Arguing about housework

Laundry basket

Unfair divisions of domestic labour, bickering over money or disagreeing about more children test a relationship to the hilt. So how you can resolve your differences?

Sex after marriage

Couple in bed

You wouldn't be where you are if you hadn't fancied the pants off each other to begin with. But how can you get your sex drive back when parenting and familiarity quash your libido?

Chat about your issues

Mug with LOL

Mumsnet Talk is there 24/7 for your middle-of-the-night meltdowns or your cold-light-of-day dilemmas. A problem shared and all that...

Key to a good relationship

Key to heart

What does it take for a couple to have a life-enhancing relationship? Find out what Mumsnetters reckon are the vital ingredients for staying together.

Divorce and separation

Wire snapping

If your relationship is in trouble and you're considering splitting up, get advice about the practical, financial and emotional consequences for you, your children and your ex.

10 worst dates ever

Bad dates

Celebrate romance with a selection of Mumsnetters' worst dates ever. Also, Mumsnetters confess all to their other halves in the Mumsnet confessional.


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