possible tornadic event at Hayling Island this morning. Reports needed.

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Was anyone in that region this morning? Weather reports are needed please. If you dont want to give your location in public then you can either pm me or send a report to TORRO who are the UK leading researchers in severe storm events.

news report

Worth noting: It may not be a tornado - Straight line winds can also cause damage in storms. Witnesses are needed, the damage assessed and the best confirmation is photos of the event!

Also - there is no such thing as a mini tornado. It is either a tornado or it is not. They can range in strength from weak to severe.

TORRO who had issued a tornado watch yesterday that covered overnight into this morning have extended their tornado watch through out today in southern england. Potentially more to come.

Methe Sun 20-Oct-13 11:56:55

I had a tornado go through my garden in 2007. It was very surreal! Dh told me not to be so stupid and the it was on the news! Ha!

Watch includes Wales.

In July 2007 Methe? What do you remember about it?

Methe Sun 20-Oct-13 12:02:44

I remember think 'that's a fucking tornado!' Lol!

It was 2007 ish, I live near dudley. I was looking out of my living room window, and it kind of went over the gardens between mine and my back neighbours house. It didn't touch down and it didn't do any damage to any properties here. I think it did elsewhere. It's not something you expect to see living in the Black Country!

Very cool - and somewhat surreal smile

I suspect the hayling Islanders are a bit surprised this morning too grin

Anyone lost their kayak?

going to keep bumping as I know there are Hayling island mners smile

And bump smile

ChippingInNeedsSleepAndCoffee Sun 20-Oct-13 13:52:42

It's all happening here now (CSE not HI) very loud thunder, lightning, wind, hail - the works!!

It will be a good test for the new guttering!!

Hail? What size? Dark, rainy, thundery here.

ChippingInNeedsSleepAndCoffee Sun 20-Oct-13 14:19:22

Didn't measure it and it has stopped now, but small/med - definitely not large like the stuff last year!

It has all stopped here now and the sky is lighter.


Thanks chipping smile

I'm 2 minutes down the rd from Hayling, what do you want to know? smile

We had thunder, lightning (very close together if that makes a difference) rain and more rain, very heavy and everything in the garden is now spread across the neighbourhood. shock

Sorry that would say 'and very strong wind' smile

You star Tits smile

Can I pm you or you pm me please? The fact that it sounds like you've had things relocated sounds very useful and interesting. Things that will help are timing, exact location, which way your items went, how long the wind lasted for. Was there any other damage nearby to you? Did you see it at the time? (It was a bit early for a Sunday morning!)

Oh yes, what sort of items were relocated?

another little bump. smile

OhYouWickedWickedWitch Tue 22-Oct-13 19:59:10

Looks like the tornado had potentially a long track and I'm looking for reports right out to Bosham please smile

OhAntiChristFENTON Wed 23-Oct-13 06:54:20

Morning, I think we may have had a tornado in the early hours here. or at least exceedingly strong winds like I have never experienced before.

It was windy and raining anyway, but then you could kind of hear it coming and then 'hit' - a continued, very strong driving wind, and then you could hear it pass. We held our breath while it was happening, - children slept through it.

Fences down all across back garden, - that's all I can see so far.

At 3.20am. South Central/East Coast of England. (pm me if my exact location would be useful)

OhYouWickedWickedWitch Wed 23-Oct-13 07:25:17

I will pm you Fenton. I hope it didnt shake you too much.

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