First met office snow and ice warning of the season

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tis just for northern Scotland, but it still is October. More to come I think for coming week.

RooneyMara Wed 21-Nov-12 17:28:34

We're in Kent. It did big rain earlier that felt a little bit heavy, like sleet.

Also extreeeeemely windy and very wild and so on, quite exciting and dark smile

OhYouBigBadBeast Sun 28-Oct-12 07:46:38


funkybuddah Sun 28-Oct-12 03:45:31

I've just got in in north Hampshire, cars fully Ivey and my door was iced shut on my house so an extra big shove meant I fell into my house more dramatically thanplanned

ChippingInLovesAutumn Sat 27-Oct-12 00:02:12

Gritters - Hampshire? Oh feck, does that mean I need to get the winter tyres put on already didn't get around to getting them taken off until bloody July!!

funkybuddah Fri 26-Oct-12 23:21:29

Gritters on standby in Hampshire tonight for first time. Not snow of course, sigh...not that lucky lol

Mermaidspam Fri 26-Oct-12 23:11:10

Snowing here (just north of Durham) - lovely grin

OhYouBigBadBeast Fri 26-Oct-12 21:58:59

Tis just possible that Kent may catch a little wintery stuff tonight.

Eastern coastal areas ought to be aware of the potential for hail and thunderstorms tomorrow smile

Suedeb Fri 26-Oct-12 20:48:57

some snow here tonight - north east england! Brrr

ChippingInLovesAutumn Fri 26-Oct-12 20:45:29

It's soooo cold smile

It's freezing here, I just walked DS1 to Scouts, and got sprayed with grit by a gritter truck on the way.

Tameside, Greater Manchester

stargirl1701 Fri 26-Oct-12 19:24:47

Snowing now in Perthshire grin

Labradorlover Fri 26-Oct-12 19:24:18

Tiny flurry in Edinburgh and my pal in Denny has spotted it too. Come on the snow! grin

conorsrockers Fri 26-Oct-12 13:56:17

Oooh. Some snow would be good - went skiing this morning and it was just rainy and cold!!! Brrrrrrrr.....

Thanks for that Meglet! Right up my street. I am a bit of a weather geek. grin

Maybe he was lying then, Radio Man. On radio two <shocked>
He said Fraser-something. Frasersburgh?

Meglet Fri 26-Oct-12 13:48:32

If you've not seen it before use...

uk snow map. I bloody love it, so exciting / geeky watching snow slowly move across the country. There were some fab photos of the snow in Shetland earlier.

toomuchmonthatendofthemoney Fri 26-Oct-12 13:44:49

In Aberdeenshire, was a frost last night and we have flakes of snow and some hailstones all morning.

roundtable Fri 26-Oct-12 13:44:08

Brr for Scotland. It's too early for snow yet.

It must wait until at least Monday in Essex as there is a rather fetching pair of trainers with snow grips for the marvellous price of £ 5.99 in Lidls, starting Monday!

I love a snow thread!
Sadly none here in central Scotland but it's very chilly.

cocolepew Fri 26-Oct-12 13:40:25

Just started to rain sad

cocolepew Fri 26-Oct-12 13:39:25

Very cold today in N Ireland but no sign of snow, thank goodness.

Man on t'radio today said it was snowing in SE Scotland. Freeeeeeeezing down south so it must be very cold up there.

Libra Fri 26-Oct-12 13:33:38

Also snowing here (Aberdeen) on and off so far tonight. V. cold.

Wallace Fri 26-Oct-12 13:31:33

Northern Scotland smile

ExitPursuedByAaaaaarGhoul Fri 26-Oct-12 13:27:41

Really Wallace? Where are you. Definitely chilly here today, but at least the sun is out for a change.

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