years with my symptoms telling myself "surely if it was something really bad I'd be dead by now"! Honestly, its weird how even close friends/family you cant talk about this stuff isnt it? I am hardly going to find the right moment to talk about funny periods/moods/depression. Its like we have to carry this image of being perfect all the time and in control and admitting a weakness is like worrying everyone else that if youre not with it then they are all in sh*t street too! Is this making sense?! I totally know what you mean about the black moods. I have had all sorts of weird thoughts and yes the brain tumour being one of them. I can only relate this to how I felt straight after I had my daughter and I felt like I was trying to climb up an icey mountain in roller skates. I HATE not being on the ball. I am doing all the stupid things I did back then like putting milk in the fabric softener draw (yes, really), putting my mobile in the fridge - oh god its so bad. The thing that freaks me out is that although the physical things have being going on for 2-3 years, the mental thing has come on like a bolt out of the blue. Also the aching joints thing - wtf? It has scared me how much I have changed in the last few weeks. I am trying to see the funny side of it but its hard. I am a manic worrier at the best of times and its like everything has been multiplied. I am trying to spend as much time outside as I can and am seeing a therapist woman next week. I too dont want to go down the AD route but I will if I have to. I have some max strength st johns wort which I have been on for a week now and can feel a difference, kind of makes me go at a slower peace and not be so manic. I guess you need to do the things you enjoy - even simple things. Hope youre ok. xx

CrystalDeCanter Wed 18-Jun-14 13:38:33

Oh man I am so grateful to this thread and all you fellow loons sufferers.

I posted on here ages ago, and after a couple of horrendous months with awful pmt where I thought I was going MAD, literally insane.. I have re read my posts above, and have taken up the B6 again.

I find that on day 7 (or thereabouts) before my period is due I descend into the most awful bleak black moods, I am horrible to my family sad and almost suicidally depressed. It lifts after a few days but I really feel like I'm going off my head. I also have a terrible memory and it's such a comfort to read that it's a common problem - I was worried I had some kind of brain tumour (overreact? me???).

I'm 46 btw and my periods although a bit erratic aren't really yet at the bonkers unpredictable all over the place stage. It's really the mental effects that are really hard to deal with.

I'll keep taking the B6 but am interested in the poster further up (sorry I can't find your post now) who was on Anti D's for a couple of weeks prior to her period. I don't really want to go down the Anti d route really, but neither do I want to throw myself off a bridge in a moment of Menopause related insanity . . . hmm

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