So..... apparently parents with ADHD children are "unscrupulous". Still if it paves the way for cutting DLA then that's okay - after all we're just milking the system

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DillyDaydreaming Sun 06-Feb-11 13:26:58


What a pile of shite.

My son received his ADHD diagnosis alongside one of ASD. I didn't SEEK the diagnosis and never even considered it until the paediatrician brought it up. The paediatrician based that opinion on extensive observations and reports of my DS - it certainly was not "just a tick box" affair. Even then it was not conformed for several months for further observations and assessments.

And if the head teacher quoted is SO sure it's just a parent milking the system why is she aiding a positive diagnosis by ticking her "tick boxes" in a positive way>

Stupid bloody woman - just hope she never gets withing 100 feet of MY son because with teachers like that he needs NO enemies. In fact she might wish to meet my son - he is NOT disruptive/bouncing off the walls. Instead he is much quieter and struggles to maintain focus and attention enough to understand the curriculum without visual aids and support. Nor is he on any medication.

What a shite report and what a shite head teacher. We are not all milking the system - as a mother and as a health professional I can tell you there are many more of us who don't seek a diagnosis because we don't suspect ADHD until it is suggested.

Still if it makes people feel more friendly to the idea of cutting DLA I assume that's okay with Shiney Dave and his pals in power.


And fwiw - all assessments of my DS suggest he will do well in life - he will work (just as I do), pay taxes (just as I do) but hey - lets stuff ALL parents doing their best - shuffle them all into the "shit parents" pile and cut off all support - that'll learn em!

Bramshott Thu 10-Feb-11 12:58:45

Dear God but it's a confused article isn't it!

It seems to get from "some kids with ADHD may be over-medicated" to "parents are recieving DLA fraudulently" in a few short paragraphs!

Alouiseg Thu 10-Feb-11 13:49:33

I mentioned this in a thread months ago!

No one believed me. I was evil incarnate that day.

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Alouiseg Thu 10-Feb-11 14:40:58

That some unscrupulous parents were pushing for an unnecessary dx to get a higher rate of benefits.

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Alouiseg Thu 10-Feb-11 16:52:58

It doesn't benefit teachers to deny disabilities though, they lose funding that way!

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Alouiseg Thu 10-Feb-11 17:19:12

So instead of gaining funding by having SN children at the school they lose it from elsewhere and end up with less? confused

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Alouiseg Thu 10-Feb-11 18:07:38

Thats interesting because ds" school is about to become an Academy. At the meeting a parent asked about sn provision and how it would affect funding. We were told that currently sn funding comes directly from la but once academy status is achieved the school will receive a budget which it will administer as it sees necessary but will of course make any sn provision necessary.

From that im guessing that your school is already an Academy?

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OscarandLulu Thu 10-Feb-11 18:59:19

I live in Germany and ADHD alongside other similar profile, complicated to diagnose conditions are all looked for in mandatory pediatric check-ups which continue until children here are in their teens.

Doctors here have conversations with kids about; their eating habits, how much TV, video games and computers play a role in their lives. Its a long term preventative approach which takes all children into account, plays a role in educating broadly the society on healthy behaviours, and facilitates early diagnoses where required to prevent conditions escalating out of control for anyone affected.

Obviously the net doesn't catch everyone, but it does speak to a more joined up approach... if you haven't been taking your kids to regular check-ups through out their developing years then its more difficult to demonstrate a random case of ADHD for example. This system requires a number of professionals over a long period alongside parents to come to these sorts of diagnoses.

I don't think the 5live report looks left to right across this issue, and the token anecdotal evidence from a handful of headteachers whose subjective opinions are otherwise unqualified, is insufficient to make a valuable decision about whether parents are inappropriately abusing a benefit they could be entitled to.

The undefined cost to society of mental health issues in young and mature adults that go undiagnosed and lead to more serious consequences is far greater than the cost of providing early medication, support and where appropriate, benefits.

plantfamily Fri 11-Feb-11 10:31:23

My Sister in law lives on a council estate, where the mothers are telling each other how to get the kids diagnosed and what you need to do to get the most amount of money. So what they are reporting really is happening

My sister in law is getting stupid amounts for her son, who she has always refused to disiplin and has always spoilt rotten, at 8 years old, he has sky tv in his room a laptop, ds, wii, iphone, goes out and comes in when ever he pleases, is given a mars bar to take to bed.

So she gets money to entertain him and also free / cheap access to cinemas theme parks.

We know of another family that is using there payments to pay for thier car with dvd players etc.

If you get two or three kids diagnosed, thats a lot of money you can get for free.

The system is wide open to abuse and it is being abused, leaving families with genuine issues who really do need help and support feeling like they are having the finger pointed at them.

There was a report the other day about how trials have showed changing the food the kids eat eliminated ADHD in a lot of cases?

The government and health officials should work with these families to identify issues and not just roll over, sign a form and start giving children powerfull drugs, and the parents bags of money

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powdergirl Fri 11-Feb-11 13:22:45

"My Sister in law lives on a council estate, where the mothers are telling each other how to get the kids diagnosed and what you need to do to get the most amount of money. So what they are reporting really is happening"

Well, mothers on the SN board here swap tips on how to get a diagnosis and how to fill out the DLA forms to get the most money. Because otherwise it can take years to get a diagnosis, with the children getting worse in the meantime, and the DLA forms are a bugger to fill in and many parents have to go to tribunal so of course they need advice on how to do it.

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Message withdrawn

plantfamily Fri 11-Feb-11 16:06:48


Don't have a go at me, i'm just telling it as it is.

For one child she gets £250 per month for the ADHD + £50 careers allowance, even though the boys at school most of the time, and when he's out of school she had no idea were he is, they can goto the 3D cinema for £1, gets cheap / free entrance to museums, farms.

They may not be as educated as you teachers, lawyers and LA employees, but they know the systems.

And as I said, don't have a go at me, I'm just telling it how it is, whats going on annoys the hell out of me. I have worked very hard and paid over £40K tax last year, my partner stays home with our baby and we don't get anything from the state

plantfamily Fri 11-Feb-11 16:09:00

£300 a month would pay for a car, and if you have two kids diagnosed, thats erm £550 a month, enough to finance a 40K merc!!

redhappy Fri 11-Feb-11 16:16:01

plantfamily has your SIL ds been diagnosed with anything? The forms are not just a case of put a load of stuff down and they'll give you some money.

If she has been awarded dla that means professionals who know his case are in agreement that he has additional needs.

Message withdrawn

stressedok Sat 12-Feb-11 18:14:41

It is thanks to head teachers and people like her, why us parents sruggle to get the support for our kids with adhd. We are not bad parents, yes we can struggle with the childrens impulsive behaviour and lack of concentration. Just like some teachers who have no training struggle to teach our children. The kids dont want to be different. They are iintellegent individualss who the "every child matters2 REALLY DOESNT INCLUDE!. We are not gett them diagnoses for benefits. Those that do get them use them to replave the furniture or our cause the walls the kids destroy or damage. To pay for babysitters who can cope with the impulsive try getting one....its not get the child the help they need to become a rounded education.

lovingbutfrustrated Tue 01-May-12 09:39:15

I find this subject hard I dont understand how these families get away scot free... why do these kids deserve more than any other and why can these parents not work termtime as others have to.

I think not all but most have found this loopwhole which pays carers if there is a disabled child and so they are jumping on it and recieveing 250 in tax credits per month extra and 50 per week as a carer thats 450 per child. Discusting why does that child deserve more than my child when he struggles with life just as much as others who are going through a difficult time?

tell me this if you had a birthday party and invited 15 children out of the 15, 4 of them had ADHD would you then give those children extra in their goody bags and an extra prize for the part games? im guessing the answer is no as you should treat all children equilly.

No loving you wouldn't. But you would need to give those four children more care and attention to ensure they could cope with the birthday party itself.

The undertones from that BBC piece are very unpleasant indeed. An 'anonymous' head teacher does not a balanced piece of reporting make. It makes me wonder about the independence of our public service broadcaster and its role as a mouthpiece for government.

It looks to me as if somebody somewhere in the government central communications team has been briefed to spread the message in a 'drip drip' fashion via media that DLA is an abused benefit being taken advantage of by the immoral. This is so far from the truth it is sickening.

I am sitting here with my son's DLA forms that have taken me a month so far to get half way through. (He has a genetic syndrome resulting in very complex needs). The forms are a complete NIGHTMARE. I just can't see how you would be able to claim DLA fraudulently even if you wanted to!

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