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duchesse Sun 13-Feb-11 09:42:26

New thread for well-wishers to leave messages! And for Southsea to leave links to photos of the Pebble (hint hint) [you don't have to Southsea)

Woodlands Thu 24-Mar-11 19:33:09

Hope you're all home safe and well!

I hope Southsea is back home, safe and sound, and enjoying her peace and quiet with Thomas far too much to want to spend time on the computer!

Hi, here we are! It's been a whole week since we got back and it's flown by!

The flight was actually great. We got a row of three bulkhead seats to ourselves so uber-room for us all. Thomas liked the sky cot for a good few hours although you do have to semi stand to peer in as it is quite high up. The stewards were really lovely and one got the pilot to sign a little log book for Thomas's first flight - another sweet momento of his first Big Adventure (I'm hoping he'll have many more in his lifetime).

It was an emotional reunion with my dad at Heathrow. It was soooo lovely to see him and to be fair he was right; there wouldn't have been room for my mum in the car smile. Poor mumsie... But anyway, she saw Thomas soon enough. It was magic just to see her face. And we spent the night there with brothers and Thomas's cousins coming to meet him.

Then we came home properly on Tuesday and it's been hectic just trying to sort out all our luggage and all the baby things that my brother colected from friends in our absence. I went straight out and bought two huge chest of drawers to put things in, one for the baby and one for DP who has had to move his stuff out of the spare room. And of course we've had lots of visitors most days and so working around them. It's been nearly impossible to get into any kind of routine yet!

We think that Thomas has been approved for Medicaid as something came through the post for him at SIL's to that effect. Thank God for that! We've still got a few bits to sort out that end but now it feels so far away...

I'm waiting to be seen by the Health Visitor as unfortunately my midwife didn't inform them that the baby had been born (I did tell her!) so it wasn't set up for me on my return, which I would have hoped for. Never mind... I'm going to the weighing in clinic (or whatever it is called) tomorrow so will be able to speak to somebody there about him. I don't really have any worries, just his spewing up which seems to be quite often and despite having medicine for reflux it is still like cottage cheese.

I think the biggest thing for me this week has been the realisation that we have an awful lot of adjusting to do. We have all been looked after by somebody else, whether the hospital or SIL and BIL, for a long time. But now for the first time we're looking after ourselves and it's all quite different. Me and DP have to get used to different roles and and a new dynamic in our relationship. We've been very niggly with each other and i think a lot of that is down to me tbh. I'm used to being independent and in control and I felt the workload was shared before. Now it feels like the opposite...

Anyhoo, I did say this would be my last post for this thread and quite rightly I think. It has been an amazing time in my life! Not just everything that has happened to us in the last three months but also the whole Mumsnet episode - I have been humbled by the response of MNers to our plight, it was completely overwhelming at times and I shed a few tears reading your messages over the weeks, especially while I was in hospital. It's a very powerful thing and it is hard to explain to people how a bunch of strangers with a common interest can be soooo supportive of each other smile. I never imagined so many people would be interested in what was happening.

I'm not ready to go back to the beginning and read everything again yet but one day I will and I will of course be putting the whole thread into Thomas's (quite considerable) journal for future years. If he has a little sibling it will be hard to do a comparative record for them but i sincerely hope that next time it is a boring, straightforward pregnancy! I won't care. And fear not, I will not be going anywhere, that's for sure. Although the idea of a multi-national family is appealing... grin

So a massive thank you, everyone, for getting me through the looooong days and nights and for all of your amazing advice and hand-holding. I'm so grateful. I will be posting elsewhere now, when I get time, and look forward to catching up on other threads and for people who live nearby I am very keen for a Southsea meet up! Let's do it so I can say thanks in person.

Sending you lots of love and good vibrations from Thomas "The Pebble", DP and myself in sunny Southsea (hoorah!) xxxxxx

Teaandcakeplease Mon 28-Mar-11 16:37:14

Sometimes as the baby gains weight the reflux medicine needs adjusting, or perhaps he's be better off with a different type, there's ranitidine as well as gaviscon. Keep going back to the GP if it doesn't improve and of course post on mumsnet x

I'm so glad to hear about everything and I'm delighted you're home smile

CointreauVersial Mon 28-Mar-11 17:23:57

What a lovely last post, so glad you are back safe and sound.

ssmile Mon 28-Mar-11 20:09:27

Good luck with life post baby. It does take some adjusting and I also found our previous equal relationship with DH rather unbalanced for those first 6mths. But we got there and the equilbrium slowly returned once DD starting more on solid foods and less reliant on me. Hope all goes well now you home and life settles down again xx

Sparklies Mon 28-Mar-11 20:25:12

Lovely to hear from you! Don't be a stranger!!

Oh fabulous! You're HOME! grin

sparkleshine Tue 29-Mar-11 10:42:36

Oh great news southsea
glad you are all home safe and sound.
I'm sure meeting back up with your family was a very emotional moment. Don't be scared to ask for help and advice, and let them help and dote on Thomas if you need a break.
Also don't forget about each other. I think this is where me and DP have gone wrong and now there maybe no going back.

Hope all the paperwork and medicaid etc does get sorted for you soon then you can relax into parethood more knowing that is behind you.

Good luck for the 3 of you for the future and any other babies you may have

Coppernoddle Wed 30-Mar-11 16:38:09

Brilliant news, glad your all home safe and getting back to your life here! Big hugs to all of you x x x

trumpton Wed 30-Mar-11 22:59:40

Been looking for you ! grin So pleased you are all home safely. Enjoy being a family .

ozzysocks Sat 02-Apr-11 22:41:19

Ah lovely , so pleased you are home, a lovely last post I haven't been on mumsnet much recently as I had my daughter Laura on 21st Feb and time has flown since!!! But I often think about you and am so glad all is well

Enjoy your new family and sunny Southsea xxx

Flisspaps Sat 02-Apr-11 22:42:46

I am so glad that you are home. Best wishes to the three of you grin

So glad you're home grin

We (DH & I) also found it quite an adjustment having DC, me in a way more so I think as I often felt 'stuck at home' whilst he swanned off to work & had a much more interesting life.
Talk about it, don't let resentments build up & find some baby groups to go out to so you have other like-minded people to speak to during the day - and something to talk to DP about when he comes home.

Good luck with the reflux too.

Welcome home Pebble

DayShiftDoris Mon 18-Apr-11 21:53:37


I read your first post in the middle of an insomnia episode in december and 'watched' your thread. I was fascinated by the story and lurked for a while... I drifted away from MN for a while (3 months actually!) then the other day I remembered you! I had to come back for a catch up!! A million (well seemed like it!) posts and 2 new threads later and I have discovered your happy news x x
Congratualtions on the birth of Thomas (I have a Thomas too and they are trouble! Lovely but trouble indeed!!) and for being so strong. I am so glad to see you are home.

Heres to it all coing together for you know... make sure you get out there and meet other new mums as you've effectively left your support crew in the US.

You are lovely mummy and young Thomas has had an amazing start x x x

ilovesprouts Thu 02-Feb-12 20:34:47

hi i just re found this thread how are you all doing now

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