10 life skills for teenagers

Life skils

Want to make sure your teenager has the how-to-live-independently basics (like how to do the washing up) sorted before they fly the nest? Here are 10 useful life skills to make sure they've mastered.

Mental health issues

Growing up is tough, and few teenagers enjoy a trouble-free journey. To aid you in assisting your teens through the choppy waters, we've compiled advice and insight from Mumsnetters.

Parenting teenagers

Sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll - whatever your teen is up to, get advice drawn from the Mumsnet Talk boards to help you weather this parenting phase.

Talking to teens about sex

Relationship advice, contraception, STIs, and other tricky topics of conversation to cover when you talk to your teenager about sex. 

Living with teenagers

Handing holding pliers cutting wire

It's a long campaign raising teenagers, so arm yourself with tips from battle-hardened veterans.

Teens and the law

Teenage girl holding glass of wine behind back

Beef up your cries of "because I say so" with some solid legal facts about what teens can and can't do at age 16 and beyond.

Peer pressure

As your teenager gets older, spending time with their friends will become more and more important, and the next thing you know, peer pressure has really started to take hold. Find out how to deal with it here. 

Coping with failure

Starting blocks

Failure can help us grow. That doesn't make the disappointment of a knockback any easier to handle, particularly for less experienced teens.

Last updated: 15-Jul-2014 at 9:29 AM