I've had ENOUGH! How much do cleaners cost??

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Bigmerlin Wed 26-Oct-05 14:40:22

Had enough of doing all the bloody housework and working 3 days a week. Can't get dh to change, it's threatening our relationship. So... how much do cleaners cost [Berkshire] , and what's the best way to get one??

AND - why is it, if I drop just one of the many balls I am juggling, I am a bad mother, whereas if dh does even a TINY amount of housework, he is a fabulous new man and wonderful father???????

isaterror Thu 07-Aug-14 09:54:44

I paid £12 an hour recently in the Cotswolds but had to give her up as we just couldn't afford it, needed 3 hrs a week but compromised to a fortnightly clean, but still couldn't afford it. Amazed to hear the difference in cost between areas.

ubiaro Thu 07-Aug-14 00:09:40

Hi can anyone recommend a very good cleaner I live in Tipton west midlands.

Timetoask Thu 26-Jun-14 17:21:58

And for this role accounts assistant the pay is £10.5!
"The purpose of the role is to take responsibility for the financial management and control of a number of project contracts.
The main duties of the role are
Project Accounting for contracts. Core activities include completion of IBP, Monthly Reporting, CSRs, Sales and Margin trading plans, Cash Management and Bid support within reporting deadlines "

Are you telling me that a cleaner is worth the same?

Timetoask Thu 26-Jun-14 17:18:55

Well, a bookkeeper earns about £8.5 per hour, not sure a cleaner should earn £10 to be honest.

arrondave13 Mon 23-Jun-14 23:32:31

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Sarahscleaning01 Tue 01-Apr-14 23:50:29

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Applefallingfromthetree2 Tue 01-Apr-14 11:00:33

Can't believe how poorly some cleaners are paid. £10 an hour in the south east is a fair wage and even then a good cleaner is sorely undervalued. Most people who have cleaners in would never agree to do such hard work for so little. The low wage rate probably relates to the fact most cleaners are female too which is sad.

I personally wouldn't like to exploit another woman in the way some exploit their cleaners, so please pay a fair wage. A good cleaner is more than worth it.

Melissa826 Sun 23-Mar-14 11:30:04

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TeresaPearson Mon 10-Mar-14 17:17:23

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DanglingChillis Thu 31-Oct-13 23:19:47

We live in the north east and use a local agency, we pay £34 a week for a 3 bed house, we had 3 cleaners in this week all together, for about an hour. They will even change my sheets which is fab, even the top bunk! It isn't spotless in the over careful way I might do it myself but because it is cleaned regularly so never gets as dirty as I would sometimes let it get either.

We had another quote for the same job from a national cleaning chain and they quoted £79 per week which I was shocked at (even more so now seeing what everyone else using an agency is paying).

MoppUK Mon 28-Oct-13 03:26:13

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Revancha Mon 21-Oct-13 00:05:39

Hi everyone,
Few months ago I started working as a housekeeper and I do wish to increase my numbers since I have a lot of energy to spear. I charge £10 p/h. I live in Hackney and of course I have references. My CRB expired in July and I am about to renew it. If you need me, give me a ring on 077 60 505 103,

idococktailshedoesbeer Fri 04-Oct-13 13:39:23

Our cleaner does two hours a week for £20 and I can't recommend getting one highly enough! Sounds like you could afford to get a cleaner in every fortnight for a couple of hours, take some of the pressure off.The best way to find a good and affordable one is to ask around, ours cleans for a few of our friends.

maryann49 Sun 18-Aug-13 00:40:06

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shadowmaster Mon 08-Jul-13 11:09:20

Hi everyone,
I am currently looking for house cleans in the area of Abingdon, Oxfordshire and surrounding villages. I have references and am CRB checked. I have my own transport and charge £10 per hour. I do already have a client base but am looking to increase the numbers. If anyone is interested or would like to contact me please feel free to do so!!

maineyjames123 Fri 05-Jul-13 15:02:14

Hello, I'm a cleaner and would be happt to clean for you for £10ph, if you could send me your number I'd be happy to talk more about this.

thankGodTheSunIsFinallyOut Tue 14-May-13 11:49:10

East London comes in at £8-£10 an hour. I would suggest getting personal recommendations and getting photo copies of passport and recent utility bill for security.

As to your sexist dilemma my cynical view is that people will take as much as you are willing to give them and that the dynamic of many situations is pure brinkmanship.

I find the UK very old fashioned though in many ways, people still call girls 'tomboys' if they choose to play sports rather than standing about holding a doll doing nothing. I also notice there seems to be an early 'grooming' of bad behaviour in some boys where they are encouraged to do whatever they like 'boys will be boys/ can't help being rough / not listening / not being helpful / being rude' etc. I have even been to people's houses where the man just gets up whilst entertaining and goes off to watch television! I wonder what would happen if I invited them around my house then then popped out for an hour to water my vegetables or something LOL.

I am guessing that they have just been allowed to get away with it for years???!

Mum2K Fri 03-May-13 12:31:05

I too am looking to take the plunge, and get a cleaner. Can anyone pleeease recommend a good, reliable cleaner in the West Midlands/ Dudley area? Would prefer self employed (non-agency), and what are typical rates? Any help would be really appreciated, if there's anyone still reading this thread :-)

Pollaidh Tue 02-Apr-13 20:59:10

I pay £10 an hour in an area that's quite pricey generally. For agency staff that's more like £15 an hour.

frustratedashell Sun 31-Mar-13 20:27:16

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LieInsAreRarerThanTigers Mon 25-Mar-13 13:25:06

Oh and I used an agency for a short while when we lived in London and hated it- kept getting different people 2 of whom were no good at all, then they ripped me off with the agency fee/small print as I had cancelled by phone, not in writing.
Then found a fantastic person, she used to babysit for us as well, and I wanted to bring her with us when we moved.

LieInsAreRarerThanTigers Mon 25-Mar-13 13:14:09

Good and worth it if you can find someone really good, and you really appreciate what they do and the time it gives you to do other things. I have finally decided to let mine go as have had extreme change to financial situation, but if she had been AMAZING I would have done everything I could to keep her on. I've been paying £8 per hour for 3 hours a week in Hampshire for about 2.5 years.

Unfortunately she was only 'better than nothing' really, despite several requests to change things, also was not doing her full hours, often left lots of lights on and doors unlocked... sad

I have booked half a day off work every 2 months in the coming 12 months to blitz a room at a time, and will spend about an extra 2 or 3 hours cleaning on my day off each week and / or over the weekend (I work 4 days)

I am not looking forward to it really, but will find the extra £100 a month very comforting, and at least I won't be feeling disappointed and short-changed on a weekly basis.

(The other downside when you are working is having to make the house ready for cleaning in a specified time slot - evening before was always a busy one so the mad dash on a Wednesday morning, trying to get kids to pick up their mess etc was always stressful.)

sparkleclean Mon 18-Mar-13 22:11:04

hi. i have recently set up as a cleaner and sad though it seems i truely love my work (maybe thats why i constantly clean when im at home too) we give our customers a choice of either paying for a two/three session once a month or a regular slot each week or a one off maybe just before they return off holiday or before moving into a new house..anything that suits them and us.. its great when you know when someone comes home from work that they will have family/relaxing time and come home to a lovely clean house..our prices vary slightly as we dont only clean but iron and do shopping etc but on average is around £10 ph.. this is based in the hampshire area..

Mutley77 Mon 18-Mar-13 03:31:47

Wow - how does everyone get cleaners so cheap. I was living in Reading and paid £11 an hour which seemed to be the going rate among my friends.

Being a part time working mum I got to the stage where I considered it an essential and was the best money I ever spent.

Anyway we had 3 cleaners come for an hour (so that was 3 hours worth of cleaning if you see what I mean) - and they were fabulous! Did the whole 4/5 bed house from top to bottom and our house was over three floors so all the hoovering of stairs and landings was worth it on its own!

You won't regret it.

pansyflimflam Sun 17-Mar-13 17:43:05

I am West Sussex and I pay our much loved housekeeper £8 an hour for 10 hours a week - this is cash in hand. She does everything she can for us and we for her. Honestly I am shocked that anyone would pay £6 or £6.50 an hour to someone to clean for you. How mean!

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