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booksinbed Wed 05-Dec-12 10:15:55

After recently choosing the wrong pony for me and resultant loss confidence as evidenced by bonkers posts...!!! followed by lots of support from lovely folk on this forum, i have started loaning a pony again and love it and realise what type of pony i need.

.Am now putting out feelers to start the process of looking to buy and thought i wd check on here.
I need to not rush as i did before and what i wd really like is -

pony up to 14 2 hh.
pref male but most important a non" distant" nature .but a loving nature that attactches to me and actually likes fuss and cuddles.I realise that its not just the riding its the relationshio that is equally important to me as you spend so much time on the ground and i just want that relationship as its important to me and that is what ive learnt so i have to listen to this.Feel a bit soft but hay ho.!!While im on the subjet i adore greys and adore big eyes,its sounds silly but im trying to be honest with myself to try and get my match.
A confidence giver - that has brakes ,does not nap or nip ,good to load,and enjoys hacking out.
I am 8 half stone five foot one and a half so i wonder if there are any mothers dream ponys that are very safe that any teen has ougrown.i think that 13 3 to 14 2 hh wd be good range.
Im not a very experinced rider but am quite confident - did a cx course at weekend on my loan just avoded jumps as my loan does not jump.
i wd really offer a loving and consistant home and would be having lessons,hacking out ,cx and my dream is to drag hunt.i wd def do the hunt training sessions here which are endurance type rides in big groups for stamina building /fitness.Charity rides also.
Nice strides - pref slow trot to fast and heavier set ponies such as m and m or cob type.love long manes .

If anyone can recomened a fantastic lovable pony then please post.thanks .I may wish to loan with view to buy as i owe it to pony to get this right.im north west but willing to travel for right pony.

Hi books, thanks for taking my message the way it was meant

I have seen so many people get carried away over the years and it only ever leads to stress and heartache

Forget grey ponies, with big eyes and cuddles - there is no such thing as the wrong coloured horse
Of course you have your preferences but please don't discard what could be the perfect horse because it is dark bay and not very cuddly

If you keep an open mind and be prepared to be brutally honest with yourself and your abilities then you will find the perfect horse for you

And it may not be bombproof, or grey, or even may hate cuddles but if you have that bond he/ she will look after you and you will have years if enjoyment

I wish you the very best of luck in your search x

50BalesOfHay Mon 10-Dec-12 12:48:38

The thing with greys as well books is that they are prone to melanoma. (am paranoid about equine cancers at the moment) There is no such thing as a good horse that's the wrong colour!

booksinbed Mon 10-Dec-12 13:17:28

thankyou both v much.
BALES - i dont know what a wilkie is never heard of it - but guess similar to gag like you said - i will ask.they live just over half hr awy from us and said i can loan if required for cple weeks.... so that s goodTHANKYOU.HBOTH FOR YOUR HONESTY AND EXPERIENCEX

booksinbed Mon 10-Dec-12 13:39:36

hI bales- just spoke t o owner - she said she can scream a bit if they get right up her rear but does not kick.Also the owner said that the bit she has in is a sanffle.She also said i can loan her for 2 weeks to make sure that she is right for me.....

50BalesOfHay Mon 10-Dec-12 13:42:42

A wilkie is a bit that looks like a snaffle but is a fair bit stronger as it has a gag action. If you look at the picture you'll see the bit has two small 'bubbles' which the reins are attached to. They are often used on children's show ponies. I'd just metion that you noticed the wilkie in the picture and ask how the pony goes in a snaffle, and see it ridden and try it in one. That said, ponies end up in all sorts of tack, sometimes because that's what the owner had in the drawer, or it played up once and then didn't get changed back, but you do want a nice soft responsive mouth.

booksinbed Mon 10-Dec-12 14:30:41

Hi have found another posibility but may be too young /too good..show pony etc.he is with a riding school at mo due to the sellers dd having a non horse accident.please look at pre loved - type in 13.2 black fells pony fells gelding its in denbighshire.any thoughts please.my instinct is the l.ist one i saw but im tring to be open minded.there seems to be two ads re same pony!!

50BalesOfHay Mon 10-Dec-12 15:29:50

The fell is gorgeous, but he's only 6 so may still need to settle down a bit. He's also described as for competent adult/teenager (or similar wording) which says to me he's not a novice ride, and he's in a pelham in the jumping picture so may be a bit feisty. You'd also be paying show pony money when what you need is a happy hacker. I think the other one looks the better bet

What's your budget ?

booksinbed Mon 10-Dec-12 16:08:34

thanks bales - im so appriciating guidance..!! one more request than i will go away i promise.!! pl look on pre loved.type in one in a million and look at the grey called louie.beatiful - expensive - agin maybe not what i need - attartced by age and tempermant but i dont want a show pony ......dont worry if you dont facny a look see..!!

booksinbed Mon 10-Dec-12 16:11:38

budjet....well its supposed to be 2,000 max.I wd rather pay more for a pony for life.i hope to get one that has a wonderful temperment.ive changed my mind totally on looks .its safe ,then temerment .i wd also like one with good fet as wd like to avoid shoes if at all possible.....

booksinbed Mon 10-Dec-12 16:13:33

the last message was meant for korma..!!

Spons Mon 10-Dec-12 16:19:45

Hi books, where abouts are you? There is a dealer called 'cng equine' bassed on Staffordshire, who seems to have done lovely horses. They are on Facebook and seem to get a lot of positive updates from people that have bought off them. A dealer may be the way to go as they can spend some time to get to know you and match you with a horse. Do you have anyone in rl that can go and see horses with you?

I'd second not worrying about looks, I've always wanted a 16h grey, but have a 15h black cob, and a 15h dk bay! I was also adamant with the second one I didn't want anything under 15.3, but sometimes you just 'know. Do you have an iPhone? I found right horses to be a v good app, and got the last one through there.

Also, you mention you have a pony on loan, is there any chance you could buy that?

Whereabouts are you ??
I'll find you a horse :-)

Don't touch Cng equine. Don't want to say too much in here but just don't buy a horse from them

Spons Mon 10-Dec-12 17:18:35

Won't hijack (but yet i am) but really korma? I only found them after I'd got newest horse, but always thought they 'appeared' to have some lovely horses? Had googled them out of curiosity before and no horror stories came up?

Have you googled that name or the name of the people who run it ?

I have spoken to several people who have had their fingers burnt and experienced their tactics first hand with a friend

I would steer very very clear

They are also puppy farmers although they deny it

Spons Mon 10-Dec-12 17:37:54

Ah ok, shall look for names. Yeah seen puppies pop up quite frequently and thought did cross my mind... Thanks for info anyway, books- I take it all back!!!

booksinbed Mon 10-Dec-12 17:39:59

korma- how kind of you- north west- but will travel for right pony no problem..........

Do you know the names spon ?

Just google c l a i r e or g a i l d a v i e s equine
I also have messages in my Facebook from people who have taken her to small claims and trading standards

Wouldn't touch with the proverbial barge pole

booksinbed Mon 10-Dec-12 17:45:09

spons- yes i know folk in rl - but they helped me find dd pony so feel cant ask them to travel too far on my venture ....i drove a frirndmyself to east coast to look at pony for her and i was so tired by time got there and back as it was a 9 hour drive return was neither use nor ornamant as they say !!!plus it ended up being a dealer of questionable repute !!!!aaahh.I have no app phone thing - bi of a tech dinosaur im afraid ....!! but thankyou - you are all being so lovely.

this one worth a gander

I love him


All of those worth a phone call I think

50BalesOfHay Mon 10-Dec-12 18:38:16

The Exmoors are both lovely korma, and Ben looks beautiful (because he looks a bit like my mare!) definitely put them on the shortlist books! You should get something nice for your budget, as long as you're not looking at showing types.

Books, we're all enjoying horse shopping with you!

booksinbed Mon 10-Dec-12 18:49:24

yay ! gald you are enjoying horse shopping with me.i like ben.i rang re oak staight away the second on kormas list as my heart melted ,boo he sold !!!!but they have another and will e mail - the owner buys and sells tho.

Ooh this is fun :-)
Glad you liked them

booksinbed Mon 10-Dec-12 19:12:17

loved oak sooooooo much ...ben a bit big i a shortie !!!but he ad been on a list i had so we are thinking alike xx

booksinbed Tue 11-Dec-12 11:24:10

hi all - tried out first pony today .thelwell meets middle aged lady - ex riding school pony took off with me to feed room.here we go...you goot to laff but seriosly- shoulld have read bit were it said needs stong rider....to bring on .....all the ret of blurb was steady hack,etc...and onward. we go.....

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